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  1. Just doing a quick interest check on a plot I've been working on. I have a huge backstory planned out for it, but for now I'm simply going to post a more detailed summarized version of it.

    It is now the year 2500. It has been precisely 223 years since the killings on Earth first started and the mass migration to the Planet X427 began. The mass killings on Earth were performed by the world's leaders that were a part of a New World Order-type cult. The population on Earth was approximately 13Billion when the killings started. Within a year, the world had been reduced dramatically to a far lower 10Billion. The reason behind the New World Order was to depopulate the Earth and make it significantly more habitable.

    Forseeing these events, various space stations around the world had been privately conducting research and looking for more habitable planets. This is when X427 was found. Due to advances to Space Travel, the planet that they found would take only a few decades to reach. A few of the first generation colonists that had set out to colonize the planet had died, however quite a good bit remained. Using the knowledge from Earth, some of the top minds aboard the craft took over all efforts to build the society.

    There were many hardships for the first few years, it could easily be compared to the colonizing of the Americas by the Europeans. The planet manages to stay in a quite cool environment year round and most of the food is either native to the planet or food that has been genetically modified to work on the planet.

    The world is built into a Cyberpunk styled architecture. The city is layered as well, the top layer being the more business and industrial side, while the bottom layer is generally more residentally and commercially oriented.

    A magical element known as manaridium, commonly known as mana, has been discovered by scientists that were studying the composition of the atomosphere. The element is invisible to the naked eye until it is converted into magical energy. The conversion is done through a casting device. The most popular of which have been armbands that attach around the wrist and change form to shape your wrist.

    Due to the nature of the magic and the practically limitless capabilities of them, certain magic and magical spells have been restricted. Those of extremely destructive and terroristic nature have been banned and are completely unusable. In the process, a lot of non-violent spells were banned which has caused a city-wide war. The wars are waged among various rebel groups and the law enforcement officers of the city. The city holds the entire population of the planet, this being said...a war could prove deadly. This is mainly because magic isn't the only weapon. There are many rebel groups who have managed to obtain plasma and laser weapons. This has increased the bloodshed in this war.

    You have the opportunity to choose who you will align with. Will you be a rebel, a civilian, or a law officer? Are you for, against, or have no opinion of magical restrction? The decision is yours.

    What do you guys think? Does anyone have any interest in this? If there's anything that should be tweaked, removed, or even added...tell me! I look forward to some constructive criticism.
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  2. If you are interested, please post what kind of alignment you'd like. (Rebel, Law, or Civilian)
    This way I can have a good idea of what's going on.
  3. Y'know, the ability to choose a side is not unique. It's one of the things that makes roleplaying more fun that just playing an RPG. Also, you ought to post more than just a summary. I don't really know if it's something I'd be interested in at all from this. All I know is that it's set in the future and has some form of magic. No detail on how the magic works, what the future's like, how oppressive or dystopian it is... Not to mention that with triple mass, the gravity would physically crush the people there, though I can ignore that.
  4. I've neglected including anymore details about the society and have simply included all of the major parts of it. I'm simply seeing if anyone has any interest in something of this nature before I go ahead and release everything.
  5. K. But the problem is, like I stated, I don't actually know if i'd be interested, and I'd rather know for definite than say I am then back out later.
  6. I suppose when I get time later today I'll post a bit more detail.
  7. That's good. It should help you get interest having a more detailed outline. Many people don't bother enquiring if the preliminary post doesn't reveal enough. I'm only asking because I'm curious by nature and I don't mind being rude to get what I want. Sorry about that too, if I end up offending you about something.
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