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  1. This exercise is my attempt to highlight the use of worldbuilding in a story. You can spend hours designing the culture and history behind the fountain in the centre of town, but odds are characters are going to just walk right by it if the story doesn't give them a reason to take pause.

    So, for this exercise, we're going to practice giving characters things to react to and interact with in their environments. There are many things you can give a location that makes it more fun to put characters into it. You can provide dangers for the characters to evade, put in goodies for them to discover, and many more!

    For this exercise, write a description of a hunting trail that the characters of a story walk down. Focus less on the history and appearance of the trail, and more on things that the characters will notice or interact with. Bonus points if they forward the plot!

    Here's some examples:

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    The characters take an ill-advised short-cut down an old hunting trail through a forest; the forest's trees are both sentient and malevolent and their roots trip up and try to pull the characters into the earth!

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    While on a hunting trail leading to the next town, the characters discover a signpost overgrown with weeds, it points to a shrine no one has heard of. When they investigate, they find a benevolent spirit who is grateful at their clearing up the old shrine and blesses them by healing their injuries and fatigue

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    The characters take a hunting trail to avoid detection; it's old and the area it ran through has turned marshy and swampy, the swamp gasses make the characters drowsy and they begin to hallucinate

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    The area this hunting trail leads through used to be a graveyard. One of the crypts belongs to an important person in the history of the Hero's fight; when they investigate, they find an important artifact inside

    For this exercise you will have to have at least the basics of a story in mind (A genre, conflict/problem, and a means to solve that conflict/problem which the characters work on)

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND writing a scene about the characters walking down the hunting trail to practice interactive environments.

    but if you really need to you can use this form...

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    Basic Story (Quickie verson):
    Appearance of the hunting trail:
    Hunting trail's name (if any):
    Interactive elements:
    Other items:
  2. I didn't need to use the form,I just wanted to ^^

    Basic Story (Quickie version):
    "Oi! Ryder keep up!" Henry called as he walked along the path through the dead forest of ash colored trees. "Man where the hell are we anyway?" Ryder asked as he pulled some moss out of his hair,his vampire senses telling him this place wasn't right. A bad type of magic just seemed to be radiating from the trail. "It's some hunting trail I heard about in the tavern. Why? Is the big bad vampire scared?" Henry challenged with a smirk. Ryder glared at his old friend. "Werewolf mutt." he said with a hiss. "Vampire leech." Henry responded with a growl. After a moment of staring eachother down they both laughed and Ryder kicked Henry's legs out from under him. They always insulted eachother like this so a lot of people were confused when they said they were best friends,this was just how they bonded. Ryder then took off running down the path with a laugh but after just a few moment he skidded to a halt and his mouth dropped open. Henry was sprinting up behind him,intending on tackling Ryder when he saw what he was staring at. It was an eight story tall cliff covered in tunnels on the sheer rock face. "Holy shit." they said in unison as they stared up at the cliff. "What in the name of your mothers huge ass is that?" Henry asked as he looked up at the tunnels,just grunting when Ryder punched his shoulder hard enough to shatter a human's bone,luckily they weren't human. "No idea." Ryder answered "I say we head ba-" Ryder's next word was interrupted as spiders the size of couches crawled out of every hole and started making their way down the cliff. And how did the two men respond? They both screamed like little girls before taking off running back the way the came. Henry was in his two legged humanoid werewolf form which is how he was fastest and Ryder was just using his vampire speed. "I fucking HATE SPIDERS!" Ryder yelled as he ran and Henry snorted in agreement since he couldn't speak in this form. The odd thing was,Ryder and Henry were stubborn and fight hungry men. And they certainly weren't afraid of giant spiders,they had hunted them in other places before,so why did they run...

    Appearance of the hunting trail: The Spider Cliffs hunting trail is a long winding trail that leads through a dead forest to giant cliffs that are inhabited by giant spiders. The trail itself is walked often by people dared to go there or animals that live around there so the path is clear and well worn.

    Hunting trail's name: The Spider Cliffs

    Interactive elements: The path in enchanted actually though few can even tell. It turns strong and brave men into sniveling fools at the sight of the slightest threat and making weak cowardly men think they could take on an army. The point of this spell? To make any humans on the path easier prey for the spiders. Any strong and brave humans would not be able to outrun the spiders and thanks to the spell they won't try to fight them. Any weak and easy to kill humans will think they can beat the spiders and come straight to them where they will be killed in moments.
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