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  1. Hi everyone!

    My co-gm and I are looking for eight talented writers to join us in a power based rp that will contain a lot of character development and hopefully some good action!

    What we're looking for in our characters:
    • A firm grasp of the English language, as well as the willingness to spellcheck their posts.
    • Cooperation and focus on character development.
    • Understanding of the general rules of physics. (read - no anime or superhero like fights and showiness)
    • Well structured, multiple paragraphs posts.
    • Respect other players.
    Things to keep in mind while making your character:
    • By no means will any of our characters be aware that they have latent powers. Nor will their parents be aware of it. None of you will have used your powers before the RP begins.

    To summarize it for now, the RP will start at the point where our characters wake up in a strange institute they have no memory of admitting themselves to. The last thing they'll remember is being very sick and going to a normal hospital. Leading up to it, some time after their fifteenth birthday, they will start to gradually get sick. It won't be anything super serious. Just dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, coughs, etc. Very slowly, it'll get a bit more serious, ranging from fevers and the occasional blackout. Some time after their sixteenth birthday is when they get terribly sick and need to be hospitalized.

    Once enough interest is shown, either @Lilium or myself will post a CS skeleton so that y'all may begin working on it while I make the OOC!
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  2. This is some good shazzam. Sign me up, fam. #InterestShown #AllIn #GetMeATShirt #MembershipGranted
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  3. You can't just grant yourself membership, you know. You need to wear pink on Wednesdays or you can't sit with us.



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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. ....Alright, you're in.
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  6. This looks fun! Color me interested :D
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  7. Thank you for showing interest!!
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  8. I am interested in this!
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  9. You have my interest!
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  10. It's a yes from me.
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  11. Sweet! Then I can start making an OOC in the morning! (It's 0312 right now)
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  12. **EDITED**

    Alrighty. Here is the CS so y'all can start thinking about the characters, and once you've got it all thought out of, please send them to both @Lilium and I so that we may give feedback!

    CS skeleton (open)

    (you can add a picture of your character here if you like, but please don't use photos of real people)

    A personal quote can be written here, if preferred.

    Name: The full name of your character. Please list your character’s name and any aliases even if their identity is unknown IC.
    Age: Must be between 16-17
    Birthday: Day, month, year. This must match with their age stated above, of course.
    Sexual orientation:

    Height: Your character’s height.
    Weight: Your character’s weight.
    Special characteristics: Does anything special or unique stand out? Perhaps a scar or interesting birthmark, or even a tattoo? Any accessories they are never seen without? Keep in mind that these are purely cosmetic. They cannot provide any added benefits.

    Appearance: Please describe your character’s general appearance. Their preferences in clothing and colors, body type, etc.

    Personality: Describe your character's personality. Be as detailed as possible.

    Interests and hobbies: How does your character enjoy spending their time? Anything in particular that they like?

    Skills: What are they good at? These must be ordinary things like cooking, painting, playing videogames.

    Fears: Please list a minimum of three logical fears and describe them. Eg: Ghosts, the plague, fire, snakes, spiders.

    History: Your character’s history. Describe their life up until now, detailing any important events, to the point where they ended up at the Institute.

    Superpower: Describe in detail your character's powers and their full capabilities. Keep in mind these will be very weak and uncontrollable at the start.

    Weaknesses: Describe any weaknesses of your character's powers.

    Other: You can list any extra information about your character here.
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  13. Update

    Lili and I have added and "other" section to the CS so that you all may add whatever you would like us to know about your characters!
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  14. OOC is up!

    Those of you who have been approved may post your characters.
  15. I'm interested. Is there still room?
  16. I believe so. If you'd like to create a character and PM is to Lilium and I, we'll gladly take a look at it!
  17. I'm very interested (: I hope there's room for one more??
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  18. Of course~ Though this RP will be a first come first served basis on submitting characters. We don't allow reserving spots.
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  19. Hmm I have interest but then I sit here and see that Lili has said it is first come first serve in terms of character submission...welp this is a predicament for me...xD

    Is there still room though?
  20. Yup. There's still room if you don't take ages~
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