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  1. I am doing an interest check before I even ponder posting in the One on One forum.
    I only checked the 18+ box and sexual theme box due to the fact there may be moments of sexual tension etc in the role play, but if it does come to that, it will be continued in PM's or as a fade out, whichever is agreed upon. so, here it is....
    The basic plot/setting would be Fantasy. A young Elf maiden, who is travelling in search of a sorceress, is cursed by said sorceress to live a half life. At night, she is her usual self. During the day though, she it turned into a swan. If you have seen The Swan Princess, it is pretty similar to that. But, jealous of her looks, the sorceress changed her. She is an ugly swan, with brown and molted feathers, her voice is crackly and she does not have a pretty song like most swans would.
    I am basically searching for someone, preferably male, to help in her travels to find the sorceress in hopes of breaking her curse. If there is any interest, let me know
  2. If the above mentioned doesn't interest you, then I would gladly suggest looking at my site and seeing if any thing else catches your eye. thank you ^.^
  3. Hi there! I am very interested in role playing with you and agree to your rules.
  4. Beautiful site by the way :bananaman:
  5. Okay! ^.^ Were you interested in the cursed elf maiden, or something different?
  6. And thank you. Finally finished it awhile ago, sort of forgot about it, lol.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.