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  1. Hello! I am new to this site and slowly getting into the swing of things. I've been roleplaying for a few years now but this would be the first time I've ventured onto a site specifically for it! I'm interested in finding a few RP partners to start a long, and hopefully plot riddled, roleplay with!

    The only thing I ask is that there be some sort of romance within the story. By no means does it have to be revolved around it, but I find RPs without any form of romance rather bland in most instances. That being said, I am fine with any sort of pairing. MxM FxF MxF All I am fine with.

    Listed below are a few ideas I've formed, most of which DO revolve around the romance, though if you have some of your own, please feel free to PM me!
    Roleplays through PMs preferred.
    1. Maybe college is more than parties and late nights?
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    Parties, deadlines, and almost an unhealthy amounts of caffeine made up the first three months of his/her college career. It doesn't help that the frustrations of having a roommate who's social presence is higher than that of a celebrity's. Nothing about college could be worse, but maybe they could get better?
    [Summary: Basically a college love story with man ups and downs.]
    2. From the sea everything is beautiful.
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    The sea is dark, mysterious, and beautiful, or it is to most. Once you live there your whole life you wish for nothing more that to walk on the warm earth. He/She has always longed to live on land. Envied the humans that got the blessing of legs. Up until then he's/she's stayed to the shadows, but that all changes when he/she catches someones eye.
    [Summary: A curious Mermaid catches the eye of a human. Plot from there]

    3. Of Glory and Gold
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    Glory and money can only last someone so long till their drowning their sorrows in liquor and whores.Who knew the biggest reality check would be a person with all the qualities that you never knew you were attracted too.
    [Summary: A semi-medieval fantasy around a forgotton hero and their conquest for a better life]
    If you are interested please PM me!​
  2. I would be interested in the first or third plot, if you would have me!
  3. Wouldn't mind ideas one and/or two
  4. I like the second plot
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