Interested in an RP for your original Superheroes/villain ideas ?

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  1. CITY 47 is the sister city to my interpretation of Chicago. A twisted Metropolis/Gotham City as it were. It takes place in an almost distant future. 2054.
    The story? Simple.

    A weird phenomenon has occurred where certain individuals with abilities far beyond regular human power has arisen. We call them the 'supers'. This RP revolves around how the globe would react to the power crisis involving such a phenomenon. The UN and IMF had partnered together to create the GUARD DOG initiative, a secret group of sentinels trained and bent on becoming our world's counterattack to all super villains and possible aggressive superheroes. All forms of conspiracies and organizations of a supernatural strain was made during the GUARD DOG initiative. Genetic and cyber engineering, robotics, dream manipulation. You think of it, they did it.

    We can come up with our own unique heroes and villains. Nearly any power is allowed. Players feel free to enlist your villains as GUARD DOG operatives [engineers/sentinels] or any of your own beings. Use your original characters, although their appearance can be from already created heroes or images on the web (e.g Batman, Deadpool etc).

    If you're interested comment below. We can get the plotting done and have this show hitting the pavement very soon! Another thread will be opened for your character sheets once I get enough support.

    Just so you know in advance..Character Sheets are over here:
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  2. While I'm always interested in superhero stuff thanks to a friend, I'm not sure how well the character ideas I'd have would fit in. I'd also have to see what I'd come up with, just that it tends to generally be a bit on the strange side.
  3. well,i am,in
  4. I think what's really interesting is how weird superhero stories can get. Feel free to just toss your ideas around, it doesn't matter how weird they can be. Its superheroes after all. There isn't a formula to make one :3 Also if its too strange to fit in this world, you can always blame multi-dimensional travel
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  5. I definitely would like to join in.
    Just wondering... What is the opinion on a character that has a nullification ability? I have a few ways to work it out (blood magic or forcefield) but I would first rather know if it's allowed or not :)
  6. I'm not sure. This would be the first time I'll rp with that. Just remember that the more powerful or unique your powers are, you should have an equally powerful or unique weakness to balance it out. I think you'll have to pair your powers with a good weakness. It's okay if your character can use force fields for negation. Im not sure how blood magic would work.
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  7. Well in terms of the blood magic it's 'simple'.
    The character's blood itself nullifies powers. It makes her immune to other powers while it is inside her body, once outside of her body it can nullify powers when they are sprayed on her opponent's powers. Greatest weakness: it drains immensely, literally, she can only use as much as her body can part with before passing out. The power also doesn't enhance anything for her, it only evens out the playing field for her while fighting. The character I have in mind is physically not strong, more on the weakish side.

    Powers like mind reading wouldn't work on her, if a power is used on her it won't harm her. It can harm her clothes and hair, but nothing where her blood runs through. Immune to powers is not the same as immunity as a whole. If someone holds a fire ball to her face, not much damage (pain, yes, most definitely) if however that person lights a torch and holds the torch to her face it'll burn exactly like it would burn a normal human being.
  8. That's fine with me. I was just trying to make sure we don't build a god mod. Go ahead :P
  9. I'm currently on an iPad so typing out a proper character isn't very handy now. Later tonight or tomorrow I'll have a laptop at my disposal and make the character. The first name'll at least be Alexiana (Alexi or Lexi for short) rest'll be determined later :)
  10. Will you be accepting villains? Either way I'll send some characters on the other thread :3
  11. Yep! Villains, heroes and everything in between
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