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  1. This is the year 2062. World War III had broken out in 2020 due to multiple conflicts, including the Syrian Conflicts. Russia, China, the United States, and Europe waged war against each other as the main superpowers, the US & Europe on the US-Europe Alliance side, with many other American and other European nations, against the Rus-chinese Alliance with various Asian & Middle Eastern countries allied with them. Over all, they fought for about 10 years, and came to an absolute standstill. After this, they declared that the war was over because they had pretty much exhausted most of the available resources. The Middle East were mineral-rich, and practically became the center of power due to this. In the period that followed, the weary nations all relied on Africa and Saudi-Arabia as their raw mineral supplies, and their economy grew. With the third-world countries becoming the new first-world countries, and the original first-world countries beginning to degrade into third-world countries, conflicts began to arise again. After a peaceful period of about 7 years, tensions began to rise for 2 years. This led to another World War, with the former-first-world countries, now degraded down to second-world countries, fighting against the former-third-world countries, now upgraded up to second-world-countries. This was the beginning of World War IV, 2039/2040. This war lasted about 3 years, until ending in a treaty to prevent any more conflict within the next 20 years, at the least. So, the treaty ended at about 2060, and a plague swept over the world, destroying governments and some population centers. At the end of the 2-year-long plague, the world's governments were destroyed, and people were rising back up again. This is where you come in.

    The Rules of this roleplay
    1) No God-moding, or being able to have a small militia take out a large, determined technologically-superior army.
    2) No Meta-gaming, or being able to know what is going on within conferences, meetings, etc., without actually being there. Of course, if the meetings have many people, or you have very, very good spies, then you might be able to know these things.
    3) No Power-gaming, or being able to say "I shot my pistol, and the other army became scared and retreated." Don't control someone else.
    4) There is instant research. You are not going to start research on cold fusion, and be done within a couple days. Research takes time.
    5) There is no instant construction. You will not be able to build a giant fortress in a couple days, nor would you be able to make a giant underground tunnel network within a couple weeks.
    6) You do not have what the geography says you don't have. You can't mine gold if your areas contain none, and you can't cut down wood in the middle of a desert.
    7) Be respectful, don't flame at anyone or anything just because.
    8) The point of this isn't to kill everyone, but rather to make a nation. Don't attack someone just because you don't like the person that is roleplaying as that person, that is an OOC matter.

    How would this work?
    You're a nation. You pick an area of land, preferably no larger than Brazil, with technology that isn't super-duper-powerful. There are in fact lasers, because even right now, they are being tested. These 'lasers' are used as anti-missile and anti-drone weapons TODAY, and have been able to take down drones and such from distance. Railguns are also a possibility, as they are also being used today. As for 'stealth,' it is possible as well. While physically, if you look at it, it'd be obvious because of distortment, but radar or optics wouldn't be able to pick it up.

    The goal of this is to create a nation of your own goal. Want to become the most powerful economic nation? Sure, go ahead. Start trading. Want to have the most powerful military? Start getting resources, building weapons, and researching new technologies.

    Anyone interested? This all takes place on Earth, btw.
  2. Nope, no one's interested.
  3. I am interested

    I am the new leader of eurassia!
  4. I'll be the leader of the Federated States of the German Republic or F.S.G.R which includes Germany, former Poland, and Austria. The country is broken into many areas depending on where resources are, and the country's main goal is to become a economic super giant.
  5. cool, cool.
  6. I have to leave soon and will be inactive for at least 6 months.
  7. I'm in, and will be the monarch of New Atlantis (bear with me here). NA will be a large, mildly militant island country, artificially created within the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The government long ago realized the profit of war, and thus converted their military into mercenaries. They have a strict sense of honor, and never change sides during a war. They charge large sums for their services (but are well known for their effectiveness and low mortality rates), and as such can afford to refurbish their cities, and cultivate large fields for agricultural reasons, with a wide variety of native and imported vegetation. The coast is shielded by rings of missile and laser defense systems, as well as peppered with large forts constantly garrisoned with soldiers. They've also made quite an economy out of fishing and shipping. As such, they are one of the superpowers of the world. The basic needs of the people (education, basic medical care, housing, etc.) are provided by the government. Their one weakness is also their greatest strength: The location. In the middle of the Atlantic, New Atlantis is separated from the rest of the world, making an enemy invasion difficult, and the country has become quite anti-social, but are still friendly towards immigrants. The king's spy network is quite deeply rooted into other countries, which has given him and his country a great advantage in wars and political decisions. Recently, New Atlantis has begun colonizing along the east coast of North America, and the Azores, Madeira, and Canary Islands, bringing it into conflict with the nearby countries.