Insults of a Gentleman

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  1. So. I just watched the Gentleman's Dispute, and the Max Gentleman videos as done by the talented Markiplier and Captain Sparklez. Which brings me to an interesting game idea. I started one in the general chat section to test the like of it, but got impatient lol. My lovely idea for a game is that you are to come up with the most gentlemanly insult a gentleman could ever think of. (If you watch the videos I mentioned, there were some really funny moments and it gives you an idea.) Game is, you must come up with an insult or response to the person who posted before you but it has to sound as gentlemanly as possible. I want to laugh! So I will start with my personal fave from the videos. AHEM.

    "Well it seems you've taken after your mother; She was so fat she ate gout for breakfast." -Captain Sparklez