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  1. Just out of mere curiosity, what is insurance like in your country? Do you pay for it? Do you have it all it? Does the government pay? What do you wish you had?

    Living in Canada, most things are covered by the government - emergency and doctor visits, dentist, surgeries, optometry, etc. The only issue is that it can take a long time, because the system is so clogged up. For example, where I live it can be up to three weeks to get an MRI scan. Go to the States you can probably get in the same day.
    I really do love the insurance program where I live though. My family has visited a lot of doctors over the years, and I can't imagine how in debt we'd be without the insurance system in place. I'm used to the wait by now and I'm glad I rarely have to pay for anything.
  2. Insurance??
    Dear i have been 18 for half a year, i can barely SPELL insurance
    though i do believe it has something to do with blue cross and doctors and dentists
    But its unknown to me like credit scores....
  3. My comapny pays for my insurance, but when I leave and have to buy my own because I'll be a small business owner.... Let's just say I hope everything I learn does the trick and I don't have any freak medical issues!

    *pets her fully funded medical for as long as she has it*
  4. My mom has me on her plan for now. though being legally blind i do have Medicade which is a program for the disableled. Much like the canadian plan I don't have ot pay for much at all. however VERY FEW DOCTORS take it and those that do have a HUGE waiting line. The reason very few take it is because the siystem is so clogged, like yours, that they don't always get paid on time, or in a timly fashion. So yeah...

    So I use both!

    My mom uses Blue Cross Blue shield, and only having to pay a 15 Co pay isn't bad! My glasses would have coast about 800 with our insurence they were a little over 450 My doc would normally coast int he 50's to attend I pay 15 So the expenses are SUPER low. We only pay liek 30 for MRI's and such. It's a nice plan!
  5. Anthem Blue Cross through my mother. I have to pay deductibles for certain things, like getting a cavity filled or my glasses. It doesn't cover everything, but it's better than paying for the whole thing.

    And yes I live in the States.
  6. Oh insurance. Its a scary thing to live without yet unfortunately hard to pay. My husband's job offers his for a price of course. He pays 100 a week for his coverage. (Mind you the loopholes in their system are there to screw with you no matter how much you pay for it.) our 3 year old is still covered under the governmentsl program medicaid for low income families. We pay nothing out of pocket but that small lifesaver is coming to an end quick. I am under my mother's plan as long as i study until i am 26. She is a federal employee so her benefits are godsend and my copay is 10. I had a huge surgery that totaled upwards of 45,000 and we ended up paying out of pocket under 3K

    With the new program going into effect our lovely government has decided that all must have medical insurance and if not (because most cant afford it) you're going to be fined for not having it. Isnt that the brightest idea you ever heard? People cant get it cause they're living paycheck to paycheck survivng off of mac and cheese and hot dogs (a lifestyle I've endured when i first moved outon my own) and yet now they're getting a fine on top of that cause they dont have insurance. The system is flawed both ways we're all screwed regardless -.-
  7. I don't know what is typical for insurance, but 100 a week sounds outrageous to me... O___o'

    My mom works at a hospital system so we're on their health insurance plan. I'll surely be on it til 26 unless I settle with a good job using my degree before then. Unfortunately, the hospital system is technically Catholic (totally never knew that) so they don't cover birth control.

    I believe my copay for Dr visits is about $15 though apparently for check ups I don't pay anymore - I recently had mono and strep and had not long before been in for a check up. I think it's important for people to at least have access to a check up every few years; it's ridiculous to think that because you don't look or feel any different that you are 100% healthy.

    We pay for eye insurance only every other year to save money I think so I had the same glasses forever and would stock up on contacts instead because it would only cover one or the other, or so I understood from my mom. I grew up having health, dental, and eye insurance and yearly check ups for all (well, twice a year for dentist, though I've been avoiding them lately with their damned pointy things).
  8. My insurance is through Oregon's DHS program. I got it for free for a year because I was pregnant. I'm not sure if it's the same everywhere else in America, but here in Oregon pregnant ladies pretty much get money thrown at them. xD I was well taken care of.

    Now, I still have insurance. However, I have to pay $15 a month for it. (Which isn't bad at all!) And I don't get all the benefits I did before, like glasses for example. I mostly use my insurance for health emergencies, my sinus infections I get too often, and allergy medication.

    I really hate how peoples' health care is decided, though. :/ My boyfriend is the one who provides for me and our son, yet he doesn't get approved for health insurance... It's fucked up. Here where I live, nobody really cares how much you're suffering. They just care about your money.