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Would you suggest characters, vote on them and then watch the tutorials?

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  1. So for those who haven't had the lovely chance to chat with little ol' me, one thing you would get to know is that I am Esthetician with roots in FX makeup. I'm also a Cosplayer. Crazy make-up, latex work, the whole nine yards, you name it, I do it. Anyway, I was wanting to see how many would be interested in this little idea of mine:

    I wanted to start doing tutorials on makeup based on Anime, Video Game and Fantasy/Sci-fi themed characters. Fawns, Elves, Aliens, and that one character from some series everyone loves. What I would like to do is garner votes on what people want to see done which they can shout out ideas, and weekly, I will do the most voted on character/creature and make a video tutorial. It'll will end up on YouTube.

    Who doesn't want to watch a crazy woman smear color all over her face? xD
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    No but seriously, it's a cute idea. But lemme warn you against one thing, before you start out with this... honest talk fuck what anyone wants to see from you. Your idea is fun and interesting and you have an established interest in doing this. So do it, do what you love and those who're about that shit will flock to you regardless. By trying to start out by asking what other people want you're teeterin' hella close to turning this potential idea into a chore, a labor, something you "have" to do for other people's enjoyment.

    But if you're askin' because you got too many ideas you wanna do and need to funnel them out, then cool. But keep that above shit in mind. The worst thing you can do in any field of art is inadvertently turn it into a chore.

    I always thought Mirror's Edge's Faith had strong eyeliner game.
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  3. THIS, @Smo , THIS SO MUCH!!

    I love Face/Off (the SyFy show) so much! I've seen every season, and while I was slightly disappointed by this season's finale (in comparison to the other finales), I loved that my pick, Rashaad, won!

    Anywho, I'm very interested in cosplay. I want to cosplay, but feel... I suppose the word is intimidated? I've looked at papakura, and that seems interesting, but sometimes I feel the level of detail is beyond my hands.

    That said, I'd love to see videos about any of the stuff involved in make-up, visual effects design, prop design, costume making, the works!
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  4. It's more like I have a lot of ideas and I am wanting to have challenges to further my skills. I know about the whole, "it'll become a chore", but I ask because I would like to span on what I typically do, try things out and have a few laughs in the process. It's for much of my amusement as for the community of Iwaku. Plus, I like entertaining people. xD
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