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  1. #1 I'm Not Crazy: You're one of a handful of teens thrown into "James Gifted Psychiatric Hospital". Someone was worried about you, whether it be friends, siblings, parents, neighbors, classmates, or yourself. So, kids ages 13-19 have ended up in this sort of psych ward for teens. James Hospital, as a short term, is a psych ward that isn't a psych ward. These kids were thrown in here, with some mental disorder or history problem that got them stuck here. The thing is, things aren't what they seem. Here, high class doctors are bringing themselves together to discover how to create, in short, mental disorders in a bottle. After all, how can you fight something you can't see?

    #2 The Masquerade: Once a year, a masquerade is held. This is a place where you can find love. It lasts a whole week, and although you can't leave, almost none want to. The queen is widowed, and is bitter. So, all those that by the end of the week don't have a partner of love, will be killed. The masquerade is about to begin. So, what will happen to you?

    #3 The Body Shop: People buy bodies/body parts now. It went from plastic to silicone to real flesh. They claim these beasts are similar in appearance but different in mentally, and in no way superior or equal to us. Almost everyone is a member and as they say, "Without your membership card, you're the same as the beasts. So you're either a customer, or a beast." Then, what happens when people start to realize this is wrong. Will they stand up? Or will they go on with their lives? Or... Will they find out what these beasts are really like?

    #4 The Agency: The S.H.E.I.L.D. agency, which has been torn to shred by Hydra, is now being rebuilt by agent Coulson. In short, will you help?

    #5 Academy For The Gifted: Those who qualify as gifted, with an IQ of 130+, are, well, abnormal. Not necessarily in a bad way, they aren't cookie cutter people is all. So, here at the Academy, otherwise known as Harbor View Academy For The Gifted and Unique. Since it's a long, boring name people call it the Academy. So, in the Academy, students are as smart as the teachers, if not smarter. This has caused a natural rivalry between some of the teachers and students. Naturally, this school for those 13-18 (Some thirteen-year-olds get pushed a year ahead) is different than most. For goodness sake, there's two pool tables, a disco ball and insane LED lights in the boiler room. Sixteen year olds are out inventing all sorts of high tech stuff. With the new year, how will you do?

    Please help me decide and comment if you'd ever be interested in any of these.
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  2. I would be interested in #1. I'm a sucker for anything psychological. ^,^
  3. Cool. I'll tell you about it if I ever end up making it.
  4. I would really appreciate as much input as I can get.
  5. #5, 130 is not an abnormal IQ level.
  6. I understand that, it just happens to be the typical qualification for a "gifted" IQ, if I am not mistaken. That particular rp would require characters to have an IQ of 130 or higher. That's all I was implying there.
  7. Yeah but I have an iq of one hundred and thirty and I'm not a genius inventor student, if I understood what you were looking for you might want to elevate the bar to one eighty or so.
  8. Yes, I might do that. Yeah, those with the IQ's of 130 wouldn't be the ones inventing genius stuff, the higher IQ ones would (Like 180, 190, 200). It would be a good idea to raise it to 150 or 180.
  9. I'd be interested in #4, though I'd do others too if they got enough interest.
    Also, IQ isn't the only thing that determines intelligence level.
  10. Depending on how strict you are about stuff, I'd be interested in the Gifted thing.
  11. I'd be interested in #2.
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