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    "The end times have come... blood spills blood and Pokemon, once our allies and protectors, have become corrupted by some invisible force. What are we but tasty morsels in the shadows of demons?"

    Atlas-- once a beautiful region that relished in years of peace --is now engulfed in war. The seven quarreling nations that make up the continent have been locked in battle for decades upon decades. Betrayal and corruption is a common occurrence within each country's borders. There is no escape from the doubt and worry that plague the land.

    Yet the people of the seven nations of Atlas--

    Aurios, the Land of the Crystalline Snows,
    Argent, the Land of the Silver Tides,
    Leonias, the Land of the Roaring Valleys,
    Phoenicis, the Land of the Azure Skies,
    Fulmion, the Land of the Everlasting Fields,
    and Verdante, the Land of the Emerald Seas

    --do not pity each other. They continue to blame each other for their follies, adding fuel to the already blazing fire. They fight in the name of their gods, deeming each other heretics that must be converted. There is no end to the violence and mayhem in sight...

    And yet it only gets worse. Something evil stirs in the shadows, making wild herds and packs of Pokemon run rampant through the land. Cases of once peaceful creatures trampling village people in stampedes are common. Disappearances of children from cribs and beds even more so. No one really knows what is causing the Pokemon to go on killing sprees that involves both their own kind and humans... but all seven nations of Atlas are blaming one another.

    The emperor of Pheonicis has decided it is high time for the countries to finally work together and see what is causing such mayhem. He has sent messengers all over Atlas, telling them to spread word of a campaign he is holding within his very nation's capital. The campaign is asking for volunteers-- mostly soldiers --of each country to gather together and search for the cause of the needless violence to bring an end to it once and for all. They will set out on a journey throughout the whole land, braving thirst, hunger, disease, death... amongst other things.

    They might not return.


    Hi! My name is Luminous, but you can just call me Ketori. It's high time I decide to GM a roleplay like this again! I'm really excited to put this in motion, as I believe it's a Pokemon RP I don't think has been made before. Here is some rules regarding the RP:

    - I do not mind large groups.
    - Please be active and do not suddenly drop out without giving a reason.
    - THIS WILL BE AN 18+ RP, but I do not mind people who are under 18 to join if they think they can brave the themes inside.
    - I will not guide the entire plot. Give input.
    - Please have proper grammar and spelling.
    - I expect you to participate in discussions and be friendly to one another.


    - Aurios's god is Suicune and is based on western/medieval civilization.
    - Argent's god is Lugia and is based on feudal civilization.
    - Leonias's god is Entei and is based on western/medieval civilization.
    - Phoenicis's god is Ho-Oh and is based on feudal civilization.
    - Fulmion's god is Raikou and is based on western/medieval civilization.
    - Verdante's god is Celebi and is based on western/medieval civilization.


    - People are allowed to have at most three Pokemon each. There may be people without Pokemon. A person with one Pokemon is considered to know the basic principal of Pokemon. A person with two can handle them quite well. A person with three are considered adept at handling Pokemon.
    - Pokeballs are not invented yet and thus one must tame or form bonds with Pokemon if one wants to keep them.
    - You may have fully evolved Pokemon.
    - You may not have legendary Pokemon. They are usually reserved to royalty (which are NPCs).
    - There can and will be Pokemon variations. This means that Pokemon may be skinnier, have longer wings, have longer necks, longer fur, differently colored eyes, etc. Do not make extreme changes, however.
    - There can and will be Pokemon interactions. They will be able to speak with and form relationships with one another.
    - Mega evolution has not been discovered and thus is not allowed.
    - There are certain types of Pokemon that are not allowed. Be reminded that this is medieval/feudal fantasy and man-made Pokemon are non-existent. This includes Porygon, Muk, etc.
    - Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare. Keep this in mind when picking your Pokemon.


    Each type of Pokemon is considered and treated differently than others due to myth, rumor, superstition, and legend. Your Pokemon do not have to be like this. Consider them as stereotypes~

    - Normal-types are considered pets or benevolent creatures that mean no harm.
    - Fire-types are thought of as passionate, brave, and hard to train Pokemon. One who has a Fire-type on their team is thought of as patient and able to withstand strong personalities. Wild Fire-types are said to bring times of war.
    - Water-types are usually trusted by humans as they are thought of as "pure" beings. They are treated with respect.
    - Grass-types are considered healers and harbingers of warmer weather. If there are no Grass Pokemon around an area, it can easily be thought of as cursed or poisoned by darkness.
    - Electric-types are said to be partners of cheery and energetic people. Many say they are loyal companions.
    - Ice-types are considered mysterious, but not exactly dangerous. Still, it's better to keep your distance. Ice-types are said to bring winter.
    - Fighting-types are thought as extremely loyal companions that form unbreakable bonds with their partners.
    - Poison-types are thought of as disgusting creatures that corrupt everything they touch. Many are said to bring death and disease.
    - Ground-types are said to be reliable and strong. Some may be a little dry when it comes to personality, though, or so they say.
    - Flying-types are considered as free-spirited beings that know no bounds. A person who has a Flying-type are said to have a similar personality to their winged Pokemon.
    - Psychic-types confuse many people. To keep it simple, humans have deemed them magical and mysterious.
    - Bug-types are considered pests by many due to them eating crops. Many people don't like them.
    - Rock-types are said to live a long time and are reliable and strong, much like Ground-types.
    - Ghost-types are considered demons and thus are said to be deadly and filled with deceit. They are said to possess people.
    - Dark-types are not easily trusted by humans. They are treated much like Ghost-types.
    - Steel-types are treated as harbingers of war.
    - Dragon-types are extremely respected and feared. Those who have Dragon-types as partners are deemed valiant and brave-hearted warriors.
    - Fairy-types are considered to be mythical yet friendly Pokemon. However, many people are wary of their mischief.

  2. Well, this sounds interesting. I have a role in mind already.

    The two roles in mind are awfully, awfully similiar, but have different motifs - dragons for the first, then Eeveelutions for the next. I think I can work over the Eeveelutions one with something different, then play both roles.
  3. The roles sound interesting. o.o Welcome aboard!
  4. So, my ideas expanded into three but I'll only select two of these at the end. I'll need to see if you're OK with them.

    1. A 'wild child' raised by a clan of Dragon Pokemon. Her Foster Mother is a Flygon. She can speak the language of Pokemon, but cannot speak that of humans, except by getting a Pokemon to translate it somehow. She starts off with a Trapinch, whom she calls her 'little brother'

    2. A triple-wiedling swordsman who has lived with Eevees and Eeveelutions in a small village ever since his parents died. He bases his fighting style around the moves and styles of various Eeveelutions - their moves, to be exact. He does not bring any Pokemon with him on his journeys, but he does get along with Eeveelutions of his village. By occasion, various Jolteon with Magnet Rise act as his messengers, much like Passenger Pigeons, except faster.

    3. A pair of siblings based off the Mysterious Sisters class in X & Y. Like stereotypical witches, they live in forests and make potions and all that shyt. They aren't evil, but they are damn well Chaotic Neutral.
  5. 1) I think that's going to be too complicated for the RP. If Pokemon translate, then they can only translate to each other and humans wouldn't know what they're talking about.

    2) I like this idea, but Jolteon don't have Magnet Rise... XD Abilities aren't going to play a major role in the RP, btw.

    3) Eh the only issue with this is that I don't know how they're going to join the group. Remember that they have to volunteer and it's basically soldiers volunteering.
  6. 1. Maybe I could just let her be able to speak human. To make things less complicated. Like how a trainer who has bonded with a Pokemon understands what it's saying, she will (roughly) understand the words of her family, but not those of other Pokemon.

    2. It's a Tutor Move.

    3. Oh. I thought certain characters were allowed to stay neutral, stand in the sidelines, all that. So, every character has to volunteer, I see. I guess these guys might be a no-no.
  7. 1) Ah I see. Still, it'll be a little complicated, but if you find a way make it work, then it's fine.

    2) Yeah, but since this is medieval/feudal, I don't think that people would know how to make Pokemon remember moves on a whim. Especially if they're wild Pokemon. There can be speedy Jolteon that can act as messengers but without hovering.

    3) Yep. The reason I want everyone to start out on the same side is to avoid isolation and all.
  8. 1. I think I can settle for it then. So, is it alright if she starts off by hearing rumours of the campaign, heads off independently before bumping into a group and following them?

    2. Alrighty then. I think I'll settle for that.
  9. That'll be fine. And let's see if anyone else is interested.
  10. Is no one else interested..?
  11. I'll see if I can grab a bit of interest. Ask around and such.
  12. Definitely interested in this!
  13. Yay~

    I too have spread word. > D
  14. Deeefinitely interested
  15. interested for sure
  16. Yay, finally getting more interest~
  17. I'm interested! I also have a pokemon trainer picked, only problem being she has a shiny eevee if that's alright, if not, then I'll just make it a normal eevee.
  18. There aren't really any Pokemon trainers here, just soldiers from each of the six nations of Atlas. But you can have a shiny Eevee, if you'd like. If you do, then I'll put a block on any shiny Pokemon until further notice.
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