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This is a thread to gauge interest / need for writing review services. It will be free. I am not accepting any submissions as of yet.

I propose to offer a free review service to skim or read your writing sample for the purpose of:
  • Overall ease of comprehension.
  • Alignment with stated objectives, such as performance criteria or judgement criteria.
  • Alignment with your intended message or themes.
My thoughts will be reported in 1-3 paragraphs and follow-up comments as needed.

I propose to accept:
  • Roleplay, story, and creative writing for use on or off Iwaku.
  • Essay material (with identifying information removed).
  • Application material such as cover letters (with identifying information removed).

I propose to avoid:
  • NSFW content.
  • Submissions from Bluestar members (17-).
  • Submissions without specific objectives.
  • Document attachments.

Is the any other material that you would like to see reviewed?

Are there any other high-level qualities or parameters that you would like to see reviewed?

I have extensive experience in technical writing for academic writing, science, law, and government.
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Dead men tell no tales.
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still seeking feedback and interest. Comment in this thread if this is a service you want to see, otherwise it will be withdrawn.