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  1. He didn't know just how much more he could take of this place. Living here was horrible. Ian was born here...about twenty-two years ago and every minute he had been alive he had wished he wasn't. It didn't seem fair at all that he was born the way he was. How unlucky that amung the billions of people that lived and died on this planet that he had to be one of the ones that was born on this a werewolf. Almost one hundred years before there had been a huge, world wide war that was issued by the humans. Werewolves, his people, had tried to stay out of it. The problem was really with Vampires and humans but the leeches has dragged them into it. Something probably would have happened anyways but not anything as bad as what they were enduring right now. The man looked over, wiping the sweat off his brow and digging the shovel into the earth. He sighed and bit his lip seeing his neighbor worker collapse to her knees, a woman in his pack, who had just given birth the night before. Before all this mess started the female would not be allowed out of the den for weeks. But The baby was now with the nurse who would cuddle and spoil the child until they were old enough to work. Work usually started at the age of seven years of age or so. Then it would become a living Hell for the mother and child. The mother would be lucky to see their. By then the child would not know them as the one who had given birth to them. The adult werewolf held his breathe and started to dig faster. They all had to help dig a grave for those who had died in the recent heatwave. Out here in the middle of the desert it was usually hot but many had died as of late.

    Then a gaurd came over and started to poke, prod, and harass the woman to pull herself togeather and get back to work but she could not. Ian listened as he pulled out his slick, smooth, cold silver and then put it to her head, shooting her. The man clenched his jaw and pushed himself to dig harder, faster. It was the only way to survive though you were exausted and starving. Human's treated anyone who was biologically different than them like garbage. He hated it...but he had to keep his anger in check or else it would end badly again. First time he had shifted in front of the gaurd's it had earned him a deep scar across his back and a minor scar on his neck. It was visible to everyone and surely a warning sign to keep yourself in check. It wasn't only his anger but the other emotions as well. Expressing emotions would earn his a beating for sure. As they dragged off her body the sun was setting and he could hear the dog whistle sound. They were high p​itched and hurt a werewolves ears because they had such excellent hearing. Ian moved to where he was supposed to go, the cage areas where they would be cuffed with twenty percent silver blend hand cuffs. It was painful to sleep but somehow he had managed.

    Tonight something seemed off though, but it wasn't bad. As he was heading back to the cages there was an opening. Usually there wasn't...and he didn't knew exactly what he meant but he had to go for it or there wasn't nothing left for him. No one was out there trying to rescue it had to be now or never. The Werewolf took off and made it though the opening. Once he was off though gaurds noticed and chased after him. He was feeling weak...not having had a meal in almost two days. One gaurds reached out to him with a silver blade and he recieved a painful wound to the back, near where he had the scar. He growled then clenched his teeth, finally managing to loose the gaurds after awhile. Normally his wound would have healed...but it was silver that had injured him and his body was so weak. But he didn't dare stop. He moved along at a steady, cautious pace...travling through the night and next day. By the time he reached what humans called: "The city" it was near night time...a time when humans were leaving their jobs and going back to their houses. He would have to be careful...Ian didn't plan on going back to that Hellhole. Deciding he needed a place to hide for the mean time he found an ally and stayed there long enough to collect himself. The pain coming from his wound was tremendous and there was blood he could feel...wet on his shirt. He had to be aware of drawing attention to himself. So slowly he moved...seeking safe shelter.
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    When the moon rose in the sky, it is said to be the werewolves time to play. Lily had heard stories like this, even now as her blue eyes floated to the sky to eye the moon, her memories were not of peace. Lily was a singer, dancer and an all round perfect girl. Except she held a secret that haunted her even in her beautiful dreams.....her personality. Being a singer and a person people looked up too made her change her personality to fit how her image was. She was supposed to be calm and collected, a good girl who never disobeyed her parents and always ate her vegetables. That was the lie that drowned her life. In reality, or rather off stage or in the view of people she was hot tempered, liked things her way and viewed the world as a giant lie. All in all secretly she was dawned as an Emo, she thought her life was so horrible she harmed herself for the pleasure of not feeling fake. Spoke to nobody and liked poetry and being alone. Being only 20 her life was supposedly perfect, she always had money and more fans than Justin Beiber, who was no more of a male then Lily was dead. Yet somehow being better in every way from him didn't make her happy, during some days it was like she could never get peace from her hectic life to have a relationship.

    In her usual outfit for her concerts, having a skirt so short it was barely a skirt at all did nothing to please her. Her parents had died three weeks ago, having a concert in Japan took her away from her parents and forced her to miss their funeral. Ever since her parents death, she was tortured day and night about how she couldn't make it to see them before they passed. The messy streets and bright lights of Houston, Texas calmed her some. The smell of cars and dust was enough to make her feel like home. For now she just wanted to go home, if her home hadn't been destroyed in a bush fire that burned everything within a mile radius. She wished she was back in the green valleys of Great Britain, her true home. Even then that dream and wish was denied by the fact she was heading to a hotel room. Stepping out of the limosine her heart sank, her long golden hair flowing around her in a giant hug. The Rosin Saddle was its name, the highest and most costly hotel in all of Texas. She just wanted to step inside and be herself.

    The hotel room was a penthouse, the very top floor with the nicest everything possible, except that 'home' feeling, it was lacking that. Lily stepped in her room and slambed the door before she could get bombarded by fans, leaning against the closed door she sunk to the ground. Her life was a mess and she just wanted to cry. Standing back up once she found her strength she opened the windows and let the air whip around her and give her and sense of security. She closed her eyes and sucked in the air gently, her blue fingernails digging into the maroon curtains. Wanting something to help her in this time of need, a boyfriend is what she needed, a new person to meet, an adventurous life. A hair cut maybe? Lily shook her head at the thought, it would wreck her image if her hair wasn't shining gold and down to her knees. She wouldn't stay in this room, not at all. Searching through her suitcase and finding a black and blue hoodie, she draped it over her head and stuffed her hair into his shirt to hide her long blonde hair she slipped out of the room and into the streets of Houston. Staring at the street and not where she was supposed to be looking, ahead. Heaven forbid someone should run into her.
  3. He had been in the city for a few hours when the moon rose. Sure he could see it but could not feel it's rays so the werewolf would not benefit from his's species life source. By the hour he had began to feel weaker and weaker. His wound was still gaping and bleeding but not as much as usual. Walking around like this made his weaking muscles ache in pain. The werewolf had not had the luxury of sitting down for now nearing two days. He was nearing exaustion and was no where near close to finding some safe haven where he could recover. Looking around now he had left the back streets and was in plain view of people. Well Almost plain view he was cutting behind shrubs here and there and buildings where he could. The pace was slow moving but there was nothing to be done about that. Just like werewolves humans seemed to be protective over their posessions...not even spareing a scrap for those humans on the streets. He had thought that all humans were living it up in their houses. But since he had been here Ian had run across atleast five humans who looked and smelled as if they had nowhere to go. Their skin was dirty and clothes practically cloths. Ian learned that some humans had it just as bad as his people did. He also came to the conclusion that they were funny creatures. Some seemed to have it all while others had nothing and those will all did nothing to help. Normally a species was suppose to help eachother exsist and live...prosper. He just couldn't grasp it so tried to shake it off as he continued.

    The adult could smell food all around him. It reminded him of the camp when the guards would eat a few hours before. Then when they finnished they threw scraps to his people like it was some kind of game. After tossing a piece out into the crowd they would laugh as they watched several wolves fight each other for the vital piece of nutrition. It made him sick that to survive, to eat, they had to fight each other. There were times where young wolves would be mauled to death fighting for that precious scrap. He personally thought that the humans enjoyed watching his people who had tried so hard for years to blend into society, sink further down into the animal they were precived to be. He sighed and tried to ignore how good that food smelled but he couldn't. It was everywhere and his heightened senses were picking up on every drop of it. Ian's stroumuch growled, demanding food but that would have to be a later concern. If shelter were he could sleep in peace and regain strength wasn't found his escape was for nothing.

    It was getting later and later, the moon becoming brighter when he finally finally ran out of back streets to take in the area. Brushing his dark brown shaggy locks out of his face he looked out across the streets with his abnormally green colored eyes. There were more humans out at this time of night then he expected...and more of their wheeled fast moving devices that seemed to rule the streets. It made him very uneasy. Despite that he carried on and made his way towards a part of town that sounded less occupied at the moment. Once he arrived there he looked around..feeling like in the next couple of steps he was going to fall on his face. The werewolf was so worn down from no rest and a slow bleeding wound that had hardly healed at all. His body was trying to heal it but it had not the means to do so. As he scanned the area he could only smell a few different humans. So this was going to be a safer place to rest...finally. Ian looked ahead and pushed forwards, making it about two blocks before his something came into his vision. No, not something, was a female or atleast smelled like one. She had some black and blue cloth draped over her head and looked like she was trying to get away...from something. It seemed like the longest while before he reached her side,she not paying attention. He was about to speak, move around her but he realized his body would not move another inch. His body gave out on him and he collapsed, knocking into the young looking female, almost knocking her over. Ian felt himself fall to the side walk, hitting it hard. He winced and closed his eyes. It some some sort of relief to not be on his feet anymore....but now he would have to resign to the fact he was going back to the camp where the gaurds would surely severly punish him...or kill him. But right now that seemed merciful.
  4. Lily walked silently, not wanting to go back besides for rest. She had a tv show she needed to be on at seven, a photo shoot at ten, and the rest of her stupid fame problems. She loved to sing and dance, but now that she was there and famous it seemed like a lie more than anything. Her eyes on her high heels, the sound of paparazzi blasting their camera's at the hotel and the crazed fans hoping to get out wild and find their star, their idol, their lie. Lily sighed and watched her high heels click against the cement gave her somewhat of a happy reality. Tumbleweeds rolling across the landscape and a few other drunkerds of hobo's that had talent but people pushed them aside like it didn't matter. If Lily had no talent she would be pushed aside. Even that was a lie, her parents would have put her into modeling or something that could provide her with the best life and only the best life. The worst mistake they made was letting her go off to New York to continue her so called dream and never see her again. They didn't understand no matter what they did to try and help her become the social butterfly she pretends to be today.

    Since then, her life went down hill while it was supposed to go up. Lily just wanted something more, an adventure. The silent clack of her heels gave her no protection, the farthest she got away from her hotel the less safe she felt, the lights going more dim.Her hair making her uncomfortable and rubbing against her back where it was forced to stay. Good thing the hoodie was longer than her waist so it covered most of her skirt as well, the only thing going through he mind is going home. She couldn't go home they would find her there, start a riot because she wasn't where she was supposed to be. And people think that being famous was all the rave, there was nothing rave about it, she was forced to do some things she knew she would never like in all of her years. Her hands floated together and rested on her waist, her fingers moving along her wrist and feeling the bumps from where she wanted to feel real. She had them on her stomach as well, easier to hide if she put on lotion everyday and allowed them to blend in with her skin, she didn't cut very deep so they only looked like paper cuts. What a shame her manager couldn't see her doing it, destroying every image she was given to hold like a doll. Lily felt like a doll, a doll who was only herself once she went to bed and was lost in her dreams. She hated her life. Little did she know that, it would change.

    Her mind lost in her own thoughts of how she really was. She felt knocked to the ground as her butt hit the concrete and her head was close if she hadn't kept her chin to her chest. She kept her eyes closed from the fall but was angered "Bloody hell!" she growled, sitting up, and automatically finding her hood to pull it over her head again, stuffing her hair back into the hoodie and feeling like a dumb person. She opened her eyes once she was sure her heart was fine and slowed, what had run into her, felt like a giant brick. She released a breath and opened her shimmering blue eyes to the side walk seeing nothing, did she trip and fall? or was she pushed? Lily frowned once she saw a figure that counted as a human she thought. Standing up and feeling the ache in her butt she fixed her hair and shoved it out of her face and walked to two steps towards him. Glancing around in the cars and such to make sure no paparazzi was watching her or else it would be all over the media. "Are you alright?" Lily asked in her normal British tone. He was male she could see that, he was hurt. During her reading in the library when she was supposed to be somewhere else, she did read about vampires and werewolves and the World War 3. Lily remembered hearing something about how most of the creatures were put into camps and tortured. Feeling sympathy for the man, she was wary however. He could kill her impatiently if he was a vampire, or rip her limbs off if he was a werewolf. But he was hurt and thats all she cared about as of the moment. He looked starved, good thing she had a bunch of things to order, if she could get him into the hotel room.
  5. He remembered walking down the street and seeing a woman. She wasn't short but not tall either. With the exaustion wracking his body injured and aching body he could not tell weather the black and blue cloth was just that. It was draped over her head, her hair, and his some of her face. But it seemed to him that she was hiding something. Something from him...something from everyone. Then again as struggled forwards he thought about it which was hard to do at the moment. All his body wanted to do was rest and not have to exert anymore effort than it took to breathe. It seemed that everyone had faults. Human, Vampire, or Werewolf it did not matter who, all had something that they did not like about who they were, what they have done, or where they were in life. And in turn it meant that they had something to hide. They hid things they did not want other people to know about them. Things that would ruin the impression that had been formed around them. But if the impression was not good in the first place then why would one care if it was ruined? On the other hand if this woman's reputation was looked ld upon by alot of people then she would have good reason to hide her face. Hide her face when she was not the person who everyone thought her to be. So by the time he had fallen and bumped the girl he had already come to a conclusion about her. Whoever this human was she had alot to hide.

    Then he hit the ground and winced at the pain but otherwise laid still...his body trembling in pain. Despite his exaustion, as he laid on the concrete he was still concious. He opened his eyes as he heard the female curse loudly. There was anger in her voice as she sat up. The short time her hair was exposed he caught sight of it. It was was like it was made from strips of pure gold. The females hair color was caught in his mind. Living at the camp he had never seen that color of hair. Brown, Black, and Reddish Brown were common around the camp...guard and creature. Laying on the ground he managed to find her eyes as she opened them...they as well were astonishing. They were a bright, clear blue. Just who was this creature? Perhaps he would find out if she took time out of her life to stop and help him. Then the female came closer to him but just slightly. To his suprise she asked if he was okay...but the tone of her voice was strange. It was a good strange though. Her voice seemed to be different from all the others who he heard speaking. It seemed that both of the people were studying each other. Ian then managed to speak...weakly but it was something.

    " Please..."

    It almost sounded like a demand...begging maybe but he so wanted to be off these streets. At this point he did not care if she was human. At least she was a human who had just as much to hide as he did. The pleading was in his eyes as well...them glowing a supernatural emerald green.
  6. Lily examined him and wanted to scream at him for running into her at a time where she was escaping from the view of paparazzi. Though it appeared that she had lost them or they were still thinking that she was still in her hotel room and sleeping or something to that nature. She could follow her managers directions and go to the spa like a normal star. She sighed and focused her thoughts on the clearly injured man at this time. His eyes seeing to draw her in as he pleaded for help, like he was just a book for once she was dying to read. A jungle of mysteries, she released a breath and focused her own eyes on his chin. He had strong features, and she could see he was clearly handsome and it gave her thoughts she could use. He seemed to be hiding something and Lily wondered what it was, maybe he was a criminal, a murderer. She wouldn't be so lucky to meet a murderer and bring her to her parents, she wanted to tell them sorry for everything, sorry for being the worst child. Lily felt tears and shook her head violently, no she wouldn't cry during this situation or near this man who she barely knew. Keeping her focus on her knee high heels she spoke softly yet it still held some anger "I can help you......if you can walk, I have things in my hotel room that can help you. Get you something to eat and a shower" She couldn't lie, he smelt like blood and gave her urges. To avoid those she dug her nails into her wrist trying to focus on the needs of this man and not her problems. Blast her for having her mothers soul.
  7. Ian could feel it...he could feel the tension seeping out of this female. The anger that was evidant in her body language and her voice from earlier. He cringed a bit, his muscles tightening with the rising emotions. The man could feel so much emotion surging though her small frame. Humans said that dogs were hyper senitive to emotions...As a werewolf he was well aware that this female was feeling a lot right now. Anger...tension...insecurity...anxiety...sadness all in one it seemed. She had not said a thing and he had already come to this conclusion. The woman sighed and moved her eyes away from his. The werewolf Closed his eyes again and tried to gather himself again. He had come such a long way it would be a crying shame to just collapse and give in. To just lay here until the gaurds came and found him again.

    So he had to do something else...muster up more strength. When he smelled the salt of tears his eyes shot open again and he tried to make eye contact with her again but he couldn't. The female just looked down at her shoes with her shimmering, amazing blue eyes. Then she spoke...her voice still filled with the anger, but it was soft. He could only hear her because of his species hightened senses. She told him that she could help him if he could somehow managed to get to his feet again. That she would have food, water, and a bath he could use and have when they returned. All of a sudden he felt the weight of the world lifted off his shoulders., food in his stoumuch, and a place to rest for awhile. He would do anything for that...even if meant using the last of the energy he had inside of him. After a few long moments he carefully, but very shakily, pushed himself onto his feet, beginning to head back towards the hotel.


    He would follow her back to the hotel. When they arrived there he would have marveled at it's splendor had he not been so distracted by his physical needs. It was strange to him that there was a lift in the middle of the building but to be honest he was happy for it. It felt strange and uneasy to ride but climbing stairs were out of the question. Once the arrived at the room he looked around before looking back over to her. Offering her a warm, thankful smile, however weak it was he was trying to show her just what this meant for him. His weak smile relfected in his eyes as well.

    "Thank you..."
  8. The hotel room was just as the rest of the town, western. But had a fancy english sheen to it, the room was painted a low tan and the carpets a tanish egg shell color. Soft to her feet and relaxing to her mind. Ivory and chocolate brown furniture littered the room all separate from each other, only the bed side tables and the giant king sized bed where allowed to reside together like a family. Lily locked the door behind him, deeply shameful for helping him, her manager would not like this and she'd never hear the end of it. On the other hand she was supposed to be a role model to kids and others so helping someone would show her generosity. Either way it would do more good than harm. Lily looked at him once he spoke to her and gave a quick nod to him "Your welcome, wouldn't be right to let you suffer on the streets" Again she refrained to look into his eyes. her blue nailed fingers gripping the edge of the hood and pulling it down to her back. Unzipping the front she walked cautiously around him and into the closet "You can sit down if you like, get on the phone and order some food. I'm not allowed to pay for the service here so you can order anything you want" She walked into the closet and glanced in a frown that all of her things had been taken out and placed on the rods and shelves. They couldn't just wait to touch her crap could they? her things would probably go missing and appear for a million dollars on E-bay. She set the hoodie on the floor of the closet. She would put it back later when she didn't have someone to look after.

    A lone mirror was in the closet to the left side and she eyed her wardrobe and herself. Her outfit would have to be washed. Dust and dirt all over her skirt, it didn't matter at least she was safe in here and her long thigh length golden hair was out and calmly placing itself on her back. She began to rifle through her things in a hurry. Wanting to get out of these revealing clothes and the high heels that would be the death of her. She was clumsy and wearing those heels was like asking to be pushed down a flight of stairs. She found a blue tank top and some grey pair of sweat pants. She would have chosen shorts but she was cold and would probably wake up and change into shorts anyways. She held a green brush in her right hand and all of her hair on her left shoulder, getting brushed calmly. Something about being away from people and brushing her hair made her feel like she was in a japanese garden. The flowing water and the trees dancing in the low wind as if to say hello. One of these days she would like to go to one. But for now she was in this room staring at the man she had brought in from the street. He looked starved, but seemed different then all the other homeless people she had seen. They didn't have a jungle for eyes.
  9. When he stepped into the room and looked around he was amazed. The room was very expensive looking. Well more expensive then his green eyes had ever laid eyes on. Back at the camp everyone else, the other wolves, would have been blown away by this set up. From the time a pup was six years old they stayed with the pack in the silver cages. The cages were huge areas that were tall and long made on all sides by sterling silver high power electrical fences. Bunk metal flats were stacked three high so they could fit three people in a small space. Once on the beds they were chained there with steel and silver mixed hand cuffs. It was hard to sleep with the arrangement plus with so many people making noise all night long...It was rough growing up there. Possible but very rough. On the other hand this place there was a plush bed...the floor was carpet and there was so much space for just one person. As he looked around the female moved behind him and locked the door...a feeling of regret or shame coming off of her. She probably thought he was some kind of killer or creeper...perhaps even a homeless bum on the street. That he was going to hurt her despite how sincere he was trying to be. Apperently he wasn't doing a very good job. But she did notice his smile and respond to his thankfulness but he did notice something. The female would not meet his eyes again; his smile slipped into a frown. However his eyes followed the female as she unzipped her coat and moved around him to the closet. Her walk was smooth and flowing....somehow graceful in a way. He blinked in suprise as she spoke to him again.

    There was something in her voice that made him want to listen to her speak. It was a very pretty sound and it caught his attention. She told him that she was not to pay for anything here so the food was free. Everything smelled good...with hightened senses he could smell the food all the way down in the kitchen many floors below them. But the thing was she said to use the phone to order it. He knew what a phone was but didn't have a clue how to operate it. As he moved over to the stand where the phone sat he saw her go over to the place where her clothes were hung. Once at the stand there was a plastic covered paper. Reading over it he saw fancy sounding foods...but he didn't know what they were. Where he grew up food was food; they didn't have different names. Deciding he would have to wait longer to eat he set the menu down and looked back over to her. She was looking over herself in the mirror, her long golden locks trailing down her back. Somehow she didn't seem happy...for whatever reason. With this room and her looks he would think her happy but still feeling that she was hiding something he guessed that might be it.

    The female grabbed a green brush and started to calmly brush her hair...just then it seemed she was relaxed a bit. In turn that made him relax a bit. As he went to sit down the clothes brushed against his wound. He couldn't take the pain anymore and without thinking pulled at his shirt, taking it off. He sighed in relief to not have anything touching his wound....not caring that his whole upper half was exposed. Ian was toned from all the work he did, Not too much muscle but enough that made him look strong and lean. It was from all the work and lack of food he was so lean. The scar on his neck was more visible now as well. Since she was busy brushing her hair he spoke.

    "I think I can wait a bit longer to eat...on the other hand...If you do not mind I do need to clean up. I don't want to ruin your room with blood and dirt..."
  10. Lily wasn't really paying attention to him even as she exited the room and walked herself to a small minature fridge where it held all sorts of drinks and even beer. Lily wrinkled her nose, she didn't like beer, it smelt like rotten bananas and made her extremely sick. She was fine however with heavy alcohol such as Vodka or Whiskey even if she wasn't much of a heavy drinker. Good thing there was fresh water bottles in the refrigerator so Lily was at least pleased with that. And she wondered if the man would want something to drink, setting down her hair brush she picked up the two bottles by their caps and closed the fridge door when her hand was out with her elbow. Bending down to grab her brush and standing up once more as she set the bottles on the counter. She was about to speak when he told her that he would rather take a shower and that was fine with her. She wasn't paying for it after all. But what caught her attention was what he said after....blood and dirt? He wasn't bleeding was he? She gasped and turned around "Blood and di-" she stopped short finding her view straight at his bare chest.

    He was very muscular but looked like he hadn't been eating so he was just all muscle, but she couldn't believe how muscular he was it was very shocking to turn around and see him like that so instantly and she was glad that he still had his lower half clothed. Swallowing hard she felt herself go red in the face as all the heat in the room seemed to be seeping into her skin. She couldn't look away, or found it hard to avert her eyes having the feeling that she just wanted to touch him but she shook that thought quickly. "B-b-bathroom is behind me to the r-right" glad she could spit out the sentence properly. Her nails digging into her hair brush trying to advert her eyes with no luck, it was like they were glued to look at him. Taking note to the smeared blood from his shirt and the cuts giving him a rugged look only made him more attractive in her eyes. She only blushed harder at the thought.
  11. Where he grew up he was used to having his upper body exposed. Many times the males went without shirts for whatever reason...there wasn't enough to go around, the females needed them more, they wore out. So it wasn't strange to the werewolf. Besides if they were ever given the chance to shift their clothes would have served no purpose then to be ripped to shreads. He had only shifted twice in his whole twenty-two years on this cruel scar for each time. Both times he was nearly killed by the gaurds who were in a panic to force him to shift back into his human form. The first time he was running amuck and his captos buried a silver knife into his back, very close to his spinal cord. Lucky it wasn't or it could have killed him. The second time he shifted he was on high security watch from the first time. This time they responded faster and cut his throat. He lost alot of blood but the cut sealed before the damage became irriversable. In that place they would stick them with needles and injected them with a man made substance that prevented their shifting. Now that he was out of camp he would be able to shift regularly. It was a relief since shifting was supposed to take place once a month after the five years of age mark. But at the same time it might be a problem since he was trying to hide himself...that would make him very noticeable. Plus she didn't know what he was....welll she must have some clue. His eyes were not exactly...human looking. Green was a human color but not this shade.

    He had noticed her walk away from him and disappear for a moment before reappearing holding bottles full of fresh water. Thinking about it, it had been awhile since he had drank fresh cold water. But this wasn't the main thing holding his attention. What caught the attenton of the beast was were the female's attention was diverted. She was staring at him...his bare chest. Ian could hear as she swallowed the lump in her throat and also that he heart rate was slowly increasinging. Her face was also very red and held the expression of suprise. Apprently this was something she was not used to, like he was. But he knew that what was across her cheeks was blush. Ian blinked, a bit confused. Why would she blush for him? He was a stranger to her; and as far as he knew blushing was reserved for people that inrested in a mate. The werewolf was totally naive to the fact that it wasn't something that could be controlled. Finally the female told him where the bathroom was as she tightened her grip on her hair brush. Ian took a few slowly step towards her to go towards the bathroom and her blush intensified. The man glanced off towards the end of the hall , pulling his jungle eyes away from the female but it was hard to keep them away for long.

    There was no denying the fact that the female had attractive physical qualities...her hair...her eyes...pretty skin. Quickly he shook his head, pushing the thoughts out of his head as he walked past her and accidently brushed his warm skin against her skin. Compared to the warm skin he was used to she had significantly cooler skin. It sent a shiver down his spine as he stumbled onwards down the hall towards the bathroom. Once making it there he shut the door and finnished undressing. After a few tries he figured out how to start the shower. He carefully climbed, the hot water his his skin. Ian practically melted in the hot water. It relaxed his muscles and cleaned the dried and fresh blood from his back...also the dirst from his body. The werewolf had never felt this clean before. Out there they just blasted them with freezing water for a few moments. And it wasn't even for their was for the gaurds who complained. He ran the hot water cold before getting out and dressing again. His pants and under garments were the only thing decent he had now. His shirt was covered in blood. With a sigh he placed a towel over his shaggy, damp, dark brown hair and went back out into the room...the air now a bit more chilly away from the hot water. He looked around the room with his supernatural emerald green eyes, curious.
  12. Once he was in the shower Lily was free from shock though she could feel her blood pressure rising and swallowed down the whole bottle of water and the bottle was was supposed to be for Ian. She felt hot like she was in an oven and there was more bottles of water so he could drink some while she was busy drinking from the bottles like a fish who hadn't been in water for years. Or an alcoholic that didn't want to get caught by his wife so he downed the whole bottle and then some of whiskey. The water cooling her throat and making it easier to swallow down what she had trouble. Lily sighed and set the bottles down on the table, an uninterested boring look on her face. She must have looked like a sun burnt child. Slowly she could feel the heat leave her cheeks now that there was nothing around to distract her. She stood up and shook her head violently, what ever happened with her she must not keep herself from going to an emotional level with this guy. He was a werewolf and she knew it. Her night reading paid off very well, his eyes were the same color the book said. She just felt that if he didn't eat something she was going to become his meal and she didn't want that.

    She glided towards the phone and answered as it rang. It was her manager she could hear the certain focus of anger in the woman's voice and it made Lily frown. What pissed Lily off was that it was so sudden she didn't even have time to say 'hello' like a normal person. She listened, the phone stuck in between her shoulder and ear, her hands preoccupied with the plastic menu for room service. She didn't know what he ate so it was going to difficult to decide what to order him. If she was smart about it she could order a steak or something for him and some mushroom ravioli's for herself. Then again what if he didn't eat steak? She would get him the wrong thing and what if he got so angry he would devour her. She shook her head at the thought. She was being ridiculous. Her mind was taken back to her managers words over the phone. She asked who was in her room with her, damn........she wasn't sneaky enough. Lily sucked in a breath and thought quickly then replied "Just an old friend of mine. He came to see me during one of the concerts and we were just about to eat. The room service is here" She lied, smiling to herself as her manager bought the scam. Lily hung up and pressed the room service button and lifted the phone in between her shoulder once more. The bathroom door closing caught her attention and she looked back. A lighter less noticeable blush on her cheeks now. At least she wasn't red staring at him. She told the room service to wait and turned to face him the phone in her hand.

    "I have room service on the phone, is there anything you have in mind to eat. Something that I can pronounce hopefully?"
    She gave him a gentle smile and waited for his answer. Seeing how he eyed everything. His eyes seeming to draw her in even from a distance and he wasn't even looking at her.
  13. When Ian stepped out of the shower he was very suprised about how much he had relaxed. Or rather how much Hot water was capable of relaxing muscles. And the fact that it came from a spout on the wall. The man found towels hanging on the wall and took one to dry himself off. It was soft and warm which he liked. This he could get used to...this safe and comforting feeling. Out in the desert it was every man and woman for him or her self. If you didn't take care of yourself no one did. ANd it was very, very likely that you would end up dead. Either out of starvation, thirst, or from a fight with either the gaurd or a fellow pack member. He sighed and smiled weakly, drying off his body and hair. Ian could still feel the stinging pain from his wound on his back. It had not healed because his body did not have the means to heal it. In order for it to heal he needed energy...and the man lacked food and sleep. Afterwards he set the towel on the sink and pullon on his undergarments and pants. His shirt was ruined and he hated it but he would have to ask for clothing. Also he would have to have help figuring everything out. The werewolf knew more than most werewolves in the camps did but there were things he would have to know how to do. In order to blend in of course.

    Ian took the towel and draped it over his head, opening the door and shutting as he walked out. The man walked out and looked around the room, moving the towel to drap across his neck. After a few moments he looked over to the female sitting in the chair next to the menu. She had the menu in her hand and the phone to her ear. Giving him a gentle smile she told him she had room service on the phone and if he had something in mind to eat that she could pronounce. He chuckled weakly and walked towards her, sitting on the end of the bed. Ian looked her in the eyes and spoke, his voice gentle but warm. It was a voice that was expected to come from a man like him.

    "Anything is fine really. Food in general sounds good when you havn't eaten in three days..."

    He turned around and rolled over, laying on his stoumuch on the bed. Closing his eyes he steadied his breathing and his heart rate as he relaxed. It wasn't until he heard the knock on the door that he opened his eyes and sat up. As the food was brought into the room he refrained from looking at the waiter. Ian's eyes were a dead give away. He waited until the waiter left to sit up and look at the female to the food and back. A flush ran across his cheeks as his stoumuch growled. The food smelled...wonderful.
  14. Lily watched him for a moment. Seeing the light blush on his own cheeks that she had to squint to see properly. She had never seen a man blush so seeing it for the first time made her smile. He looked cute, so innocent, like a child who got a kiss by a girl for the first time. Lily glanced away,she wasn't really hungry but if even enough time she would become starving and then she would eat. But she heard his stomach growl as she set down the menu from her lap and turned to look at him once more "better eat before it gets cold, it doesn't taste that good when its cold." She didn't know how he would react to having all this food around him when he hadn't eaten. It may not be the best thing to grab her food. the more she looked at the ravioli's and smelt them, sadly the less hungry she got. She barely shook her head and stood up, keeping the smile on her face to hide what she felt inside. Walking slowly back to the mini fridge and staring at the contents for moments. Grabbing a water for Ian since she was sure he had barely drank anything and a small bottle, the size of her palm of whiskey. She wasn't good with alcohol but little did she feel like eating so whiskey was her best bet.

    She decided to tell him what she thought, she felt like she could tell him anything and that worried her more then being alone with him. "I know what you are, I've read books and I promise you I will keep you safe. I know I am a woman and cannot do much but I will try to prevent you from going back to the camp that you came from. If we go shopping tomorrow you can buy clothes and we can have contacts put on you so no one gets the idea that you are a werewolf. I'll think of something. For now my manager thinks you are my boyfriend which means you will be bugged by paparazzi as much as I am daily. Lucky they don't know what you look like so before we leave we in the morning we will have to find something for you to wear."