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  1. How would people feel about playing a RP based around helping a priest stop a great evil from taking over a fantasy country?
  2. Hey~hey^^!!

    The Boo Girlie is interested but would like to know more! Like just the reg rundown for now: which types of fantasy: dark/high/euro/asian/weirdmix, and what is RP level, post size/freq, can we do multi-charries, is there stats/dice? That stuffs ya knows?Thanks!! :3333~
  3. in order *takes deep breath*

    1. typical fantasy with mages and warriors. I have my own custom world with custom races, government and ect. There is no magic but instead everyone has life energy (except one race) and the most advance thing is cannons (for all intent and purposes). I think it will count as high fantasy but I'm not too savvy with fantasy on a scholarly level. Oh i think it may get a little dark. but not in a gory way.

    2.RP level is intermediate. I don't expect people to be perfect but I do want people reviewing there post a little. Small mistakes and getting your point across wont bother me but if i don't understand you or you don't understand me. I expect you to correct them as i will correct mine. Also... no one liners though i wont require a paragraph. I think minimal length choke the creative experience but i do expect you to include enough information to move forward or i will request you correct it.

    3. I really want to say no but i might allow 2 depending on how it is done. (like if both of them are twins or related and such a relation improves on character development, roleplay, or fun.) I still have not decided and i might allow multiple just because everyone else does though...

    4. from my experience not to many people like dice rp. But i would totally love to make it one if the interest is there. no number stats but i will heavily be enforcing limits on characters. Mage types wont be as good as warrior types in certain things and vice versa. Also because of the "Limitless things" you can potentially do with the playable races, I don't think a stat system will fully support it.

    5. Also very important. Everyone will be on the same faction (in reference to the story) I don't personally care if you are on the same "Team" but I will be treating everyone as if they are the enemy of the main villain... and a lot of the minor villains.

    please ask more questions. It will help me lots XD
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  4. I'm in, partner. I need something a little light right now.
  5. I'm also in, I'm been craving this. I'm good with dice RP too.
  6. oh hi crow!

    chances are this will not be a dice roll play so dont get your hopes up. Even if i make it a dice roleplay, there will be no stats and the difficult will be determine by me and what i think your character should and should not be able to do
  7. I personally feel that stats get somewhat complicated after a while, so I would personally go for a little freedom
  8. I'm fine with either, so don't worry. The only thing I would like to note is that I would only like 4-5 player in all. Any more I probably won't be interested.
  9. I agree. The only way stats work is if i make a rule book and test it out prior too. Then I have to have a bunch of power players try out my system to see if it could be easily abuse and that requires work. I dont like work. I also just want to have fun. Oh and you guys are going to love the character sheet. It will be much different from your typical, bio/weakness/power/history/ect because information is power!
  10. Perfect because since i am new to this. That was my target number. If i can get 7 in the interest chat. that would be best because then i can account for people who decide to quit. (because that always happens).

    Oh and on that note. If you dont want to play anymore. please say so. I can accept that and work around you leaving, but you gotta say so. If you dont say so and i deem you a ditcher, well... i will cry... and things.
  11. I love world building, so if we get some more people I can definitely help out with that. I can also make a Google Doc with all of the Info. I have experience with that.
  12. it would also depend on whether or not you as the GM can keep a handle on people posting a ridiculous amount
  13. If that is my only problem, i would consider myself a very happy GM.

    But seriously, I have a working plan for posting. Since I wont be a player, I think it will help me run the world better.
    Thank you for the offer, but I want to keep my players and my Gms, completely separated. No GM can have a character and no player can be a gm.
  14. that's fortunate, and encouraging to hear, I've had so many roleplays that frustrated me to no end due to player posting getting out of hand
  15. yeah i dont see how GMs, can also play in the world they are building... (like don't they already know the answer?)
  16. YIELDINGGGGGGG!!!! I did it.
  17. HAH now i know what your User name on the site is. You can no longer hid NC
  18. B-but I told you what it was :|
  19. enough off topic stuff >.>,

    that is 3 people who announce interest and 2 maybes... I am getting so excited
  20. Oh I see so this is going to played out like a D&D game very interesting.
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