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  1. So this would be like a choose your own adventure kind of story! I imagine it would be cool to have on a roleplay site because you have interaction but the story is already written and you wouldn't have to wait for the other to reply!

    Sorry if thats a little confusing, here is a short sample below of a combat scene!

    "My name is Bond. James Bond." Saying his usual tag line he shot his target. Now it was time to escape. He was in an office, there was a few options for him.

    1. Parachute out of the window.
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    He opens the window, the wind rips at his face, it would be hard to parachute and not hit a building but he had enough training to know what to do. Pulling his sleeves he jumps out of the window and activates the parachute installed into his suit.

    He flies down and down! He battled the wind and eventually he made to the ground level. He has escaped to fight another day!

    2. Walk out the front door.
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    As Bond walks down the stairs there is a security team waiting for him. He needs a plan to remove them, and quick.

    1. Face them head on.
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    He turns the corner gun in hand and fires. Bond takes one of them out but as the rest are armed with rifles, Bond didn't live long.

    He tumbles down the stairs. He has died.

    2. Find another stair well.
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    James Bond quickly evacuates to head to the next stair well over but by the time he got there the other security team had just gotten to the top. They filled Bond with bullets.

    Bond didn't live long.

    3. Surprise attack them jumping on them from the next level up.
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    Bond waited for them to reach the level below him and then he sprung forth using one of them to break his fall. Behind the rest he shot all of the rest and turned tail to head down the stairway.

    As they didn't have time to radio the other security teams, Bond has escaped to fight another day!

    3. Climb through the ducts.
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    Bond quickly jumped on the mans desk and opened the grate to the air ducts. Puzzling through the confusing twists and turns he finally manages to find the exit.

    He stepped out of the building and pulled on his sleeves. He has escaped to fight another day!


    Mostly the idea is built up in my head but if you play it a couple times you will get the gist of it! ( I think. )

    Feel free to ask any questions!
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