Interest check. A few random rp ideas

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  1. Okay, so I'm relatively new to this site but I have been rp-ing forever.

    I've had a couple of ideas brewing for the past few days that might make good 1x1 rps:

    1) Summoning rp: Every human that lives past the age of 10 becomes spiritually connected to an animal in the wild. They are bonded to their wild counterparts because they are two sides of the same coin. They can communicate telepathically, and in time they become inseparable. But the same connection that holds them together creates divisions across the country. Certain nations cling to one primary animal, and look down on everyone else. The Wolf Nation scoffs at the Feline Nation. The Bear Nation believes their size and bulk make them superior. The Falcon Nation rules the skies. Tensions are running high throughout the country, and amidst all the chaos--Two people with opposing animal partners join the same Caravan and become bounty hunters. What lies in the future for these two fighters?

    2) There's an old wives tale about a monster that lived in the Terratian Forest that hid in the shadows, waiting to consume weary travelers. No one has seen this rabid beast, and no one has proof of it's existence. Everyone assumed the story was nothing but a myth or a fairy tale. But one day a young orphan is walking through the forest, and she comes face to face with the monster that was giving life to these tales....Turns out the beast doesn't quite fit the description of the one in the legends. It's more like he's an escaped research experiment that can't remember where he came from, or why he's being hunted. They make a pact to go find his memories, and take down the people hunting him.

    There's also a few fandom rps I would like to try out as 1x1s:

    Pokemon rp: Years in the future, pokemon have evolved to the point where they can no longer be captured with a pokeball. In order to co-exist with them, a new method had to be invented so the humans weren't overrun. Enter: The gauntlet system. In order to get a starter pokemon, a human has to physically go out and capture it with their own hands, and the gauntlet is the only protection they have. Imagine an AU where humans have to fight with their pokemon in order to survive, instead of watching their pokemon battle from the sidelines.

    ATLA rp: This one would just be a fun universe to roam around in. The Avatar universe is large enough where no one has to interact with the main characters to make it a good rp, and we can throw Oc's in at our leisure. All of the normal conflict would still be applicable. The Fire Nation was still indebted to the other 3 after the war. The Water Tribes were still based on formal traditions. The Air Nation is still extinct except for Aang and his kids depending on where the timeline is set.

    I'm open to other suggestions.

    As long as the rp is interesting and the posts are longer than a couple paragraphs I'm game xD
  2. Hello! The summoning rp sounds pretty interesting, I'd be up to participate if you don't mind.
  3. Sweet! Pm me and we can iron out the details xD
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  4. Almost forgot to check this thread...Sweet! Send me a message and we can work on the plot? :3...Also I read your cyberpunk/Noir post, and it was pretty impressive. I'd attempt to join it, if I had ever actually watched Noir or had a more comprehensive understanding of the cyber universe xD
  5. The pokemon one sounds interesting! May I join it?
  6. Sure^^ Message me and we can work out the details :3
  7. I think we'd do well RPing together, but I'm not much into the ideas you've got here. Would you be interested in hearing a few of my plots? There are some sci-fi, some vaguely horror, and a couple more romance-y drama ones (though I don't enjoy hetero couples, so fair warning on that.)