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  1. Walled City 'Sandbox'
    [Sandbox, RP]
    So, this is an interest check, as I hope you already know. Basically this is about
    And several other
    That are more or less near each other.
    Think of it like a compass. There is the Golden City located in the center, atop of a lonely mountain. Surrounding this area is grassland, where farmers work under the Golden City. To the North, there is the Northern City, the South with the Southern City, the West with the Western City, the East with the Eastern City, and small villages, towns, and mining outposts scattered all in between.


    The Golden City
    The Northern City
    The Eastern City
    The Southern City
    The Western City

    Golden Vs. Northern
    Eastern Vs. Western
    Southern - Neutral

    City Informations:
    Golden City:
    Biggest Military, based inside the Snowy Mountain
    The Wealthiest City
    Center of Wind/Light/Electric Magics
    Best Enchanted Items

    Northern City:

    The Magics Academy
    Center for Mercenaries and Hired-guards
    Center of General Magics
    Best manufacturing

    Eastern City:
    City of Elves
    4th largest army - Best ranged items
    Center of Natural Magics
    Best woodworking

    Western City:
    City of Dwarves
    Advanced Sieging techniques
    Heavy ranged weaponry
    Cannons & explosives
    Best Metalworking

    Southern City:
    City of Outcasts
    Diversity of culture, food, races
    Black Markets
    Center of Shifting, Fire, Ice, and Dark Magics
    Most dangerous
    One can find most anything here.

    Your human-looking person that can live forever, and shift into a full form dragon. Rare

    The most-widespread race of all, and with no certain special ability. Very Common.

    As usual, graceful, strong, tall people. No meats, lots of magic. Uncommon.

    As usual, short, stout, strong, hardy people. Lots of meats, no magic, lots of mining, lots of staying underground. Uncommon.

    Creatures that take on a mortal form to roam the lands. Although they usually are evil and destroy-everything, a few are actually quite peaceful.

    Very close to Draconians. They can shift from a human form to a half-dragon/half-human form, similar to a dragon, but not as big or powerful.

    Small person with wings, and a mischief side. Pretty much like a pretty little person that'll ruin your day.

    A mix of any of the humanoids

    Any other race you decide to make up.


    Race Description [If 'Other']

    Preferred Weapon type: [Magic, Ranged, Melee]
    Preferred Weapon: [If Melee, sword, axe, etc, if Ranged, bow, crossbow, etc, if Magic, Fire, Water, Nature, etc]

    Inventory: [What are you carrying? Make sure to list what is in or on what. If you have a belt, list everything being held by that belt under it. If a backpack, everything in or on that backpack should be listed]
    Skills: [Acrobatics, Swordsmanship, Enchanting, etc]
    Magical Items:
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  2. So... what is the plot?
  3. Sandbox. Simple:
    You can start wherever. If you wanted, you could be a peasant farmer volunteering for one of the city's armies, or being one of the Council Members of one of the City Councils. You could be a rogue, or anything.
  4. Basically, you do what you want. Not be all OP and destroy everything, but this is for a sandbox. If you want, be an alien with high-tech gear. Which is why there is magic; counter against high-techness
  5. I'm definitely interested.
  6. I hope others feel the same :D
  7. I'm interested. XD
  8. im so intrested
  9. Soo....
    [MENTION=4513]Akuma[/MENTION] and [MENTION=5627]moon[/MENTION], I guess you're not interested anymore? :c
  10. No I still am. Hold on. I just have had a lot going on here at home.
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