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  1. Lyrics to Philharmonics
    Guess who died, last night
    In grey stockings, in all might
    It was no loss
    The only God of mine

    He fell down, just to drown
    In a sea of delight
    To tame champagne
    And creatures of the night

    As the water took him over
    Filled his lungs inside out
    I sold his gold
    For flowers and rice

    Speaking fire, he would hire
    Pawns and peasants just like me
    To feed upon the conquered ones
    But now we are free

    Song : Philharmonics.
    Artist : Agnes Obel.
    Album : Philarmonics (2010).

    I so love Agnes's music, but this one piece caught my attention today as a possible RP idea for either a OneXOne or Small Group RP.

    I see a small group of slaves (M and F, a total of three) in a rich, fat noble's household with his wife, two sons and one daughter. Within this pathetic noble home, the many slaves are ill-treated and fear retaliation, but these three decide they're fed up with the brutality, the suffering, and watching their coworker's die within the improper services of this man and his twisted family. They devise a plan to eventually destroy the entire family, but in so doing, gain everything they've ever wanted; freedom and riches for all.

    Setting - possibly medieval or fantasy era, or even a modern fantasy/steampunk era - take your pick, folks!

    I believe I might hold the Female Slave, the Noble's Wife, and NPCs like Townsfolk or Royals; whatever comes up. Therefore, I will need interested minds to fill the positions of:

    Female Slave: Phi Chisym
    Male Slave A: Osiris
    Male Slave B: SapphireInk
    Noble Master: Serran
    Noble's Wife: Phi Chisym
    Oldest Son: Bashington
    Middle Daughter: SapphireInk
    Younger Son: RiverNotch

    Governess (Paid Employee): (OPEN)
    Chef (Paid Employee): (OPEN)
    Stable Master (Paid Employee): (OPEN)
    Slave Master (Paid Employee): (OPEN)
    Head of Guard (Paid Employee): (OPEN)

    NPCs from the town
    Royals or other Nobles


    Appearance (Photo and/or Description):

    Mind you, this is a Small Group RP. I don't see no more than five or six people involved; minimum of four. So, will need people who can manage more than one charrie, and can write in both genders well enough.

    This story will develop according to what we, the RPers, come up with in this Interest/OOC thread. If we've got something worth working over, then we can post temps and I'll post a thread.

    I'm keeping things simple, meaning, you don't have to write a novel, but 2-4 paragraphs with good spelling and grammar makes the RP more of a delight to read, rather than a migraine-booster.

    It will remain here, and therefore, will not fall into the Rated R level to avoid having to move the RP into a Mature Thread. This story will remain at PG-13. But, if all who participates in this RP are over 18, and the layout of the story we're developing moves towards Romance in some areas, or vice versa, then the thread will be opened in Mature A and that's that. I just want all things to be clarified before starting to avoid moving things midway through.

    This RP may also get a bit dark with all the murder plotting, backstabbing, and master/slave brutality. I see this majorly within an medieval or steampunk setting. So, if you're not into that, this story is not for you.

    If this strikes as something worth playing around with, post your thoughts here. I don't mind. :)

    The World of Diarmait (Map in the works)
    Holds four Continents. Our story resides on the continent of Stratha.

    Countries of Stratha
    Jerjin (East)
    Ogano Nye (Northwest)
    Valkyen (High North)
    Indrani (Southeast)
    Calcaria (South)
    Versperr (West)
    Saritt (Southwest)
    Kingdoms and their Provinces
    Jerjin - High Kingdom of Eocin (E-o'-sin) (Turbyfils)
    Sumnerset Village, Half Morning, Prine


    Indrani - High Kingdom of Eocin
    Rosetta, Buryl,

    Versperr The Kingdom of Areriseth (The Turbyfils/Rosiers)

    Saritt - The Kingdom of Vertimont (The Goshevens)
    Aneurin, Sudbury

    Ogano NyeThe Kingdom of Moscallabey (The Goshevens/Escalas)
    Colomni, Lyuba

    Valkyen - The Kingdom of Moscallabey
    Detleff, Thao Thea

    Calcaria - The Kingdom of Tasura (The Izarahs)
    Amit, Sujay, Githa, Nyura




    Mountains: Mount Evercae


    Royal Lines

    High Kingdom of Eocin:
    High King Luce Turbyfil III
    High Queen Syllene (si-lee’-nee) Rosier - Turbyfil
    High Prince Luce (loo’ – chay) Turbyfil IV

    The Kingdom of Vertimont:
    King Bheric Thane Gosheven VIII
    Queen Belleza Anice Escala - Gosheven
    Princess Leisa Gosheven
    Lady Martryce Rokossa

    The Kingdom of Tasura:
    King Hiran Izarah
    Queen Chenoa Enyeto - Izarah
    Prince Pallav Izarah

    The Kingdom of Areriseth ?

    The Kingdom of Moscallabey ?
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  2. I would be interested in taking on the Middle daughter if possible :) I would also want to take on a couple more characters but I would rather some other players got their first choice so, when a few more people have signed up I will take on some more empty slots. (If that's alright?)
  3. Awesome! Thanks, SapphireInk, for your interest. I shall mark the Daughter for you then.

    Once we get more people involved, we'll start pushing some ideas around. If you have a few on your mind, you can throw them out here for discussion between us two. When others join, I'll have a little summary on the front post for them to jump into the mix quickly.

    Thanks again!
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  4. I'm interested I'm the older son if that is ok with you and I really like the idea
  5. O_O
  6. I'll take a part as a Slave!
  7. YEA!

    Thanks Osiris & Bashington! I'll mark your spots and, I guess, will be throwing up a simple template tonight.

    Again, any ideas from the growing masses about setting, family layout, and issues our slaves will be dealing with, issues politically or whatnot that we can toss around, anything to twist things and throw a wrench into things, then great! Let's get some ideas.
  8. Well I have my concept for the middle girl if it would help me throwing my Ideas out here I am more than happy too!

    I see her as being a Plump but rather sweet looking girl, soft skin, dainty hands that have never seen a hard days work. Not cruel just genuinely oblivious and too stupid to question the world around her. Spoilt prone to tantrums but is all sunshine and kisses when she gets her own way. Doesn't really have time for anyone other than herself and fails to realise the trouble she causes sometimes. She isn't cruel however just incredibly self absorbed and sees other people as bellow her as that's what she has been taught. I see her as being in early teens and wanting to be waited on hand and foot all the time. Seems younger than she is. Tendency to gush and gossip to anyone who will listen. I feel she would be somewhat sidelined from anything of real importance because she is just a girl and she wouldn't really mind, shes about as curious as a rock. I feel she would have a temper and probably unaware (mostly) about the conditions the slaves are in. I was thinking she might have a slave to do her hair and dress her ect whilst she prattled away? It would be good to have a slave who had a clear perspective of the family from the things this girl let slip.
  9. Sapphire got the right fuckin' idea. A+ on that.
    I'll play an older slave, someone used to the mistreatment, but quick to jump on the "Fuck the Master" bandwagon. Has good standing with the children, especially with the younger ones, and is a good friend with the wife. However, he absolutely hates the Master with a burning, abhorrent passion. Seeing makes him both physically ill and fills him with immense rage. His 'Berzerk Button', so to speak. His main source of information is the middle child, due to her gossip. He will listen to her for hours on end, because it gives him so much to work with. At first it's little things, like school, friends, men, etc. But then after a fight happens between her parents, she goes to him wanting an ear. And naturally, he's there where her parents never are. She gives him personal info about his masters, like maybe hes having an affair, or she is, y'know, something like that.

    Just pitching plot bunnies n' shit.
  10. I could try playing as the Noble Master o3o
  11. Awesome ideas, guys! I'm starting to see more out of this song than I initially did. ^^

    My charrie will be the daughter's assistant, and I'll probably make an NPC maid for her mother, but we shall see. I'm still thinking about my charries, and just responding on my phone while heading home. Anywho, I love everyone's ideas!.

    I think my female slave will be in her mid twenties and somewhat new to being a slave, but not new to the role. Her family are immigrants from Romania. When they came to The States, her father held a respectable job as a chauffeur for a very wealthy political family. But when the bottom dropped out of government due to dirty money and blackmarket power turning freedom into a four-letter word, the wealthy family met their end and everyone, including her family, were shipped off to the dark, hidden world that's been marinating under American's noses for years.

    She grew up in the Trades, but being young, she was taught early to listen sharply, quietly, and do as you're told right the first time, even if it's something you know is not right. Regardless of what she's been taught, cutting her teeth on the death of her parents and friends, losing more than just a finger and her innocence, she's learned that silence kills your soul faster than speaking out while under the master's thumb.
  12. Now we are getting somewhere!

    I also have an idea for the second male slave, which I feel I should pitch to you.

    This young man is in his twenties, powerfully built, the intention was to have him act as a bodyguard for the family, as he was a field slave previously and therefore incredibly strong. He has dark wayward hair and is very tall. when he was first initiated into slavery he fought back like a wild animal, his spirit was tough to break and he has scars on his back and wrists to prove it. Now, he is near silent and has a murderous hatred of the entire family that he hides behind an absent expression and a monotone voice. On occasion he reveals a wicked sense of humor and a handsome smile. He has brawn and the sense to be silent around the family but not the intelligence to put together a plan or play nice with his masters, never even offering a hello.

    He has a sister who sill works in the fields who he tries to protect with his entire being, It being the norm for Slaves to be abused his protection is limited but is by no means useless.
  13. SapphireInk, that charrie idea is great! If no one is interested in taking him, then he's yours as well.

    Alright, I've been thinking further on the setting for this. I'm feeling a mix between a medieval steampunk feel, or just go straight medieval fantasy. What do you guys think? What setting do you guys feel fits the feel of the song?

    Everyone, let's work on templates. I'll post a skeleton in a sec, but go ahead and lay something out for yourselves. Please, use photo images for a visual for your charries. No amine please. If you have a realistic art piece for your charrie, that's fine too. Preferably, if there's an image of a charrie idea that fits into the setting of the story, then use it.

    Other than that, let me hurry with that template. :D

    Oh, there's one more place open - the younger son. I think I should allow someone else to take him, so I can focus on the run of this bugger and NPC's. So, let's see if we get one more person interested.
  14. Name: Felicity Isabella Emily Vaughan
    Age/Gender: 15, Female
    Appearance (Photo and/or Description): [​IMG][​IMG]
    Felicity has recently taken it upon herself to wear black to mourn a deceased general she met once when she accidentally poured punch down his shirt. They were deeply in love. The general of course was not aware of this.
    Status/Job: Upper class, Daughter.
    Personality:What felicity lacks in intelligence she makes up for in constant endless chatter. She couldn't point to London on a map but she could tell you which of the Dewinter twins was Martha and which was Mary based on the angle of their eyelashes. Felicity is by no means cruel and is the most affectionate person in her family as far as slaves are concerned. She treats them, rather like treasured exotic pets. With patronizing adoration and a desire for complete obedience of something she neither understands not cares to attempt too. Felicity often attempts to provide clumsy protection for her chosen handful of slaves, which can backfire horribly without her knowledge. With her indignant and snobbish manner she will shriek in a grating voice at her brothers for pulling her personal maid's hair and getting her mummy involved which normally ends up with a sly kick or shove for her slave when Felicity is no longer in the room. Felicity will talk to whoever will listen, resulting in a close bond with one of the manservants who just seems to understand all her highly complex and serious problems and offer the right words of agreement and comfort without being pressed.
    Felicity can and will throw the most fowl tantrums, kicking, screaming. biting, punching, swearing and sobbing all to get her own way in even minuscule matters. She likes pretty dresses and trashy romance novels which she often requests be read to her as her own reading skills are somewhat lacking.

    History: Felicity is kept like a prize trophy and has been since she was a cherubic blonde haired blue eyed babe, raised with little other aspirations than a marriage to a wealthy man and having the prettiest dresses very few tutors could stand her for longer than a couple of months, near impossible to teach in practical skills she focused most of her attention on embroidery and dancing. She is somewhat cut off from the males of her family, being but a beautiful pawn in their arsenal she rarely interacts with them unless she wants to flutter her eyelashes in an attempt to get her own way. That being said her father does have a soft spot for his daughter. She does have an interest in travel.
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  15. Name: Durwin Vaughan

    Age/Gender: 47, Male

    Appearance (Photo and/or Description): Spoiled since birth, Durwin was raised plump as a child. Now in his late 40's, he has grown a very prominent belly, swollen from dining in delicacies of large portions and jugs of the finest wine. Since he was nourished by so much food, he stands about 5'9". He has curly, dark brown hair that match his eyes and a short beard. A few strands of white hair can be seen to show his signs of aging. He often wears large clothing to show off his title; Big, puffy sleeves, fur-lined coats and gold necklaces and thick rings embedded with gems.

    Status/Job: Noblemaster

    Personality: In front of his equals or higher up, Durwin masks his true self by being respectful and trusting. A jolly fellow who knows when it's time for business and when to party. Speaking of parties, Durwin loves banquets, feasts and lavish celebrations. Most of all, he likes to be the host, the center of attention. He showers his wife with precious gifts when he comes home and dotes over his children. However, when no one is looking, the noblemaster needs a way to vent out the bottled anger and jealousies he gets while on his job - by beating his frustrations out on his slaves.

    History: [wip]
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  16. Phi, I have the perfect character for this. But the picture I have that describes him perfectly is an anime based picture. Would it be a problem if I used it?
  17. If you can't find anything else, then go for it. It's not a major rule or anything, but for an RP that is more realistic than anime, I prefer using photos. That's just my preference, but I'm not gonna kill ya about it. XD!

    Hey, anyone have any ideas about setting, or is the idea I had okay? I'm trying to get an idea so I can do a bit of research and such to set things up more and prepare an OP.

    Also, I might have to wait until after thanksgiving to get this started. Work is starting to take over again... *cries*.
  18. @Phi - Well, I already have a mindset that this is RP is in a Medieval setting. Good luck with work! D:
  19. I've opened up a few new charries that might be worth having within the household. If you feel you can work a second charrie, or you feel you're not suited for the charrie you've signed up to, you can change your mind and select on e of these. These are just suggestions.

    Younger Son: (OPEN)
    Governess (Paid Employee): (OPEN)
    Chef (Paid Employee): (OPEN)
    Stable Master (Paid Employee): (OPEN)
    Slave Master/ Head of Guard (Paid Employee): (OPEN)

    *Check update of these openings on first post.

    And, I think for simplicity sake, let's just go with medieval fantasy. I don't believe we're going to dive into the magical fantasy within this genre, but the belief in spirits, witches, and folklore about dragons and fairies can be incorporated. We're just not going to dive into having powerful charries with spells, charms, potions, and magical items.

    I see this story driving towards something more realistic, political (even though I'm bad at such at such), mind-twisting, backstabbing, espionage stuff... I can even see some medieval pirating within this since we're dealing with noble merchants bringing merchandise and trade to their pledged kingdom.

    Our noble merchant, for the one who will be playing him, I see him like a knight who has won his status as possibly a Baron or Duke from his King; and therefore, has won land and rights to a few things. Upon retiring from knighthood due to old age (I don't see him being ancient, mind you) and injury, he becomes a profitable merchant; using his knowledge of the various lands he's traveled to in his time as a knight to assist building the kingdoms wealth in profitable trade.

    Whatever else you see within the noble merchant that works well with this layout of his status, go for it. This is just that background needed to set him up for several possible failures.

    Okay, more to come later...I think. I'm searching for my charries, visuals of our lovely kingdom of ?????, and other things that might be helpful here.
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  20. I wanna be the younger son! I wanna be the younger son!
    Wait, how young do you envision him to be?
    I also wanna play a crafty nobleman who rarely appears and has a claim on all the properties and poop, or a real nice nobleman who's all Lincoln-like in his wanting to help the poor slaves. Or maybe a few townsfolk, a love interest for anyone of the characters? Hmm...
    That is, if the younger son is prepubescent. If he's pubescent, I probably won't play anyone else.
    Also, lovely song.
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