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Intense Magical Action-Packed World

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Brøken_Serenity, Dec 20, 2014.

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  1. If I Fall Down

    In brievity: You are a human, you look normally, you act normally and you think normally. But you are different from everyone else. 100 years ago A happened. The sadistic bastard who afflicted Scylla with calamity after calamity in a short time period and changed the world for select human beings forever and now, a century later, he's ready to let the real games begin.

    This is where your path splits.

    Colored: You are humans with magical powers but you work for the goverement- you wish to eradicate those like you. You were promised riches a long life and luxury in exchange. But your reasons are yours to make. You get notes from none other but the sadistic bastard (who is somehow still alive, escaping death over and over) who started this. He gives you hints on the Colourless actions so you can defeat them. You are prisoners to the goverement, but for whatever reason that was a risk you would take.

    Colourless: You are humans with magical powers but work for yourselves, or better put your leader. You generally protect the public from A as well as fight against the injustice and seemingly merciless killing of anyone with powers. As a whole you fight for justice and freedom, but individually- that's your own choice. You live in a dangerous and cruel world, but you chose this path rather than the seemingly easier path of a Colored.

    What do you stand for and who do you protect?

    Click the link to join the battle.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.