Inter-Dimensional Travel Through Many Otherworldly Worlds

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Hi there! This is my little idea, and that's about all the introduction you're gonna get out of me.

1. Hey, don't be an asshole to me! Also, uh, tell me if I hurt your feelings.
2. Have OK grammar and whatnot.
3. Be open to blood/gore. I mean, really, it's pretty awesome!
4. Use character portraits for your characters! Not blurry or low quality ones, though.
5. And the most important rule of all is to be creative!

Four heroes (maybe more, I dunno) are sent to many different worlds to defeat the evil that lies there. They'll go to a Steampunk world, a Sci-fi world, a Modern world, etc, etc, you get the point. It's meant to be an endless adventure where the story never ends and the characters constantly develop and adapt.

Oh, and they all come from a Fantasy world, so they have primitive technology.


I honestly didn't try to make the BEST impression because every idea of mine usually fails! Or, um, my partner is a total dickhole. Anyway, yeah, that's my idea. If you're interested, just shoot me a PM or somethin'! I'm actually a pretty cool guy and I try my best to be nice. ^-^ Thanks for reading.

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Shoot me a pm, I wanna know more about what you have in mind for this.
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