- Interest Check/ Tossing of ideas - An Inception (the movie) based RP


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As it says on the tin, been tossing the idea 'round in my head since I last saw the movie again. Personally, I think that the concept of the movie loans itself well to a roleplaying format.

I have yet to put much thought into a concept plot or story. The only thought I've had basically is that the roleplayers would be the ones that would be tasked with extracting secrets from the target's mind. Their failure or sucess would depend on how much attention they've drawn to themselves and failures could lead to their employers taking a slight disliking toward them. In essence, each player would have a different role on the group(which I've yet to develop or look into). But I'll burn that bridge when I get to it if there is any interest in this type of RP.

So, any takers?
That sounds pretty shweet, Woody.

I'll play if I'm not too weighted down by RPs already by the time you get it up. :3
I'd take a stab.