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  1. Yes! Make it now! So I can join!(still post your support though please)

  2. Yeah..but just as reader

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  3. No! What were you thinking?!

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  4. Maybe

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  1. The tale that was never heard...

    What if their was two magicians. Both had great power in them. What if one was greedy and corrupted by the power granted to him. The other pure of heart and ready to help the needy. What if they had met. Their battle would have been be able to be past down for generations. What if none of them won, but what if they trapped them selves in rings. Who would find them? Who would escape first? Who will reach freedom at last? Who will answer all these these questions? Well, that would be you the chosen one wouldn't it.

    Yes you chosen one.
    Let's see where we are now. Yes in modern time perfect. Here you both shall be granted a ring (by parents, granparents, etc.). Let's see if you unleash the magicians. Oh don't worry you won't be alone there are people who are here to help you along the way. What's this you want to know why you have been chosen. Well if you were normal that wouldn't be as much fun now wouldn't it be. What are you supposed to do with them. You are supposed to help them escape there trap aren't you. What's this what if you don't want the ring. Nonsense. You are bound by it until you die or free them. Don't worry I'm sure you will survive. Besides it wouldn't be much of a story you were to be able choose now would it.

    Sign Ups-
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  2. become alive
  3. If this gets traction I will be joining, definitely.
  4. thank you!
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  5. Tomorrow, I can see if some of my friends would want to join.
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  6. Thank you so much it will hold a total of 10 players if including you and me that is 2 less so 8 people in total
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  7. Well, I have 20+ friends up here so hopefully some will like the idea of this.
  8. Yay! I'm dying of excitement! If we actually get more then 11 people I might add a outside character list. :3
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  9. Glad you think so!
  10. Very interested ^^ If this becomes a thing, I'll defiantly join!
  11. Pretty good, love the idea and I also came here from your banner, which was also interesting.
  12. I'm interested in this but the only problem I see with the story is that it hints towards only two chosen ones. There isnt much emphasis on what kind of other characters there can be and how to include everyone that joins.
  13. Thank you all for being interested in it
    There will be 10 players total (not including Outsiders)
    2 Chosen Ones
    2 Magicians
    6 guardians
    There may be openings for outsiders but it will probably also be limited (ex. Chosen's ones best friend, family, and etc)
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  14. I have decided to start making Character Sign up/OOC thread by tonight. I will post the link here later!
    Thank you for your support!
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  15. What is the difference between a guardian and a magician? ^^
  16. I will explain after I make the Signup/OOC Thread So just you wait
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