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  1. So I had this idea that I thought was pretty neat and I have been pondering it for a few days now. I asked one of my friends if the idea was good or not and they said it sounds good so why not see if there would be any interest for it. I am going to try to explain this the best I can.

    So the way it would work is roleplayers would make characters for the guild/union/whatever it will be called. And other members of Iwaku would post quests for characters to play in. They can also ask certain characters to be used or even play as a guest. They can play as the bad guys or other people needed for the quest if they'd like. (or other Iwaku members.) Characters in the guild/union can sign up for the quest and once all slots are taken the quest can commence.

    Now the thing is the quests can be simple or complicated and there are multiple era's: medieval, modern and future. Each era having different types of characters. Medieval having knights, mages, ect. Modern having spies, mafia/gang members, ect. Future having robots, aliens, ect. Quests for each era are going to be slightly different. For medieval it could be like "Kill the wizard in the tower of magic." or "I need drinking buddies." For modern it can be like "Take out the leader of the famous mafia, Spaghati." or "Steal the gem from the museum of gemcraft." Future quests can be "Explore the uncharted planet of mystery." or "Protect the ship from the alien attack." These are just examples and quests can be anything but sexual. (This will be in a non libertine section.)

    The roleplay will constantly change as different quests are given. Each quest giver would give a description, an objective, maybe even a post limit before failure, a limit on how many characters can be sent. All in all it will be a very interactive roleplay that can get many different Iwaku members on board. If you currently don't want to participate but have characters in the guild they can be 'off on another quest.' If it gets enough interests I may even make multiple threads to have many people playing multiple quests. I feel like this could be a big hit or flop. It will take some time to set up because I want this to be very organized. There would be the quest thread, OOC thread, IC thread, and sign up thread. I would have to probably ask some people to help out because it could possibly become large in people. Anyone can sign up and participate, give a quest, or simply have fun in the OOC and talk about the quests.

    If you are interested please let me know and if enough people want it I will work on everything and have it up when I can. If you would also like to help manage it, if help is needed, let me know.

    Edit: As of now I am working on locations, I will have example quests and characters so you can understand how it would work. This will take some time but I will have some basic work done so this roleplay can become active as soon as possible. It may take a few days but I will have some things up. Note that no timeline intersects so each Era is separate. A character made for the Medieval Era can only take quests for that Era, the same goes for the Modern and the Future Eras.

    Locations for Medieval Era (open)

    The name of the planet which Medieval quests will take place. The planet has many varying biomes across its surface. The main area's known across the planet are Yekza, Himya, Altois, and Dorvaan.

    The land on this continent is mostly green. Plains span miles upon miles, forests litter the surface, swamps near the water edges, and the mountains are lush with life.

    Main City: Yorstein, the city lies near the center of the continent. Surrounded by plains and forests on either side, buildings pop up from the top's of the trees. The area is full of citizens, housing roughly 6,000. Many come to the land to see the beauty that surrounds it. The mountains can be seen from rooftops towards the north, the ocean to the south, endless plains to the east and lush forests to the west.

    Other cities
    Uhmbra: The small port city lies south of Yorstein, housing around 1,000 citizens. The air is cool and salty and it is the main shipping harbor for the continent.
    Drevien: A small town to the east of Yorstein. Farms and livestock are found here which helps provide food for the continent aside from shipments and seafood from Uhmbra. Housing 500 citizens it is the smallest city.

    Various housing is located across the lad, some just being individual families or a few clustered together.

    Miscellaneous Locations
    Arvok: The tower is home to magic users where they can expand their knowledge of the arts. It is located in the mountains so no destruction from magic will harm nearby establishments.
    Karcal: The swamp is known for the death that surrounds it. Many have perished from sinking into the mud, getting tangled in the plants, or being killed by bandits. It's name closely sounds like carcass.
    Ulmer Pass: A small trail going through the mountains that separate Yekza and Himya.

    The land is frigid and cold. Ice and snow cover the ground and rarely any grass makes it through to see the light of day. Even in the summer a thin layer of frost kills the plants. Frozen forests are scattered out and the famous Crysalis lake lies in the center. To the north are glaciers, to the east the ocean, the west and south mountains.

    Main City: Ambrosia, is the largest city on the barren wasteland. Smoke rises from the buildings to keep the citizens warm. It houses roughly 3,000 residents and lies more south of the land. The buildings made with thicker walls and made more compact to keep heat in.

    Other Cities
    Murmier: The city lies far up north near the glaciers. Many live off of ice fishing and killing wild game. 200 people live in it's frigid housing. The ice harvested from the glaciers is sold to other cities for additional supplies they cannot obtain.
    Helmah: The city is located at the base of the mountains, here the citizens mine into the earth for precious ores and gems. Housing 800 people it is the second largest city in the land.

    Miscellaneous Locations
    Crysalis Lake: The frozen lake is ice for 90% of the year, those who visit while it is liquid swear they see a ghost out in the water. While frozen some come to explore and see what could be this ghost but nothing ever comes up.
    Helmah Mines: The mines in Helmah provide the planet with most of its iron, steal, gold, diamonds, you name it, it has it. Many have died in these mines and the occasional goblins come in to wreck havoc.
    Tasia Woods: The cold forest, located near the mountains to the west, is full of trees and many live near to collect the wood. It is the main supply for the land seeing as it's tree's are the only of the land to actually grow. Why? It is unknown.

    The land is covered in desert. Sand dunes wind up and down the surface. Separated from Yakza by it's forests. It is odd how the tree's just stop and sand becomes endless. To the west is the ocean as well as the south and north.

    Main City: Oasis, the name is simple. It is the only oasis in the land. In the middle lies a large pool of water which is everlasting. The buildings are further spaced out and have high ceilings so the heat stays at the top. There are roughly 1,500 citizens living here. Many make fabrics to sell for needed supplies. Livestock is treasured here and necessary for survival.

    Other Cities
    There is only one other city located in this barren land and it is the harbor to the west. Corstala is used for shipping out goods and the residents are around 700 in total. Water is processed to ingest and seafood is the main food source.

    Miscellaneous Locations
    Xanu Temple: The temple is famous for its ruins. Not many understand the history behind it but many like the mystery behind it. Most is sunken into the sands and many believe the land used to be like Yakza until a disaster came making the sand take over. Some have died here coming unprepared as they explored the catacombs below.
    The Holy Tree: Yes and odd name but the tree is located in the middle of the desert. Many who see it only see it once but there is always a fountain in the shade underneath. Some think it is for the travelers who have pure intentions, hence the name. If you see this tree, you are blessed by the gods.

    The island is located in the middle of the ocean. To the far east lies the mountains to the west of Himya, far to the south are the sands of Altois. To the west is the icy tundra of Himya and to the north the glaciers. The island consists of many other isliands surrounds a larger one. Rain forests span the islands and coral reefs line the clear waters.

    Main City: Zanyuu, the city spans the southern half of the largest island, housing 4,000 people. To the north lies a Volcano and a rain forest separate the two. Foods is abundant here so it is often traded for other goods. Houses are made to keep bugs out and the cool air in.

    Other Cities
    Small settlements span the other islands and have few residents, no more than 100. Most are covered in rain forest, a few being plains. Bridges connect them to nearby islands but most travel by boat.

    Miscellaneous Locations
    Brywark: The Volcano sits at the north of the largest island, a small shrine sits near the bottom as many believe an offering is needs to keep it dormant. A small mine lies at the base of the earth and rare gems lies in the rocks.
    The Lich Sea: The see is avoided due to many disappearing ships. Fog covers most of the water and no one is sure what lies within because well no one has survived the trip. Many believe a ghosts of old ships haunt the waters hence the name.
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  2. Not a bad idea. I'll bite.
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  3. I was starting to think this would be a flop but there is now hope.

    Thank you for being interested.
  4. Your idea is very interesting.
    This would seem to require a lot of effort for the roleplayers part and as well, you as the host.
    I would certainly be interested to give it the shot :)
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  5. Yeah my friend did acknowledge how it would be hard to handle but I like challenges. Plus I can always have a few helpers. If plenty of people are interested I feel like it would be less straining on the other roleplayers. The more players there are the less someone would have to constantly make quests or play in one. I was going to get some examples up to peek interest and help other's understand the system a bit more.
  6. This sounds like it would need a lot of people. Also, despite quests taking place in multiple time periods, did you intend for there to be some kind of story tying everything together?
  7. It would need quite a few, around at least ten I would think. As for a story, I can make one but I feel like each quest will have it's own story so having an overall story may not be necessary. Though I can make one that would make it easier to know what kind of quests would work out well. I can also always make the worlds and locations. Maybe even ask some people to help and they can create their own towns or countries. I want this to be very interactive with everyone so it is fun for all who come to participate.
  8. I am very interested, and willing to be a "helper" as well if you're needing any yet. I honestly think this would be cool as it's own category, with separate sub forums and everything.~^^
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  9. I do love the idea, but as mentioned in several other post, it will take a lot of dedication (definitely from you as the host) to set this all up. I am afraid people might drop it because it will take too much time to set up everything. Yet I do love the idea very much and would most certainly join if this became a thing and help whenever you need me and I am around if you want to?
  10. Thank you, I am sure it will be needed some time so I will keep you in mind. :) I also was thinking how it wasn't a category on the site so it would be hard to place in one of the forums but I am sure I can find somewhere for it.
    I actually have time on my hands and can definitely set it up quickly. I can start off with some things and people can use the locations and characters while I slowly add more content to the roleplay. I also would be honored to have you come along madam, and would love the help if it were needed. I think I will actually start working on a few things for it, I always like to get interest before working on a roleplay so I don't just waste an idea or time but you are right about it needing to be set up so interest will stay.
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  11. So I have added Locations for the Medieval Era, if anything needs to be changed or needs more detail let me know. I will be working on a map which will come soon. I kind of rushed to get something up before I went to bed and tomorrow I will be re reading what I have done so far and probably tweak some things.
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  12. This is just my 2 cents, but I think this would benefit with some kind of story tying everything together, even if it's something very simple. You mentioned that our characters would be part of a guild or union or something of the like. If there's no story, I'm wondering what purpose this guild would serve and how we are justifying traveling to all these radically different worlds. I would say a time travelling story would work well here, so the purpose of the guild (and our characters) would be to maintain the timeline and make sure that nobody is messing around with it. The quests in this case would be to prevent events from happening or to make sure certain events happen in order to make sure the timeline isn't altered (in this way, each quest would still have its own story, but it will also be linked to the larger story). And whenever a character agrees to take up a quest they also agree to conforming to the limitations and standards of that time period (such as no advanced tech in medieval quests or no magic in modern ones).

    Just an idea. Either way, good luck with this!
  13. Well a character would be set in a specific era, not being able to go to another. So if you make someone for the Medieval ear they could only be used in said era, I should have mentioned that above. Each timeline doesn't intersect. The guild would be formed in a way for people to make money or to get items, ect. It isn't made for a specific purpose. It is pretty much like a job corp for people. That is an interesting idea but I won't be using it, I am actually going to work on stories and lore for every era for the next few days as well as work on locations to help peek interest.
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  14. Sounds good.
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  15. Count me in~ I've been thinking to have this kind of RP and I'm glad someone actually makes it ^^
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  16. Awesome!
    Well I am glad someone else wanted an RP like this. :)
  17. Since I got more interest I am going to be working in the Misc. Forum for the RP. For now I am working on the Modern Era Locations and world, and hopefully get it finished as well as part of the Future Era.

    Thread in the MIsc. Forum
  18. I am a bit stumped on the Modern aspect right now so I was wondering if it would be alright if I make the Medieval section for now since it is coming out smother than possibly one it gets going to have the Modern and Future Era's be like an expansion. If that's fine, I can have the roleplay up and running probably Sunday or Monday.
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