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  1. Howdy.

    So.. I'm new to Iwaku, veteran to RP, but returning from a multi-year hiatus thanks to.. life happening. Now that I've got much of the mess from the drama bs, I'm trying to make a return. Roleplaying was MY LIFE before.. life happened ooc. >_<

    Anyways, my muse is still very broken, but I'm going to be doing whatever I can to get back into the swing of things. So I'll start off relatively simple then see where things go.

    For now, for this section I just have a few characters that are open to PG/PG-13 short game ideas.

    Characters Needing RPs

    Brendon CrescentMoon - Male, straight, mid-20s, were-orca, urban/modern fantasy, lives in a modern Seattle area where supernatural/mythical beings do their best to hide their presence from human society to avoid panic-induced unnecessary wars. He does NOT know of others of his kind, nor does he know any other mythfolk (or Loreans if you've read too much of Kresley Cole XD). He only knows of stories from his great grandfather's people in one of the Tsimshian tribes of Alaska, similar to those of other Northwest tribes. Even that tribe has gone so long without seeing the orca people that most of them don't believe the legend either. Brendon kept the secret between himself and a medicine man that knew his father and grandfather.

    If this character is of interest, let me know. He has a detailed backstory that's been heavily researched. Also the idea of this native american orca shifter pre-dates the Twilight series by 20 years, so don't let that intimidate you. (But he did actually fit rather well into a Twilight rp back when the series was up to the 3rd novel so if you want to bring him into that fandom, I'm fine with that. Just don't expect me to know what happened in Breaking Dawn cause I threw it at a wall at the birth scene and never touched it again. :P)

    Sakura Snowfoot - Male, straight, 30ish/looks 20, albino were-panther of the northeast china varieties of leopard, modern/historical/or time-space blender fantasy. Sakura was born as a leopard cub, and learned to become a man at puberty rather than the other way around. He appears as a guy with serious mental problems, bu tthe truth is, he was held hostage until he was in his early 20s and escaped after major shit went down. He ended up, of all places, in the western great lakes/plains area with a tribe of native americans that saw the white panther as a blessing rather than a failure of the gene pool. They have spent time teaching the panther how to be a man. He has kept the name Sakura, turning what was meant as an insult towards his feminine looks into a badge of pride for surviving his nightmare childhood. This guy is as quirky as they come. He talks oddly. He's infatuated with things that go Pop, especially around a bonfire. He adores hunting wild turkeys. He is totally unphased by the undead, but yet he is scared shitless of more things than you can count, especially ghosts.

    I actually would like to use his fear of haunted places and ghosts as a major element in whatever story he takes part in. If you are interested in this character.. well.. just expect lots of comedy bombs. lol Oh and if you're wondering what possessed me to write a character like this, the entire thing came to me the first couple of times I heard the song "A Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash. After hearing that song, I just HAD to create and animeish asian version of Sue. XD

    Adam Kou - Male, straight, appears 23, 6'2 with northern european white blond hair and blue eyes, vampire phoenix aka Blood Phoenix (long back story that i'm not ready to tell yet),loose medieval or renaissance fantasy setting (for now). This guy travels on a dapple grey horse named Kongo. Adam is a mage who specializes in healing but can also play a bodyguard role. His unique trait is that all of his major spells come from playing a flute. It can be any flute, though he carries a specially crafted nickel-plated one that he got from another mage as a toy when he was a child. No one expected hot cross buns to fall from the sky when he first started learning to play. There are some gigantic weaknesses to go with his strengths. As a phoenix, fire feeds him, especially when he has feathers out as the feathers are the source of changing fire into power. However, ice and snow will do the opposite, again especially when feathers are out. He can put up with cold temperatures like a normal mortal when in human form, but if he pulls wings out or transforms fully, he'll rapidly go into hypothermia. The other weakness would take mind-fucking to exploit with this particular character because of his healer personality. This weakness is that he can only take blood from those who have committed selfish sins (murder, theft for self gain, poison dealing with the intention to harm for self gain) or from those innocents how grant him permission. If he takes blood from an innocent without permission (note it would have a different smell to him) it will act as a poison that will change his coloring over time, fading to grey like a fallen angel and a corpse.

    Adam is currently on a walk-about as a vagabond character. I want to wait before I try to bring his past and his future into things. He comes from a massive family that I would like to revive but need to keep things light for a while without heavy plots. The time for the Kou Clan... if there is one, is wherever my muse is hiding.

    Hakurou "Haki" Kou - Male, straight, looks 18 and Chinese but with flame red hair and amber eyes, blood phoenix like Adam. Haki is Adam's younger brother by adoption. Born the last of triplets (whom shall remain out of the story for now) and the only male of the three, Haki is nearly identical looking to his father Jatouki Kou. He also has his father's wild spirit and knack for getting into trouble. Yet, Haki grew up in a different time and place than his parents and couldn't be more different in the man he has become. Haki is a creative soul with a love of city life, drawing, and surfing. His goal is to be a manga artist, but first he has to survive college life! He has the same weaknesses as Adam, but prefers to live in tropical settings or temperate at worst. He already went down that road of darkness learning what he could and couldn't drink while back in high school. He's come to a different place to leave that nightmare behind and start fresh. He can hurl fireballs as well as any dragon, but he tries not to use his magic except for hunting and for shifting (because being a bird is totally tubullar dude!)

    Jatouki Kou - Male, bi but prefers women, looks in his mid-20s, Chinese features, flame red hair, amber eyes. Often called Tooki among close friends, this guy is where the blood phoenix started. Jatouki loves a good fight, but loves a good prank even more. He has been known to be a one man-band of comedy chaos, but has also served as a warrior patrotic to his patron god Suzaku whom he is sired to. Though he grew up in the mountains of ancient china, his life has brought him to many different places and time periods. He is just as home at a bar as he is on a battle field with a flame spewing sword.

    While i love this guy as much as his two sons listed above and have played him for a good continual 10 years straight, I'm not sure if I'm ready to pull him out yet as he requires the most energy to play. I've placed him up here just incase the Blood Phoenix gig takes back off and I get the muse to play a reboot of him. Whatever happens, the wife's character is already written and will be opened to be played by someone else should I manage to actually pull off playing a reboot of Tooki. (For those who might see the similarity, yes, this guy was originally Tasuki from Fushigi Yuugi. While I would be thrilled to allow him to be a part of that fanverse again as Tasuki, Tooki have evolved into an original character complete with an original name and explanation for how he would have been pulled into the FY canon in the first place. Should a FY fan want me to play Tasuki, I'd be happy to providing that the last movie about Miaka having a kid be kept out of the story. It has too many problems (including breaking the rules for that universe) for me to accept it as canon.

    it's late and I can ammend this later. I gotta remind myself to take it slow. Baby steps, aka, baby steps back into the game. :P
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