Instruct Me! How to Dice Roleplay?

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  1. I have never joined a Dice Roleplay at all, and I've seen so many formats and so many variations on this type of roleplay.

    I'd like someone to teach me the core mechanics. Besides the dice what is/are the most important mechanics and implementations? How do I set up one? Besides dice, what other features can I use to enhance play?

    Please respond here, and we can talk on PM or in a Chatroom!

    Thanks guise!
  2. Well, if a roleplay is using dice, it'd either be using a (likely simple) system made up by the GM for them (in which case you could find out about it when you join that game), or a full game system like D&D or World of Darkness or Legend of the Five Rings or what have you.

    It really depends on what kind of game you're looking to run. Not every system will fit cleanly into a forum's format, so some games may be more suited to chat roleplays or so on.
  3. Well; since you can look-up and learn the RPG's ways of creating dice-games I can try to help explain how I've seen it used.

    The most important factors (as dice-rolls are often used in action games or mystery games) are your stats of the character: Such as strength, whether they will land or miss a hit, how much damage they caused in the hit, if their wit/intellect goes up higher, where do they go next (a four-sided die would be great for that), among other things. Basically; you can call the shots in your own dice game. If you're joining someone else's, I suggest you just ask the GM "Sooo... what's the dice system for this game? Explain it to me?" If they confuse you; ask the needed questions or google some things. If someone gets annoyed you are asking questions; they're kinda an ass.

    I've used dice rolls in the past mainly for: land/miss a hit, how much damage, how much regen(heal), if my character learned how to be stronger/etc.
    I hope that makes sense! Maybe playing a pretend round or two of DnD with dice rolls will help you figure out how it works if this didn't. ;u; Good luck.
  4. Like the others have said most everything involved would be handled by a GM. Some of them will design their own system, in which case you'll just have to ask them what it details. Otherwise, there are websites out there that have all of the available resources up for download.
    Most dice systems were grandfathered by DnD, so that's a fairly good place to start when you're first learning to dice role-play.
    Comparing the pages at at a glance, they seem to match (almost) exactly to the text in the real 3.5 books I have from eight years ago. A lot of the knowledge translated well to the forum I was playing on, at the time.
    You could probably stop reading after the magic overview section unless you're playing that particular rule set.
  5. I want help with this too QQ
    I'm a RP DM and i'm actually developing a battle system