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  1. What if the world has been turned against us ? What if nature itself turned against us ? What if the animal kingdom and plant-life evolved to tear each human apart. Well in 2251 with all the pollution the world started to change. Animals started to evolve into horrific creatures and Plant life started being a threat to humans. In a Matter of days cities were being destroyed.Thousands of lives lost. Now its 10 years after the tragic day when the world turned against. With out power or technology Humans must count on their skill to scavenge,built,craft,fight and to survive. We are a part of a tribe called the skullz . Together the tribe must find somewhere to live,must find food not to starve and protect themselves That's the base of the story .

    if your interested in this rp please comment :)
    We only need 5 people tops. Their could be more but with 5 people we can start .
  2. I might be interested but I'd appreciate a little more detail. I mean, 236 years isn't long enough for any species to grow big enough to actually destroy a city, even if it's growing through mutation rather than evolution.
  3. Well logic isn't really important in fantasy base Role-play but evolving happened quickly. Plus the evolution happened in 2251. It didn't start before. The world just drastically started evolving .
  4. So they've had only 10 years to evolve to be big enough and volatile enough to destroy cities? Unless you acknowledge a magical presence, that's impossible.
  5. Now the logical reason is a mutation in their DNA. which would change them immediately.
  6. Nope it happened in a matter of days . In 10 years it got worse. Noting is impossible in world of fantasy. ITS FANTASY
  7. Cities were destroyed in a Year. And their are some city who still stand.
  8. You do realise you're just digging yourself a deeper hole, right? I'm a damn biologist. I can guarantee to you that it is utterly impossible.
  9. Its a damn fantasy Role-play. I don't care about logic -.- In my world it is possible And I don't care who you are. you can be god and still I wont care. Its a freaking Fantasy Role-play but from the looks of it you don't even know what fantasy means since -.-/ Anyway since your so obssessed with logic then this Rp isn't for you or any fantasy one -.-
  10. BTW your the first person to talk about Logic in A fantasy Role-play!. in fantasy Role-play anything can be possible. Vampire/demon and any other horrific creatures can exist and your talking about logic -.- Come on.
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  11. Oh you've descended to using negative ratings and irrational assumptions about the opposition have you? Well, I can play along with that. You see, I don't usually demand logic. Some of the best RP's I've played in have had magic and all manner of crazy creatures. My problem here is that you use the term "evolve" and you attempt to explain this so called "evolution" using "pollution". Which is interesting in itself, but that's a scientific concept, something I doubt your tiny mind can grasp. I wouldn't have minded if you'd simply acknowledged that there was some kind of magical force involved, but instead you continued trying to use scientific reasoning that you can't even get right to explain it. This is the one that got me. It was damn hilarious.

    "Now the logical reason is a mutation in their DNA. which would change them immediately."

    Notice that your own arguments conflict with each other. On one hand you say it's fantasy and anything can happen and then in another post you think that a mutation in DNA would logically cause an instant change.
    Now, lets look at the science shall we? A mutation in the genetic code of an animal or plant does not cause immediate change. Cancer is caused by a mutation. Mutations can only ever cause cancers in anything bigger than a single celled organism. They cannot cause it to grow huge or have a behavioral change. Thus, if a tiger were to mutate, it would simply become a tiger that had cancer, not a tiger that was really big and really violent. Or perhaps you were meaning that the DNA changes but only the offspring of the changed show the traits? This is more possible since it is how evolution occurs. However, evolution takes a stupidly long length of time, and in even the normal pregnancy cycle of a given animal, changes to the species could not possibly cause such change. A single offspring may have a slightly longer neck, at most, or a slightly darker shade of skin. Changing enough DNA to cause the creature to become an entirely new species would result in offspring that were unable to reproduce, thus every species would die out after 1 generation. And while we're on it, how come the humans haven't mutated? Especially considering they're the ones that live closest to the pollution.

    And while I'm criticising you, you may want to take a look at your grammar. You can't get the right version of "your", you use 2 punctuation marks after each other, you capitalise random letters, and you can't work out when things need to be plural. Then you go and write a sentence that doesn't even make sense, in this context: "in fantasy Role-play anything can be impossible". You trail off the end of sentences when your own arguing skills fail to support your case too: "Its a freaking Fantasy Role-play but from the looks of it you don't even know what fantasy means since -.-/". Hey look another nonsensical sentence: "Anyway since your so obssessed with logic then this Rp isn't for you or any fantasy one". Your spelling skills could do with improvement too. Oh and misuse of "their" "And their are some city who still stand." That one also has an example of not using a plural where it is needed. Also, it's more grammatically correct to use "that" rather than "who". You could probably benefit from using the "edit" button too. Making a new post for every couple of sentences makes you look childish.

    TL;DR Next time you make magical settings, don't try and use science to explain them.
  12. I don't care what you think. your the moron here who is using logic in fantasy base Role-play.
  13. If you look closely, you'll notice that you were the one who tried to introduce logic first by trying to use basic scientific concepts to explain how these creatures came into existence.
  14. No your the moron here asking for me to explain the logic how animals/plant life evolved. So to shut you UP I made so logic for you. But no . you kept whining about how its impossible . I Don't care what you think. Now gtfo .
  15. Sorry, you call that bullshit you came up with LOGIC? I guess you must be a religious-type then. I apologise profusely. I thought you were someone who might be able to hold a level headed discussion. I was vastly mistaken, and on the behalf of science I ask that you never try to think logically ever again. Also, for the record your username is stupid. It looks like Chloe Saliva.
  16. Well... besides the fighting and the obsession with the mutation details it sounds like it could be fun.
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