INTEREST CHECK Interested in a mythical/futuristic fantasy role play?

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  1. The Earth has been ruined, humans have destroyed it. Those who survived the destruction are running from the H.D.A., who want to wipe out humanity. The Earth is now in 3 parts, one part Earth, one part H.D.A., and one part H.P.O. The H.P.O. helps the humans. The part that is Earth is where those who are banned from all other 2 parts are kept. No-one has every survived. One girl, however, did escape. She is being hunted by the whole of the H.D.A. and the surviving humans and the H.P.O. are trying to keep her safe. This, this was her last encounter:

    Jay ran along the streets. She was scared, for the first time in her life, she was truly scared. The shadow behind her rose further, until it tripped her. she winced as she slid across the broken asphalt, her arm bruning. As she stood, it started to rain. And not the usual, Earthly rain, it was acidic hell rain. She struggled to stand as the rain took her energy. She has lasted this long, and she wasn't going to lose now. As she got to her feet, a figure appeared in front of her. His eyes glowed red, his skin was the color of ashes. He looked every bit human, excluding color and the fact he was floating off the ground. He swept his hand across her face, smiling to show his wolfish fangs.
    "Thought you could get away? I told you, I've grown stronger. You're mine now."
    "No." She took a step away, her blue eyes switching between their human, ocean blue color and their demonic green color. Her hands glowed silver.
    "Trying to do something, eh?"
    "Get away!" She turned around. She didn't want to hurt him, a tear ran down her cheek. He dissapeared as she collapsed, but his voice lingered in the air.
    "You'll never be strong enough, and I'm not fighting you until you are." Then, he dissapeared completly. Everything went back to the Earthly way it was before. The rain was regular H2O. The shadows where gone, the shield hiding them from the neighborhood was gone. She was back to her human form. She struggled to stand, but the she had energy was gone. She couldn't even keep her eyes open. The last thing she saw was a young man stumble over to her, tears wetting his face.
    "I-I-I'm sorry..." I managed to whisper.
    "No! It's my fault, please, don't leave..You need to be in top physical and mental fit, you need me and the others. Don't leave now..Please Kate..You need to stay here, get to know the team. We will help you take him down, I promise.." He leaned down, his forehead against mine, his tears dripping onto my cheeks. I leaned up, trying to give him a hug, but I blacked out. Nothing....

    So, how does it sound? Please, I need at least four people to say they're interested before I officially make the thread. Thanks!
  2. I'd be interested!
  3. Awesome! I've changed the number required to start to 3, meaning we only need one more person.