Interested in a post-apoc, semi-realistic settlement management group RP?

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  1. EDIT: The signup thread for this idea can be found here!

    Alright, so I had an idea for this earlier and realized I haven't seen anything quite like it done. Maybe it's because no one has thought of attempting it before, or it's just not easily possible. Either way, I'm willing to give it a shot!

    The RP would take place in a post apocalyptic world where a very good chunk of Humanity has been wiped out for one reason or another (Nuclear war, some kinda virus?). Clinging onto the last bit of hope for Humanity, groups of people have agreed to band together to attempt to rebuild their own little piece of civilization. This is where our characters come in.

    Each character would have an role to fill in help keeping the settlement functioning and expanding. Scavengers would be tasked with scavenging for supplies that the settlement needs. Scouts would be tasked with exploring for new places that might be of interest. Guards would be tasked with keeping the settlement and the inhabitants safe from any malicious intent against them. The list could go on.

    I as the GM would periodically have "events" happen that the people of the settlement would have to cope and deal with. Things such as the water supply getting contaminated and raiders attacking. Anything could happen and I'm open for ideas.

    Obviously this RP would need to rely on quite a few characters and that means quite a few people participating (if it's limited to only one character per person). As such, I'm seeing how much interest I can garner with this. I'm entirely open to ideas anyone may have, and I'll probably require some ideas from you guys on how the whole system of the RP would work!
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  2. Sounds pretty fun! I'd be happy to join.
  3. Glad to see someones on board for the idea! Any other takers?
  4. I'd join if this got rolling
  5. yeah, count me in as well.
  6. Awesome. If we get a few more people interested I'll see about making the OOC/signups.
  7. I'm interested as well

    P.s. I love your signature. RWBY for the win.
  8. I have found a fellow RWBY fan! *highfives*

    Well then, I'll see about getting an OOC/Signup up soon/within a day or so and see how it goes~
  9. I'm interested (If its still going).
  10. I'd be interested, if you're still looking for people :)
  11. Indeed I am! I got the plot written up last night. Now all that's left to do is write up the smaller details and get the signups up.
  12. *Also highfives* Awesome! Super excited :D
  13. I've been looking for an rp like this for ages, so this will be awesome.

    I also think this would make a fun weekend LARP, but all of my friends think RPing is weird. :gloomy:
  14. I'm working on getting the signups posted now!~

    And wow, why would they think RP is weird O.o
  15. looking forward to this!
  16. I'm totally interested, this looks really cool!
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