INTEREST CHECK (Interest check/discussion) To Dwell on Dreams and Forget to Live.

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  1. I have a weird idea I'd like to try. I've been rather fascinated with dreams as of late and the process learning how to lucid dream. For those of you that don't know what that is, it's when you understand that you're dreaming during one of your REM cycles and proceed to alter it’s progression at your whim. It's a neat study, and some of the stuff you can learn is pretty cool. Anywho I'm getting off topic.
    Sigmund Freud (While admittedly having some somewhat questionable views on human psychology) believed that the human psyche couldbe broken into three Parts. The ID, the EGO and the Super EGO. If you'd like a really good description of what those are that won't take long to read, there's a good snippet here worth reading: Here's the reader's digest version:

    •Id: The seat of our impulses, raw wants and desires
    •Ego: Negotiates with the id, pleases the superego
    •Superego: Keeps us on the straight and narrow, our moral compass

    In some recorded dreams there are records of people who have manifested their ID, EGO or Super EGO into physical entities that can hold conversation.They can carry out tasks with the dreamer, be asked questions related to why a person is the way they are and the like. It's neat stuff.

    This is where my idea comes to mind, and please bear with me because this is a bit of an abstract idea that really only has a chance to work in a free form roleplaying environment. I want to set up dreamscapes with three other people on this site that take on the different aspects of a single person's psyche. Starting out, I would play the conscious mind and create the initial scene of the dream. Another RPer would specifically take on the role of the ID and try to change that dream into a representation of desire by way of adding in tempting characters, dangerous scenarios that would trigger survival instincts, and opportunities where a person might aspire for. A second RPer would play as the dreamer's Super Ego, and control aspects of the dream involving the need for justice, characters within the dreamscape that act on moral grounds rather than greed, and representations of law and order. Finally a third RPer would play as the Ego and would create and alter aspects of the dream that didn't pander to either extreme. This would include neutral characters, aspects of the weather, alternate ways to solve certain problems that appease to both sides etc etc. Keep in mind these are all just examples and there wouldn't really be defined guidelines other than to stick to your role. We'd follow the dream to an acceptable (or a crazy one) conclusion and the dreamer would wake up. From that point, the roles are rotated and we all dive into a new dream using different roles and seeing where it goes.

    Needless to say this is a pretty abstract idea and has the possibility to slip into God Modding pretty easy. I'd like to avoid it, but being as weird as the idea is I'd need players that push their ideas into the progression of a good story rather than beating another aspect of the mind. Keep in mind that ambition and drive can be good things all the same as an overwhelming sense of morality can be self-destructive. I also need players that didn’t have problems with lengthy description in the things that are going on within the dream.

    But anywho, that's the basic idea. Would anyone be interested in something like this or is it too out there? Any ideas to make something like this more streamlined?