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  1. Yes, I know there are already many Music Challenges here in the Institute. Most, if not all, of these challenges ask for you to write up a scene either inspired by a provided song or matching the song. Not a new concept, but still an interesting one nonetheless.

    However, I personally find that it's far easier to write up a scene if one is not distracted by lyrics. Even if it's set to a chorus or rhyming verses, words can still influence how you think as you write. You may assume that you've tuned them out, but should you go back and re-read what you have wrote, you may find that your writing still relates to the lyrics.

    In this series, I shall provide only instrumental music for you to draw from. One does not need words to tell a story through song. As per usual with these music challenges, your task is to write the scene that comes to mind as you listen. Transcribe what you hear as the music speaks to you.

    [Dark/Industrial] Collision by Vindsvept

    After a few entries, I shall also participate and tell you what I hear.
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  2. Death, sadness, tears and anguish.
    The pain. So so, much.
    Anger. Sadness, yet again.
    So many emotions in one.

    Well, that's all i got from it Dx)
  3. The man came running, desperate as he came,
    But what else could he do, who else to blame?
    Walls of city fall, storms of fire falling.
    Chaos, turmoil; desperate stalling
    Of the inevitable, the inexorable.​

    There, it sounded like really energetic and dramatic, so I hardly felt sadness >.> I hear more of chaos, madness and a sort of desperation. Like a situation where a city comes under siege, and we're right in the midst of it, trying to find a solution to it. Maybe simply trying to survive even!
  4. You enter a room it's very dark. You look around and slowly see an image. It's nothing you have ever seen the shape of before. That can't be anything of this world you think to yourself. It turns so you can see it better. It begins to speak "I am the thing that keeps you up at night. The fears within your mind. The anger inside you. The feelings you can't control. The darkness taking over you for you will be no more." You scream and awaken wondering was it really all just a dream.

    (I just went with the flow. I really like the music you picked.
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  5. The war. The blood. The waiting. Oh, the waiting. Asa snarled and launched herself from rooftop to rooftop, the wind howling cold around her as her feet thunked on the hard, cold ground, a knife gripped tightly in her metallic right hand. She turned, wary, as something hit the roof behind her and snarled, retreating into the shadows of the blustery night for cover as he approached, huge, menacing, evil in a way nothing should be.

    "Come out." He hissed and she ran again, sliding down a drainpipe and taking off through the crowds of the slums, the bright electric lights, the screaming crowds, through the brothel district, feet pounding the ground, head down. She slowed to a walk, cold grey eyes flicking around warily as she turned on to a narrow side alley and wove her way through the twisting, dark streets.
  6. They had made it. Finally, after so many trials, so many hardships and deaths they had made it. They had reached their destination. They had slayed unspeakable eldritch demons, undead abominations, insane mages, cultists, and a whole slew of evil creatures. Now, they had made it. Their goal was in sight, they could see the Obsidian Throne, all they had to do was destroy it and it would be over. The war, the demons, everything would finally end and peace could reign once again.

    ....unfortunately, it wouldn't be so easy.

    "Foolish little mortals. So confident that you could win this little game! I'll admit, you amused me. Watching you struggle to get here was most entertaining. But it ends now! I am the lord of this keep, and I will not let you destroy what I have build so hard to create!"

    What was he doing here! He should have been below, trapped in combat with the army!! He couldn't have! Did he...kill all of them? The heroes readied their weapons. This, wasn't going to be easy, but they had to win. They would win. They had lost too much to loose now.
    Alrighty. During the beginning there it sounded kind of dire, like when you had just thought you had everything then something came up and crushed all those dreams of yours. Towards the end there it started sounded more hopeful.

    That's just my take on it though~
  7. The sound of gunfire and shouting men filled the air, walls shaking and crumbling as Tori ran further into the building, his closest comrades and friends clustered around him. The Gaiden Mechs were advancing, he could feel it in the shaking of the ground. There soon would be little point in running. A soft cry grabbed his attention, watching as Tallis pitched forward and smacked hard into the floor, blood quickly pooling beneath her. He wanted to turn around, to stop and go to her, pick her up and continue on. Save her, somehow. But he knew the moment he stopped to help her, he'd be dead as well. Pushing his anguish down, he set his azure eyes forward. The group ran into a small room, Brayden and Yvette hurriedly blocking the door off with shelves and tables. It took a moment for Tori to realize that his group was setting up a barricade.

    "Are you out of your minds?! You can't hold your ground against them!"

    "Aye, but we can buy you some time." Tori found himself at a loss for words, looking between the faces of his comrades. Brayden gave a gruff scoff before continuing on, "Ye be ta fastest of us all. Sarge needs t'know what 'appened here. Needs t'know The Gaiden's be on the move." He spat for good measure, setting his sights and aiming for the barricaded door. "Now, don't be givin' me no sad eyes an' sorry excuses, ye hear? You get your arse in gear and move!"

    But he couldn't. He couldn't just leave them all here to die. Not like Tallis… Not like Jayden. He took a step forward, readying himself to stand and fight with them. Yvette span around and fired a shot not a hair's breath from his head, forcing him to stumble backwards.

    "Dammit kid, we're not dying here for you to pull off some bullshit heroics. Get back to base!"

    He didn't need to be told a third time. Tori turned on his heel, slipping through the back door, and made a mad dash out into the field. His going was slowed by the muddy footing, stumbling as he ran, the sounds of battle never far behind. Sudden pain ripped through his side, causing him to crash to the ground. Gasping, he laid a hand on his side, feeling the warmth of blood seeping through his fingers. He wasn't going to make it back to base. His comrades were more than likely all dead, and he'd failed to warn the others of the approaching attack. Coughing up flecks of red, Tori forced himself on to his back, staring up into the grey skies, lifting his hand to see just how much red covered it. A glint of metal drew his eyes to the ring on his finger, the silver offset by bands of swirling green, almost as though it were glowing. Wishmaker, Jayden had called it. A ring that granted wishes. A defeated smile pulled at the corners of his lips. There are no non-believers in death.

    "I wish…" God it hurt to talk, his lungs burning as he coughed up more blood. "I-I wish… to go back. To go back to a time before all this shit happened. Before anyone died in this war… Just before the assassination of Gerome Wight."

    It started out as a tingling in his hand, quickly moving up his arm to spread to the rest of his body, growing in intensity, sending his vision white, before it all stopped. The tingling was gone, as well as the pain in his side. Sliding open his eyes, he found himself staring up into a crystal blue sky, soft grass underneath him. It was silent, save for the soft chattering of distant voices. Sitting up slowly, he took stock of his surroundings. This… This was the home of Gerome Wight, before it had been changed into the headquarters of Gaiden, which his rebellion had successfully blown up months ago. Slowly, Tori examined himself. He still looked a mess, covered in mud and blood, his bullet wound still seeping. Yet, he couldn't feel any of it.

    He glanced down at the ring, the Wishmaker, in wonder. Was he truly back in time? Then this was moments before Gerome Wight was to be slain. He could stop it. He could stop it all. Scrambling up to his feet, he was both relieved and surprised that his weapon was still strapped to his back. Quietly, he went searching for an entrance, an open window allowing him into the building. He wasn't exactly being stealthy, tracking mud and blood everywhere, but he didn't need to be. He just needed to prevent the death of Gerome. Murray would never rise to power. His search led him upstairs, closer to the voices, beginning to make out a few words, standing just outside a large set of doors. Though, now that he was here, he wasn't sure what to do. If the assassin was in the building, he could prevent them from getting in the room. But there was also the chance they were already in there, or there was another way in. Too many unknowns. He'd need to do something drastic. Readying his weapon, he kicked in the doors. Gerome lept to his feet behind his desk, scattering papers to the ground, shock and panic on his wrinkled face.

    "Hands up!" The man did as he was told, swallowing hard as Tori advanced on him, gun continued to be pointed in his direction, though his eyes darted around in the search for any sign of danger. Nothing so far. "Okay, move towards the exit." He prodded the man's back with the tip of his weapon, making sure to keep his finger off the trigger. He wanted to scare the man into calling security, thereby making an assassination far less likely, but that would all be for naught if he accidentally shot the man himself. For his part, Gerome was being very compliant, though a bit too quiet. No begging for his life, though he was obviously scared. It was strange. The sound of crumpled paper briefly brought his attention down, the red text striking him as odd. "Hold up… what is this?"

    "Y-You mean that's not why you're here?" Gerome babbled, turning his head slightly to look at the man. "You don't know?"

    "Don't know what?" Tori eyed Gerome suspiciously, pressing his rifle forward when the man seemed hesitant to answer. "Oh no, don't clam up on me now. What did you think I was here for?" More silence followed, the man's face warped with guilt. Tori growled, grabbing the man by the back of his shirt and throwing him into the the desk. "What are you planning!?"

    "O-Okay! Okay… Just don't hurt me!" Tori stayed silent, waiting, as Gerome straightened his shirt. "…Ksaria is having a bit of trouble. You must know how high our unemployment rate has risen?" To be honest, he didn't. Coming from a wealthy family tended to leave one blind to the problems outside themselves. Gerome didn't seem to notice, turning to face away from the young man. "We just don't have the funding to educate and create jobs for them all. Hell, we're struggling to pay the workers we do have. But… imagine if we had a free labour pool!" Tori's eyes widened, the rifle barrel lowering slightly. Where was this heading?

    "Our plan is to take these lower class citizens, and make them work for us. They would not get paid, but they'd be given basic shelter, with all their simple needs met. It wouldn't be cozy by any means, but they'd survive. Much better than living on nothing, wouldn't you say?"

    Tori was silent for a moment, mulling it over in his mind, steadily growing angrier. He glared at the portly man in front of him. Fat, wealthy, living in excess. Short on money? It didn't take a genius to know where it had gone. "And I don't suppose the wealthiest of us would be subjected to the same?"

    "Good heaven's no! We are above them. Surely even an urchin such as yourself can see that. I mean, just look at you."

    He felt sick, he was so angry, it boiling in the pit of his stomach. He came back to save this… this monster? Was this future better than the one he came from? "You're just as bad as Murray." Shaking his head, Tori raised the barrel of his rifle. "No, you're worse! At least against Murray, we have a chance! You… no one else knows about this, do they? You're going to implement it slowly, keep people in the dark, make sure no one can resist when the time comes. And who would believe you'd do it? Who could accuse peaceful, diligent, generous Gerome?!"

    Gerome himself was fearful again, staring down the barrel at the angry youth. "Y-You won't shoot me. You'll never make it out of here alive! They'll catch-" He didn't even have time to finish his pleading before a bullet was lodged in his brain, jaw going slack as he crumpled to the floor. Tori glared down at him, lowering the barrel. Glancing around, he quickly gathered up all the notes, all the papers, and tossed them in the fireplace. When the assassin did finally show up, they'd find their work already done for them.

    And then the thought struck him. Maybe it had been him? Maybe it had always been him.

    "…Oh fuck. I started this. I started this whole mess." The young man dropped to his knees, head clutched in his hands. "It's my fault. I started it all." And now, he had inadvertently set everything in motion once again.
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  8. A man who looks nothing out of the ordinary walking down a busy street crowded by people going by their routine lives. He has malevolent intentions in mind as he crumples the bouny slip in his pocket with the name of his next hit. He's a contractor, and assassin, a ghost that leaves no trail as most hits are done quick, clean and painless and without hesitation from personal emotions, but the name of the person is someone he knew on a much deeper level back in his youth. However, he can't turn down his best client
  9. This was fun!

    It was about 9:00 P.M./21:00, and Jack decided to go take a walk at his favorite park at his favorite time. Why at night? I don't know...Maybe it was the thrill of being in "danger". Of course, he never was in danger, for he was a guy and guys came off as intimidating to most people, it seemed.

    He had his ear buds in, enjoying the lack of view from the darkness around in the park. The background music helped him think as well as distract his mind from his troubles. The reason why he liked doing this sort of walk was to get away from his dysfunctional family. He loved 'em, but really, it was stressful sometimes!

    He had a smile on for a second, thinking of something pleasant (the music had been working!), when he actually saw something black, hunched over, spiky fur...Like a werewolf? Its eyes were red...Like a huge rat? Without a tail??

    He immediately backed away slowly, hoping he wouldn't startle..whatever it was!! But the just stared and stared at him..before launching upon him.

    He fell back from the impact, but was able to scurry out from underneath it, and run..just run...He couldn't help but yell and whimper, having never experienced this before! Was this just a dream?? Please be a dr-

    Jack was demolished, torn apart, flesh and blood skewered everywhere within a fifteen foot radius. It was disgusting, absolutely....and the thing just howled in delight, having claimed its victory and a bite. It actually grew! As if it needed to be any bigger..Maybe that's why it hunted, to eat and grow stronger, just like any other human being..right?...

    A park ranger was on duty, a woman in her mid-40's. She was very passionate about her job, took it seriously, but she enjoyed every bit of it. It sent her home with a sense of accomplishment and pride. She knew every inch of the park now, growing very attached to it. Most park rangers would simply stay in their offices and wait for trouble, but she went out and enjoyed the park. Citizens knew her well, knew she meant well. She wasn't like the others, and that was a good thing.

    Unfortunately for her, she heard the howl, and had saw the whole thing from afar. She had laid down on her belly and looked through her binoculars to get a better look and saw blood...Blood?! Why blood?! She gasped and got up from her spot to run to the area. She made sure her handgun was loaded and ready to fire, aiming it around as she slowed and walked carefully. She didn't want to be the next victim...

    Oh, it was dreadful, the panting, the drooling of a mixture of saliva and blood, the hunched over posture, just looking at her with such hunger. Yes, she was all for animals and such - she was a park ranger!! - but this was not a friendly animal. She was so tempted to just shoot it then and there, but her morals kept her at bay, making sure the thing knew she was threatening it with a gun..too bad she couldn't communicate in a better way, for the thing pounced again. Her finger had already been on the trigger, so she pulled it, it penetrating the animal's abdomen in mid-air. It landed just before her, howling and whining in pain like a dying dog. This only made it angrier, though, the whining turning into growling...LOUD growling. This was no battle of hers...

    Somehow, it mustered the strength to attack again, but the park ranger had already bolted off. The claws of the thing barely missed her head as she ran. She heard the sound of the creature landing nearby, so she turned and shot at it again multiple times. It took another few bullets, but it was withstanding the damage pretty damn well for a bit. Eventually, it collapsed, though, rolling over on itself from the running. Was it down?...for good?.....

    She was panting and holding her own abdomen when she approached it cautiously. Yes, the gun was still in her hands..

    It looked at her with such creepy eyes. It was in pain. She had to end it. Good riddance. The gunshot resonated throughout the park, and blood splattered all over her.

    Another little girl...perhaps a runaway, had seen the park ranger's final blow, and she just started sobbing. She was scared already, being in the dark by her lonesome, not knowing where she was..And now she just witnessed a murder! She was only seven!

    "Go home! Go!" the park ranger shouted, trying to shoo off the girl. She was not feeling enough energy to take the time and figure out who she was to return her home herself. She was covered in blood! The girl didn't need to see anymore blood today. Oh, if only another park ranger was on duty!!

    Wait a second..

    As the idea hit her, the girl was tackled by a replica of the monster she had just killed. Within seconds, the seven year old was surely dead. So instant..Why?! Why was this happening?!

    The park ranger yelled in anger, darting through the park to finish off the other monster. She was determined now - no mercy!

    "Back up! I need back up!" she hollered through her walkie talkie. To her delight, only static replied. As she ran, the second monster appeared before her, ready for her..She aimed and fired as quickly as possible.

    Just like the other, the monster was able to withstand the bullets fairly decently. To her demise..she ran out of bullets..and backed up..slowly..creating some distance between the two of she reloaded desperately! The monster saw this and lunged at her while she was still vulnerable! As they fell, the park ranger fired a bullet into the monster's chest, wanting a last shot, no matter what! More blood! All over! Everywhere. Some even in her eyesss...

    Her pupils dilated and contracted multiple times within seconds. She was losing it..The blood had contaminated her! She was - she was not herself-she was a monsterrr...

    A howling escaped from her throat, just like the other howls she heard that night a monsterrr and the other still wasn't dead!! It actually attacked her still! She fought back with her new found power and strength. It was

    Yes, her precious park was destroyed, entirely. It was a true battlefield now. Trees fallen, grass ripped up, benches desolated...And people screaming in the distance. How could someone not notice? The city was actually being evacuated at this point.

    And she just howled and howled. She won. She finally killed all of the monsters. She was the last one standing...

    It's an abrupt ending, but my creativity became blocked. Thanks for the music!
  10. The engines of great war planes roared overhead and searchlights filled the sky, flooding the clouds with great rays of light, revealing the would be bombers and transports that would soon be dropping loads of warheads and thousands of bodies to rain down and take the world below. Auto-cannons and lasers filled the sky in an incredible show of force, blanketing the sky with shells and beams of green concentrated light. Those which found their targets left gaping holes and bloody remains while others demolished wings, sending the planes engines sailing off to land on any of those unfortunate enough not to notice the fiery hunk of steel tumbling through the air. Others were cut into pieces as lasers passed through their wings and fuselages, sending many to prematurely jump to their inevitable destination below.

    Troops began jumping one after another, spreading their arms and soaring toward the ground using wing suits. It was like watching a horde of bee's awaken from a nest after being nastily disturbed. They were all black, contrasting against the now brightly lit sky as one light after another beamed on to keep targets in sight. In the first line of divers, it was like a barrage hailed from its tip, as many fired weapons attached to their arms, bullets and small missiles decimated a large outpost below them as if it were nothing but dust. Immediately a hail of lasers emerged from a darkened area and cut through cloud of divers; limbs and cauterized bodies fell from the group, a ghastly sight to any below, yet more-so for those who still managed to remain airborne.

    Bombs from planes fell in long lines across the massive city below, its frame spreading for miles beyond the horizon. Much of it darkened from the everlasting war which plagued the world, much of it hiding deep factories which only helped produce more product for the everlasting war. Below the ground the earth shook, but production did not cease from the thousands of robotic workers on endless assembly lines. Back above the buildings trembled, but only faltered when a bomb met its target and turned it into nothing but shattered glass and twisted steel. Despite this, the city was already littered with such sites and over time, they were simply built around or built onto. Cheap housing, cheap food, cheap transport. Life was cheap during the everlasting war.