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    Appears 27, but would be 978 years to his species

    Role: Alien Ambassador

    Julian was raised to be an intelligent being, however, he never knew much about the human race besides the typical look and languages they spoke. Julian's natural body is that of pure energy, of course shaped like a human body. Being the Ambassador of his kind, Julian is rather outspoken and passionate about his kind and their lifestyle, but he is also someone that extends his kindness to all beings of the universe. Though Julian is kind, at times he can be rather rude when feeling attacked or weakened in anyway. He is a responsible and loyal individual.

    Julian has the power to manipulate nature, it is just a sub-part of being a alien
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  2. [​IMG]

    Nora Lawson

    Age: 25

    Role: Human Ambassador

    Nora is a calm individual, who's good at problem solving and determined to do what's right. She can be a bit awkward at times, but tries her best to carry on conversations and not be boring. She's horrible under pressure and can get nervous when things go bad and can't come up with a solution. Nora is dependable and honest to those around her.

    -Loves Art
    -Speaks Spanish
    -Likes to Bake

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  3. The atmosphere was rather different than Julian's home planet, in fact his name was also different. Harec would translate to the human name of Julian, which surprisingly made him feel quite warm inside. Compared to his home, Earth was rather a breath of fresh air. The dense pollution in highly populated areas was a relief to Julian since his home was rather clean in the air aspect.

    Today, him and a squadron of Yox's finest warriors/gatherers would come to Earth in order to achieve knowledge of this great planets advancements since their first contact with them. Today, Julian would begin the process of learning absolutely everything he could about human culture, however, he was to also share things about the Yox culture which if asked he was to show his true form. This was all ground breaking events that would make history for both worlds, and well Julian was happy to be apart of it.

    The ship, which oddly resembled that a Jet plane slowly made it's descent into a area the human's liked to call Area 51. Julian, clothed in what the human's called a vest suit, sat awaiting the moment the wheels of the ship touched land. It had been a weeks journey through space and even more months learning the language of each human on Earth. He was excited. How could he not be? He was still a young Yox and well to the humans he was only twenty-seven. This was Julian's first time to Earth, unlike his professor whom was there during the first communications between the two beings.

    As soon as the ship landed, Julian sprung from his seat. From now on, he was to speak the language his host spoke and learn anything he could. As the door slid open and his warriors went before him, Julian pulled his hair back into a bun. It, apparently, wasn't costume of government officials to have long hair. This slightly displeased him, after all Julian did rather love this hair.

    Exiting the ship, or space craft, Julian walked as humans starred most likely shocked to see the aliens looked much like them, in this form at least. Though the feeling of being stared at was uncomfortable, Julian was use to it. Being an Ambassador, Julian was in charge of his people. They looked to him like a king at times, and his brother who actually happened to be the king other times.

    Reaching a few men in suits, Julian noticed a small girl close to them. "Ah, you must be Nora Lawson, the ambassador that I will be staying with." Julian smiled, surprising his human form was just as handsome as his Yox form was. "It is quite a pleasure to meet you. I am Harec, but please call me Julian."
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