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  1. Hey, if you would like to join, please see the Institute of Gifted in the Miscellaneous Section!

    Lyric felt herself on a bed, one that wasn't hers. It was rather hard and didn't really even feel like a mattress. Her head was spinning, even though her eyes were closed. She sensed someone, or more, in her presence. She heard whispering, though she couldn't make out what they were saying. What was going on? She kept her eyes closed, trying to collect her thoughts and make out the whispers.
  2. "hey kid, kid wake up" i said to the girl on the bed next to mine, the guards brout her in two to three hours ago and she hadent woak sence, he wasnt worryed just anoid that she kept maoning "oh come on wake up please i cant read with you maoning like that"
  3. Lyric furrowed her eyebrows, opening her eyes a little, squinting from the bright lights of the room. She sat up slowly but immediately regretted it, closing her eyes and bringing her hands to her head, trying to stop the sudden dizziness and headache that had appeared.
  4. Corrie sat on her bed, legs crossed and her eyes closed. To most, she would likely look like she was meditating. In reality, however, she was attempting to figure out a way to escape. That one question occupied almost all of her time. She knew, if she was more powerful, she would be able to kill all the guards without remorse. But they weakened her- sedated her powers so they were almost useless to her. The best she could do most of the time was create snow, and that wasn't very helpful.
    With a sigh, the small girl rose to her feet. She started to make it snow around her, just enough to make a small snowman form by her feet. This made her smile slightly, remembering the snowmen she used to make with her brother before... them.
  5. Virgil was there sitting in there, looking at all the people there with him, a small guy, a teenage girl, and some guy in his twenties. "So, ummm, nice to meet you all heh, ehhh..... how are you guys all doing....?"
  6. Lyric finally decided to open her eyes, squinting but still holding her head, now starting to rub her temples. She looked at the guy who spoke. "H-hi..." She said shakily. "Where um... A-am I?"
  7. "Um fu- I mean heck if I know, so umm what's your name?"
  8. She hesitated, not knowing whether to tell him or not, with everyone else around too. "Never trust anyone..." "I'm... Lyric..." She said softly, sighing. It didn't seem like this headache was going away anytime soon. "Who... Are you?" He looked a bit older than her, so did the others. All the guys look way older than her, which made her nervous, but she tried not to show it.
  9. Corrie looked up at the girl. With the clench of her fist, the snow around her melted to the ground, leaving nothing more than puddles on the ground. "I'm Corrie." she stated, though her comment hadn't been asked for. Then, she did something unusual. She curled her fingers slightly, forming a snowball in mid air. "Here, put this against your head. May help with the ache."
  10. Virgil noticed the hesitation in her voice. "Lyric is a nice name." Virgil was just thinking to himself about how young she was when she asked his name. "I am Virgil, nice to meet you." he extends out his hand for a hand shake before quickly putting it back he almost forgot about his powers. " So what are you doing in here Lyric?"
  11. "What is anyone doing in this place, Virgil?" A taller fellow watching the whole ordeal chipped in "It's because we're different, everyone in this god forsaken place is." He grumbled, he'd much rather be back in Europe rather than an institute "And since this a special place." He added on "What're you capable of doing?" He glanced at Lyric, he could tell Virgil was related to cold since being around him brought a shiver through his whole body, that or it was because he was disgusted by the fact he was a peasant, or perhaps the latter.
  12. "Thank you..." Lyric said softly to Corrie, taking the snowball, causing her to get goosebumps from how cold it was. But it did help a lot with the headache, but it was still there a little. "Um..." She took a breath, trying to get rid of the shakiness in her voice. "I don't know... why I'm here.." She hesitated again. "And I... Don't have an ability." She said, barely a whisper, not wanting them to know, though it would probably just end like before.
  13. Virgil felt insulted abit by the man "Well, What is your name?" he said to the man.
  14. "Just call me Enigmus, I'd prefer it if everyone called me that." Enigmus shrugged as he took a step closer to Lyric "Let me put in novice words that you can comprehend, I know you have a 'power' or else you would not be here." He uttered "Now, what is your power?" He asked.
  15. Virgil was really disliking Enigmus's tone toward Lyric and proceeded to say "Dude, back off if she does have a power she does not wanna tell you, so lay off!"
  16. Corrie rolled her icy blue eyes at the lot of them, turning back to sit down on her cold, hard bed. Sitting down, she crossed her legs again and moved her hands around a bit. Sparks of frost danced around above her slim-fingered hands, and the faintest of smiles graced her lips.
  17. (I'm gonna start putting dialogue in a different color, so it won't be as confusing.)

    She winced a bit from the two, and Enigmus' words, which she was rather offended by. Was he saying she was dumb? "Please." Lyric said quietly. "Stop arguing.." She felt her headache increasing, and the ice melting slowly. She felt overwhelmed. Where's trashcan when she needs one?
  18. "Well?" Enigmus ignored Virgil as he crossed his arms and began to tap his foot, waiting for Lyric to answer to answer his question "I am waiting for an answer someone like you would call good enough." He told her.
  19. "I don't wanna talk about it." She said, placing the snowball on the floor beside her bed and laying down on her side, her back facing him. All she wanted to know was where she was, why she was there, and what was going to happen.
  20. "Fine, fine. I'll wait for you to answer when you're good and ready." Enigmus replied whist taking a step, or two, back away from Lyric. Though he was displeased, he knew he'd have to wait and bide his time, like most of his past schemes required him to do.
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