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  1. Before I proceed, I must thank Ambra for the original idea. I tried to change some details here and there, but I guess I should stick to the original, not to some extent, but a very great extent.


    "The end times have come... blood spills blood and Pokemon, once our allies and protectors, have become corrupted by some invisible force. What are we but tasty morsels in the shadows of demons?"

    Atlas - once a beautiful region that relished in years of peace - is now engulfed in war. The six quarreling nations that make up the continent have been locked in battle for decades upon decades. Betrayal and corruption is a common occurrence within each country's borders. There is no escape from the doubt and worry that plague the land.
    Yet the people of the six nations of Atlas -
    the Land of the Crystalline Snows,
    the Land of the Silver Tides,
    the Land of the Roaring Valleys,
    the Land of the Azure Skies,

    the Land of the Everlasting Fields,
    and Verdante, the Land of the Emerald Seas

    - do not pity each other. They continue to blame each other for their follies, adding fuel to the already blazing fire. They fight in the name of their deities, deeming each other heretics that must be converted in order to repent for their supposed sins. There is no end to the violence and mayhem in sight...
    ... yet it only gets worse. Something evil stirs in the shadows, making wild herds and packs of Pokemon run rampant through the land. Cases of once peaceful creatures trampling village people in stampedes are common. Disappearances of children from cribs and beds even more so. No one really knows what is causing the Pokemon to go on killing sprees that involves both their own kind and humans... but all six nations of Atlas are blaming one another.

    The Emperor of Phoenicis has decided it is high time for the countries to finally work together and see what is causing such mayhem. He has sent messengers all over Atlas, telling them to spread word of a campaign he is holding within his very nation's capital. The campaign is asking for volunteers-- mostly soldiers --of each country to gather together and search for the cause of the needless violence to bring an end to it once and for all. They will set out on a journey throughout the whole land, braving thirst, hunger, disease, death... amongst other things.

    They might not return in one piece.


    You shall play as volunteers, most of which are soldiers from each nation, roaming around Atlas in search for the cause of the wild Pokemon's sudden violence. Even though most of you are enemies, you must work together to survive. You must trust the people surrounding you to keep one another safe and remain sane enough to function.

    Though this may not go according to plan. One of the volunteers may be after another's neck, stopping at nothing until the one they want dead lies in a pool of blood at their feet. Another may be selfish enough to not care that others cannot continue on. The volunteers must withstand both natural and unnatural forces in order to make it back home... though many may not come back.

    Countries of Atlas



    Aurios is located to the extreme north of Atlas. It is deadlocked in winter for most of the year and blizzards constantly pummel the stark mountains that line the nation. Lakes and small woods dot the country here and there, and a rather large mountain range runs from its southern parts to Leonias. Temperatures can drop to -4ºf during its long winters.

    The people of Aurios worship Suicune as a deity. To them, Suicune is supposed to bring the winter and precipitation. Their god is one of elegance and grace, and those who move fluidly and with ease are said to be blessed by it. There is a festival held in Aurios every winter to praise Suicune for ending fall and bringing the land one step closer to summer.


    Just south of Aurios lies Argent. A large mass of woods run all the way to the shoreline where one can find shrines. Large, white cliffs look over the shores and beautiful ocean. Temperatures are mild in this country; it fluctuates from 5ºC to 17ºC in summer time. The weather can vary from clear skies to flood-causing storms.

    Argentians worship Lugia, which is said to bring seasonal rains and control the moon. Since rain is important for crops and a source of water, it is treated with utmost respect. It is also considered a god of the valiant and those with pure souls.

    Many people from Xiurong have fled from the ravaged continent to escape death and destruction. The immigrants mostly populate the rural parts of Argent, while "trueblood" Argentians have settled the urban areas.


    The western parts of this nation cuts in between Argent and Phoenicis. Its land is mostly mountainous terrains and valleys. A dormant volcano lies to its south. Temperatures can range from slightly chilly to temperate; the usual would be around 10°C. Clear or cloudy skies are the norm here.

    Entei is the Leonians' god, and it is said to bring the summer time weather. People also state that it causes forest fires and droughts, making it seem like a vengeful god. Even though this is the case, the inhabitants of Leonias are fond of Entei, deeming that it brings an end to things that have dragged on for too long and thus restores balance.


    Located to the south of Argent, Phoenicis is certainly warmer than the northern countries. This nation's forests explode in color during summer all the way to mid-winter. Shrines can be found atop small hills. Temperatures tend to be warmer in this kingdom, with 15°C being the norm. Clear skies tend to be seen, with winters being the rainiest. Summers tend to be rather hot.

    The people of Phoenicis worship Ho-Oh as their deity; to them, Ho-Oh is both the end and the beginning-- a God of reincarnation and redemption. Like Leonias, Phoenicis worships their God as one that brings the summertime. It is also known for blessing the golden-hearted and the brave.


    The forests end and the plains and fields begin once you set foot in this country. Grassy meadows and plateaus are a regular sight. Winds are to be expected here, causing the temperatures to vary from 15°C to 20°C. Rainy weather is common.

    Raikou is worshiped here as the god of thunderstorms and lightning. This deity is said to be fond of those with fierce personalities. Fulmi people believe Raikou brings luck to whoever sees it.


    To the very south of Atlas lies Verdante. The plains have been replaced with lush rainforests and a treacherous swamp is located to the northeast of the land. Hot and humid, this kingdom is the warmest in the region. A great deal of vegetation is present in this region, and civilisation makes up a small portion concentrated at the borders. Temperatures can be seen going above 30°C during the summers.

    Verdantians worship Celebi as a god of peace and hope. Due to this, people from Verdante are often calm and peaceful. Verdantians hold festivals every spring to celebrate the return of warmer weather.

    A once bustling, feudal continent, Xiurong has been reduced to a wasteland due to the wrath of a destructive beast. It is located to the east of Atlas across the Ebony Sea. Not many people dare to visit the land as it is stated to be cursed and overrun by demons and dangerous creatures of all types.


    Naranai was considered to be the largest and wealthiest country. It was once known for its craftsmanship. Now, most of this "territory" is covered in ruins. Ivory statues of a feathered Dragon-type can be seen scattered here and there. Fields and hills make up much of the once largely populated country. It was to the eastern-most part of the country.


    Naranai's rival nation at one point, the people of Sinjin banded underneath a banner with a red-eyed dragon that was said to be the equivalent of Raikou in regards to its affinity to thunder and lightning. Many skilled smiths used to come here to live and work. It was never low in materials to make weapons as its land is covered in rocky cliffs rich in a variety of ores. It was to the western-most part of the country, which is closest to Atlas.


    Not much was known about the Nakashimamoto people except for the fact that they did not worship a god. The Nakashima, or so the people were called, preferred to believe that the world was guided and ruled by invisible forces most likely known as "magic". Some say that they were able to communicate with Pokemon and each Nakashima only owned one of the beasts. It is said that their bonds' strengths could rival those of the gods' combined. The nation used to make up a cluster of warmer islands to the south of Sinjin and Naranai.

    It is assumed that all Nakashima are dead and thus their legacy of communicating and bonding with Pokemon the way they once had has ended.


    - People are allowed to have at most three Pokemon each. There may be people without Pokemon. A person with one Pokemon is considered to know the basic principal of Pokemon. A person with two can handle them quite well. A person with three are considered adept at handling Pokemon.
    - Pokeballs are not invented yet and thus one must tame or form bonds with Pokemon if one wants to keep them.
    - You may have fully evolved Pokemon.
    - You may not have legendary Pokemon. They are usually reserved to royalty (which are NPCs).
    - There can and will be Pokemon variations. This means that Pokemon may be skinnier, have longer wings, have longer necks, longer fur, differently colored eyes, etc. Do not make extreme changes, however.
    - There can and will be Pokemon interactions. They will be able to speak with and form relationships with one another.
    - Mega evolution has not been discovered and thus is not allowed.
    - There are certain types of Pokemon that are not allowed. Be reminded that this is medieval/feudal fantasy and man-made Pokemon are non-existent. This includes Porygon, Muk, etc.
    - Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare. Keep this in mind when picking your Pokemon.


    Each type of Pokemon is considered and treated differently than others due to myth, rumor, superstition, and legend. From time to time, seperate Pokemon have superstition of their own. Your Pokemon do not have to be like this. Consider them as stereotypes~

    - Normal-types are considered pets or benevolent creatures that mean no harm.
    - Fire-types are thought of as passionate, brave, and hard to train Pokemon. One who has a Fire-type on their team is thought of as patient and able to withstand strong personalities. Wild Fire-types are said to bring times of war.
    - Water-types are usually trusted by humans as they are thought of as "pure" beings. They are treated with respect.
    - Grass-types are considered healers and harbingers of warmer weather. If there are no Grass Pokemon around an area, it can easily be thought of as cursed or poisoned by darkness.
    - Electric-types are said to be partners of cheery and energetic people. Many say they are loyal companions.
    - Ice-types are considered mysterious, but not exactly dangerous. Still, it's better to keep your distance. Ice-types are said to bring winter.
    - Fighting-types are thought as extremely loyal companions that form unbreakable bonds with their partners.
    - Poison-types are thought of as disgusting creatures that corrupt everything they touch. Many are said to bring death and disease.
    - Ground-types are said to be reliable and strong. Some may be a little dry when it comes to personality, though, or so they say.
    - Flying-types are considered as free-spirited beings that know no bounds. A person who has a Flying-type are said to have a similar personality to their winged Pokemon.
    - Psychic-types confuse many people. To keep it simple, humans have deemed them magical and mysterious.
    - Bug-types are considered pests by many due to them eating crops. Many people don't like them.
    - Rock-types are said to live a long time and are reliable and strong, much like Ground-types.
    - Ghost-types are considered demons and thus are said to be deadly and filled with deceit. They are said to possess people.
    - Dark-types are not easily trusted by humans. They are treated much like Ghost-types.
    - Steel-types are treated as harbingers of war.
    - Dragon-types are extremely respected and feared. Those who have Dragon-types as partners are deemed valiant and brave-hearted warriors.
    - Fairy-types are considered to be mythical yet friendly Pokemon. However, many people are wary of their mischief.


    - No godmodding, flaming, etc. You should know this by now.
    - Do not break the rules if you wish to stay in the RP.
    - Listen to the co-GM when I am not around.
    - You may make as many characters as you'd like, but please keep them all active.
    - Please be active and do not suddenly drop out without giving a reason.
    - THIS WILL BE AN 18+ RP, but I do not mind people who are under eighteen to join if they think they can brave the themes inside. But be warned, be very very warned.
    - I will not guide the entire plot. Give input.
    - Please have proper grammar and spelling.
    - Please participate in discussions and be friendly to one another.
    - If you have any questions, just ask!
    - Be realistic; this is an anime-styled RP and all, but a person cannot be a one man army and fell a giant force on his lonesome.
    - If you want to do something major, please talk to me about it first.
    - Use anime pictures for appearances.
    - You may format your sheet however you'd like due to the fact that I will be permalinking them. However, please post one sheet at a time.
    - To prove that you have read the rules, put your character's catchphrase and/or theme song in your form.
    - Fill out all parts of the form.
    - Have fun!

    Character Sheet

    (Insert Picture Here)

    Name: (Only use first names.)
    Age: (15+)
    Country of Origin:
    Weapons: (Keep it realistic. Remember that every nation except for Argent and Phoenicis are based on western civilization and they are based on feudal civilization.)
    Pokemon: (Three maximum. You may include species, nickname, gender, moveset, abilities, short personality, and anything that is different than the rest of their species.)
    Appearance: (Elaborate on the picture displayed above with text.)
    Personality: (No Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus.)
    Short Biography: (Don't post a book. Keep it around two paragraphs.)
    Other Information: (Anything that doesn't fit up there?)

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  6. [​IMG]
    Username: Yosuke
    Name: Shui
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Country of Origin: Argent (Xiurongese Immigrant)
    Weapons: Qiang (In picture)
    - "Jiao", Vaporeon, Female, Knows: Water Pulse, Return, Ice Beam, Surf
    - "Huang", Dewott, Male, Knows: Razor Shell, Swords Dance, Aqua Tail, Retaliate
    Personality: Shui is a very calm and collected individual. Rarely ever shows anger or intensity. Tends to be a thinker and takes his time in decisions. Enjoys silence and artistic beauty. Dislikes hotheaded individuals.
    Short Biography: The son of a philosopher and a farmer, Shui lived on the edges of Argent, near the sea, being a part of the segregated Xiurongese areas. As a young boy, Shui witnessed his father's works of profound philosophy in the forms of poems and paintings. His father always told him that Lugia itself witnessed and blessed Shui's birth, marking him as a child of the soft waters. Whether this was true or not, it did not matter. This went to inspire Shui to pursue a life like his father's, as a philosopher and a warrior-priest. So, at his coming of age, he left to study at a temple dedicated to Lugia. He would study for around five years with the warrior-priests of Lugia, and developed his sense of calm and fluidity, much like the soft waters, and his talent for martial art.

    When the King of Pheonicis sent out his summons, Shui answered. He was a very able warrior-priest, the most able of the temple, and one of the most able in his area of rural Argent. He also felt that, having been blessed by Lugia, or apparently so, he had a duty to the Pokemon, and to halt the squabbling of the nations of Atlas by providing an answer: peace. So, Shui enlisted to this venture right after the proud approval of his father and the tear-riddled nods of his mother.

  7. [​IMG]
    "Your choice in noble, but unwise."





    Country of Origin:

    Triple-wielded odachi. Two on his hands and one in his mouth. They are made of used evolutionary stones that have lost their effects from catalysing an evolution, but they are still as durable as thousand-folded steel. They are made from Water Stone, Fire Stone and Thunder Stone respectively, which while rare, are common where he comes from.


    He is about 1.8 metres tall and ties his long hair up in a ponytail. He is slightly muscular as well.

    Tachibana is a serious man who does not normally fool around. However, this does not mean he is completely devoid of emotion. Tachibana has a caring side towards docile Pokemon and innocent people who only mean good. He will aid foes as a last resort, should they have a common goal.
    Tachibana uses his knowledge and skills to help others, and while laughter does not emit his mouth, he enjoys sharing trivia and information at the right time.

    Short Biography:
    Tachibana's parents died when he was 13, many years ago, for reasons he refuses to speak of. Since then, he had travelled until he reached a little forest, where he found a village within.

    The village, however, was not inhabited by humans, but inhabited by Eevee and its various evolutions, coexisting in a community, creating cottages with their different abilities. It was like a fine utopia for Eeveekind. There was only one other human living there though - Yukinoshita. Yukinoshita lived among the various Eeveelutions and was older than Tachibana.

    Yukinoshita cared for Tachibana as he practiced his swordsmanship alongside the inhabitants of this village, allowing his many sword skills to be inspired by the various inhabitants of the village.

    At some point, Tachibana and Yukinoshita had a little marriage as a sign that they loved each other, surrounded only by their little woodland friends. They then had a child, Kinoshita. When their child was merely a month old, Tachibana set out on a journey to become stronger.

    He then hears of a campaign about the kingdoms uniting to defeat a common, unknown threat. Hearing this, the Ronin chose to volunteer, while his wife stayed to care for their child and village.

    Tachibana invented the sword technique 'Subamegaeshi', which acts like the Pokemon Move Smack Down, except it slashes instead of smashes. It was invented when he was pondering about how to strike a fast-moving Taillow in mid-flight.
    This move is designed to work of flying units, but works on grounded units as well. Great speed is invested as the first strike cuts upwards to cause imbalance to the opponent. The second strike strikes down to halt the movement of the opponent. The third, ultimately, is a downwards cut to slam the opponent to the ground, mimicking a Talonflame catching its prey. These movements are very fast, that these set of moves could be performed once before a regular single sword strike slams down. However, it cannot be performed twice in a row as it drains stamina, allowing the user to only use other skills.
    Most of his weapon techniques are inspired by various evolutions of Eevee, their Moves to be precise. You can see some variation of Superpower, Double Kick and Feint Attack from it.​
  8. Yosuke is good to accept. The Xiurong thing happened about 50 or so years ago, by the way.
  9. Shui isn't a first-generation immigrant. Though, he is still pure Xiurongese.
  10. Are you still looking for players? This idea seems really interesting.

    If so, is there an age limit on how old the characters can be?
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  11. 1. Obviously I am.
    2. Not really. But do note someone THAT old may not be able to handle some things.
  12. Great. I just wanted to make sure 'coz in the Interest Check there were plenty of people who had confirmed their interest.

    Also, how old do the characters have to be to volunteer as a soldier?
  13. It's on the application.
  14. Right, sorry >.> Didn't notice that.

  15. Username:

    Minami Nyx Matsuto



    Country of Origin:

    Katana #1; Nitōryū

    Minami's primary weapon of choice, strapped onto her lower back where she can access it with her right hand easily. This particular weapon is a double edged katana, who's design Minami came up with herself.
    It has a loop at the end of the blade, which allows her to handle it much like a kunai.
    She has a sheath that makes it look like an ordinary katana to give her the element of surprise when needed.

    Katana #2; Hyaku mairu

    Minami's second weapon of choice, this katana has the same kind of loop as her Nitōryū, but is used like an ordinary blade. The only thing special about it is it's length, which is about a quarter longer than usual katana. It is also strapped on her lower back, crossing sheaths with her other blade.

    Double sickle kusarigama; Karitoriki/Shinigami

    Her final weapon, preferred weapon against long ranged opponents. Karitoriki is a difficult weapon to wield and Minami has to admit she has not mastered it completely. She prefers not to use the weapon in combat yet due to it's unpredictable nature.
    The weapon has two sickles, instead of the usual weight at one end, allowing Minami to wield both sickles at the same time, switching between close combat and medium ranged attacks when needed.


    Mikadzuki (Mika/Tsuki)

    Name: Mikadzuki
    Species: Ninetales
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Mika has a somewhat intimidating aura around her, but is quite friendly when she likes you. She has a very jealous side towards everybody trying to get close to Minami and will play mischievous tricks on them in attempts to ruin the mood. She has been known to toss items at people using her psychic powers or pull their chair out from under them, all kinds of things. When Minami scolds her she will walk away in her most regal posture before sulking in a corner until she is called. Despite her jealous side, Mika wishes for her master to be happy with lots of friends and sees her teasing more of a test of worth.
    Minami holds her very dear and is never angry for very long, but being scolded is the worst thing in the world for the fox.
    Special traits: Mika's fur is very light, to the point of being as white as snow. She is not shiny, just peculiarly light in coloring. People in Minami's village proclaimed that the ninetales was blessed by Suicune with her white pelt.
    Other than that Mika's tails and mane are slightly longer than ordinary ninetales'.

    View attachment 69574

    Name: Kisuke
    Species: Noivern
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Despite his fearsome and frightening appearance, Kisuke is a lovable and mischievous pokemon that loves spending time with his master. He eats mostly bug pokemon and fruits, though Minami has seen him sneak off with some meat from time to time.
    Kisuke is always playful and enjoys nudging Minami or the rest of the team until they go along with him on flights or adventure. If anybody dares to threaten his master, Kisuke's fun-loving personality vanishes like snow in the harsh sun. There have been times where Minami had to forcibly restrain him to keep him from killing her attacker.
    Special traits: Kisuke's tail is longer than usual and his wings are abnormally big as well. His coloring seems to be a hue darker than ordinary noivern, but other than that he is an ordinary noivern.


    Name: Kinzoku
    Species: Metagross
    Gender: Male
    Personality: This metal monster is by far the most intimidating line of defense in Minami's team. Kinzoku is the one pokemon Minami hasn't bonded fully with yet. Being the newest edition in her team, he is a bit anti-social, often standing on the sidelines when the others have fun or go out on adventures. Minami doesn't push the large beast much, figuring that he'll come around eventually.
    Special traits: Kinzoku has no special traits besides his exceptional speed.


    Minami is somewhat silent and distant, anti-social if you will. She has been alone for many years now and though she encounters travelers at times, her meetings are brief and uneventful. The only one she really opens up to are her pokemon.

    It is not that Minami can't be friendly towards people, she just finds there to be no need for it. As such she may come over as cold or indifferent, while not meaning to be like that. Despite this fact, Minami would see no harm come to a comrade and will fight to protect them if needed. After a while she may even open up to you.
    She does open up easier to people from Aurios, due to their kinship.

    Short Biography:
    Minami was raised in a small village in Aurios called Toketsu, in the heart of snow and ice. In her particular village children set out when they came of age to either travel or find some other place for themselves, accompanied by the pokemon chosen to be their partner by birth date.

    On her fifth birthday Minami was introduced to the pokemon that shared her date of birth, a little vulpix it's tails only split into three. Minami was overjoyed by the little thing and immediately treated the fox as her own. The two slept, ate and bathed together, day in and out, growing closer with each day. When Minami reached the age of 10 she was allowed to go out of the village by herself. Her village relied mostly on the hunt and mining, so Minami was instructed in hunting from a young age and was going out on her own for the first time.
    She had a good hunt with her companion, returning home with a bundle of buneary's and some spearow for dinner. When she got back home though, she realized she had a stowaway in her bag; a tiny noibat that had hid away from the cold. It seemed it had lost its way from home and hid in her bag when confronted with the icy cold winds. Feeling sorry for the creature, Minami attempted to bring him to what she believed to be his home, only to see the little bat being chased out by zubat and noibat alike as she was attempting to walk back home. She took him back home and attempted to set him free a few times, but the bat refused to leave her side and eventually she just let him.

    Four years later, Minami was allowed to venture out and travel the world on her own, accompanied by her pokemon. She left after her uncle forged her two swords she had thought up and set out into the world. She ventured long and trained with her pokemon, both evolving in the process. Just a couple of years ago she encountered a lone metang that decided to follow her after a heated match and quickly evolved into a metagross.

    After so long, Minami felt traveling held no real purpose for her anymore and found new purpose when she heard of the campaign of the emperor, traveling down to the Capital.

    Themesong: The Devil in I - Slipknot
    Minami's name comes from a traveler that often came to town. Minami's parents were good friends with the woman and when word came of her passing they named their daughter after her.
    Minami also received numerous books from different lands and uses many more oriental terms.
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  16. Reserved for THE RETURN OF GENTRY

    I feel like at this point the thing should be named "Resurgence"
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  17. I'm changing to temperatures to Celsius when I head back home.
  18. Kaisa.jpg

    Country of Origin:
    Ninjato (short sword) and Sai (daggers)
    "Tadao" : Lucario : Male: Aura Sphere, Extreme Speed, Close Combat, Flash Cannon
    Tadao is the leader of Kaisa's team of pokemon. He is soft-spoken and quiet as they come, though very intelligent and thoughtful. He tries to stay by Kaisa as much as he can as he is loyal and silently protective of her. He is a fierce, brave, and very fast in battle, and he never hesitates to help Kaisa, Shen or Jiro out to work as a team. Tadao is patient and calm, letting him tolerate different personalities, though he has a limit. He keeps Jiro out of trouble as best he can and acts as his sort of teacher and gets along well with Shen. Tadao is very big for his species standing 1.6 meters talll
    "Jiro" : Greninja : Male : Dark Pulse, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Water Shuriken
    Jiro is more happy-go-lucky than Tadao, always trying to bring a smile on Kaisa's face and anyone around him as well. He is kind and a bit goofy, brightening the mood when he feels he should though he annoys Shen a lot. In combat he is completely different, a serious opponent with a will to defeat his enemy and he works completely in sync with Tadao, Shen, and Kaisa when fighting as a team. His eyes are a dark green instead of red.
    "Shen" : Arcanine : Male : Flare Blitz, Extreme Speed, Wild Charge, Flamethrower
    Shen is an older pokemon raised by the old man who raised Kaisa. He is very protective and a bit hot tempered, having no patience for Jiro's antics or others who simply treat everything like a game. Shen likes to nap when he can instead of interact with new pokemon or people. He is a pokemon not many people would want to mess with or be able to control but listens to Kaisa just as well as he did with the old man.

    Kaisa dresses in efficient, moveable clothes that help her travel swiftly and keep up with her pokemon when she is not riding on Shen. She wears her long hair up in a ponytail, and has a mask to cover her mouth, which she uses mostly when traveling. She stands at 1.7 meters.
    Kaisa is not loud and likes to listen than give a lot of input when in a group, though isn't afraid to speak her mind if need be. She is patient and thoughtful, and though she doesn't mind being around other people, she would always prefer being alone with her three companions. She tries to do whats right and fights bravely to protect her companions and beliefs but does not like to unnecessarily harm others or stand by while others do so.
    Short Biography:
    Kaisa was born to a small family of farmers in a village at the bottom of a hill which held one of the many shrines to Ho-Oh. At the age of 12, her village was crushed by a stampede of pokemon with an unknown cause, taking her family away from her forever. With no place to stay and no family, she set on the road all by her lonesome. Along the way, she became friends with a young Riolu who seemed attracted to her aura.
    Kaisa was picked up off the road by an old man and his two pokemon, Lucario and Arcanine, who saw something in her that she didn't, and was raised by them. She trained with the old man and learned skills and knoweledge she would've never thought to learn. Throughout the years, she came to be a skilled master in combat and trainer with her evolved Lucario and now Greninja as well as an intelligent woman who believed the rivalry of the countries was hurting the land itself. When the old man learned of a campaign where the kingdoms were uniting to defeat what he believed to be the spreading evil in the land, he desperately wished he could go and help but was too old now. Kaisa on the other hand was ready to take on the task as a skilled young ninja and promised her mentor to help get rid of the evil, ready to brave what was to come, and the old man, though sad to see them go, let his Arcanine go with her, knowing his pokemon would help her and protect her greatly.


    (fixed it up since I did this in the wee hours of the night originally)​
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  19. Your character is good for rolling, although... you didn't seem to have read all the rules...
  20. [​IMG]
    "Uhuhuhu... you're mine now~"





    Country of Origin:



    Ikaruga | Inkay | Female | Contrary
    Superpower | Topsy Turvy | Hypnosis | Psychic
    Ikaruga is a very energetic and loves to play around. She is Otohime's greatest ally and lives in her hair. It uses its psychic capabilities to manipulate Otohime's hair and allow her to walk on water.

    Binacle | Binacle | Male | Tough Claws
    Razor Shell | Switcheroo | Water Pulse | Power-Up Punch
    These Binacle are not bound to a rock, but rather, live and frolick in Otohime's hair. Instead of two Binacle, there seem to be more than just two, maybe even five. They are very loyal to Otohime and aid her in manipulating her hair.

    Otohime is 1.7 metres tall, and her bust is about an E. Her hair is very long and wavy. As opposed to clothes, Otohime's body is veiled by her hair.

    Otohime is quite insane really. She will stop at nothing to toy with opponents, or perhaps simply mauling them. Such is the way of the Sea Witches, who are stereotypically fiendish, playful and cruel. Once you get to know her, you will realise that she is nothing like that even though she acts like it. She just isn't fond of outsiders and prefers to avoid them.
    She believes that outsiders are but tools for breeding and labour. I wish I was kidding. I really do.

    Short Biography:
    Otohime was born into the female-only Ryuugujou Tribe, which were known to certain outsiders as 'Sea Witches', 'Sirens', 'Mermaids' and such. They were thought to use 'magic', which was actually some sort of symbiotic relationship where small Pokemon were allowed to inhabit their hair until they grew larger. The tribe itself believed that this symbiotic relationship granted them magical capabilities, and that the Pokemon were their familiars. When a Ryuugujou Tribe maiden reaches a certain age, she will start to look for a mate from the land. The rest will be explained at some point.

    Otohime is one of the maidens of this tribe, and lives on an island off the coast of Argent. Otohime's first familiar was Ikaruga, who had been her friend for quite a while. During one of her deep-sea swims, a bunch of Binacle latched onto her hair, and had lived within it ever since, eating kelp and berries that get stuck in it.

    One day, the tribe notices that odd happenings have occured to various Pokemon. Otohime was the one who volunteered to leave the comfort zone of the Tribe and explore what the land awaits. But in order to gather clues...

    Other Information:
    She will be encountered only much, much later during the story, and does not appear at first.
    She has great skill in swimming.​
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