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  1. Whew, I haven't roleplayed in a long time. I have at least two starters and I'd like to share them. Before that I'd like to share a few things: No smut, male required, at least Semi-Literate, because I usually am, I'm a slow typer, sorry, and I make a lot of mistake from time to time, but I'll try to fix them if I can. I warn you most of my character do cuss, don't whine if you're sensitive to that kind of stuff, and all my roleplays contain romance so I won't say they are bellow. I'm far from good with fighting scenes, I'm horrible. Pick an starter you want to do and we'll do it.

    Reality - "I'm not insane, I swear." You're a psychologist, patient, or someone to pick up a patient.

    Issuing a warning on suicidal thoughts, mention of recent rape, and many other mental illnesses.
    In·se·cu·ri·ty (Noun)
    Plural noun: insecurities
    1. uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence.
    "she had a deep sense of insecurity"
    2. the state of being open to danger or threat; lack of protection.
    "growing job insecurity"
    She knew she wasn't ready and the figure next to her knew it too. "C'mon, Caroline, you're already late enough as it is," the figure tall enough to be her parent said to the girl. The girl sighs before reaching to the door knob, "What if-" the figure cut in "-She won't say anything to hurt you. She's a psychologist, Carol, she's there to help not hurt." Caroline nodded and opened up into the room.
    She saw a middle aged woman sitting on a pale pink couch. The women had a look like she was looking at a poor toddler...and that disgusted Caroline, Caroline already didn't like the woman for she was too pretty for her own good. 'She should come to work ugly, so she doesn't make her patients feel so insecure,' the girl thought to herself.
    The tall figure pushed her into the room, "I'll be going, okay? Meet you back here in an hour." The figure soon closed the door, leaving the two in silence. The person on the couch soon broke the silence, "Come and take a seat, please." The girl stared still disgusted before she came and sat down on the couch right across from the other.
    "I'm Doctor Sursultz, and you are?" the woman crossed her legs as she introduced herself. Caroline replied, "Caroline White, but I bet you already know that."
    Merely an hour later, 'One minute, just one minut-' a ding was heard through out the room. "Well, Miss White it seems that our time is up. Now you get home safe and think about our meeting today." Caroline just stared, once again, but then got up, "Have a nice day," was all she said before she left the silence to the therapist.
    The messenger bag that was dropped off for her only about ten minutes ago sat on her shoulder, more or less the strap of the bag did. She sighed then closed her eyes for a minute as she was getting a bit dizzy. She shook her head and opened her eyes, 'Hopefully, he's on time today,' she thought to herself.
    She let out another sigh and continued down the hallway watching every step her feet take. The ground seemed to spin and her vision begins to blur. Everything came back to normal as her petite body slammed in to someone- or something. She quickly looked up and stepped back.
    She was going to apologize, but a certain reticence was holding her back as she stared at the stranger, and that certain something was stopping her from noticing all her books and sketch books dropped out of her bag, as her bag dropped. Then as soon as a second passed many dreadful thoughts filled her mind.

    Reality mixed with fantasy. "I feel them, I hear them, and they're killing me slowly." You're the person she's messaging.

    She stares quietly at the leek in the ceiling as it dropped into the bucket, breaking the silence every falling second. She gets up quickly, causing the wooden chair to drop backwards. She held her breath before glancing out the window next to her, “What...was I thinking?” She glanced at the crescent moon as its white light spread into the room. She looked around the room with a sigh, “It was rather important.” Her hand brushed against the dirty cedar wood table when she turned to the fallen chair. She picked it up before turning behind it and pushing it under the table. Her mind was clouded with vague memories, “My name? Oh...Bella? I think.” She dragged her bare feet across the dark wood to the other side of roughly empty room. She bites her lip and flattens the pure white dress that held her body from being bare. She looks up still listening to the ‘pitter...patter…’ of the distant leek.
    Her body jolts up from the sudden shake of her body, “Ma’am? Oh, there you are! It’s about closing time.” Azura stares at teen with a dazed look before realizing where she was. She wipes her face from any drool, “Yeah...yeah, sorry, I’ll be going in a minute,” there was a french accent leaking into her voice. The teen nodded with a smile before walking away to her giggling friends. Azura shut her laptop, closing her textbook, stuffing them into her arms, and then getting up from the booth. She felt weak on the head, but ignored it as she continued to the coffee shop’s exit door. She took another smell of the warm caffeine breeze then closed the door as she went outside. Azura glanced down at her watch before widening her eyes, “I’m going to miss the train!”
    She scrambled down the sidewalk trying to keep the big book from falling out of her arms. She made it just in time to slip into the train as the doors started to close. She brushed the hair out of her eyes before looking around for an empty spot on the train. She found one after a few seconds of looking, thus going over and sitting down. She closed her eyes with a sigh and waited the few moments the speedy train took to head into her neighborhood. She felt them nibble at her feet as she stood up to get off the train. She took a breath and glanced down. They were different this time they were a dark purple, almost like black. The small demons were not trying to eat her skin, but only her sane mind. Azura rubbed her hand, almost as if she was scratching it, and tightly held the book close to her.
    “Mère, I’m home!” she said as she entered the house quickly entering the dining room. “Oh, Amoureux! Come, come I need your help upstairs in the baby’s room!” Azura set down the white book on the dining room table before responding to her mother, “Coming, mère!” She turned out the room and headed up the stairs. She rounded the corner and headed into the baby blue room instantly, “Yes?” Her eyes met her mother’s as she saw her struggle to fix the fallen small makeshift crib. “Be a chérie and hold this up for me!” Azura lightly nodded before heading towards the crib to help swiftly.
    Azura sat down with a sigh at her computer desk, “Oh, chérie.” She blinked towards the time on the laptop as she opened it up, ‘11:04.’ She widens her eyes before fully unlocking her laptop and signing on to an app she had installed almost a year ago. She slips on her glasses and smiles seeing that the person she was hoping for is still on. She put her fingers on the keyboard before typing, in which was quite slow, a message to them, “Hey, it’s pretty late! What are you doing up?” She leaned back into the chair and waited. She felt something nibbling on her arm and she thought quietly, ‘I don’t even know this person...and I feel so close with them.’ Azura nibbles on her finger before sitting back up as she heard the familiar ‘Ding!’

    I also actually want to do a Skyrim roleplay, but I don't have any ideas, but I do have a thief character if anyone's up for the challenge.
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