Instruments of Death


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Back in those old days, they really knew how to torture the hell out of people with fancy gadgets. .___.; Like Iron Maidens and Heretics Fork. These days there's all this business about human rights, nobody gets tortured aaaas bad anymore. ...where you can see them. >>;;

What terrible device of death and torture would you like to go out with a BANG using?
*High fives Vay.*

We sure showed her. That'll make her think twice the next time she does her job.

*Drives off on Vespa.*
Iron maidens are badass.

The old electricity hooked up to the privates is always a brutal one.
See my next Dark Reign post for this.
The Orgasmorator, possibly with a violet wand as a back-up.
Wiley Coyote giant catapult.
I want my head taken off by the rubber band of Asmo's giant slingshot after it snaps back.

He's gonna need someone to pull back on it after all.
It wouldn't snap back if you were pulling it. It would just become naturally slack after you released.

*thumbs through his Wiley Coyote manual*