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  1. Lyric was a normal twelve year old girl. She hung out with friends, spent time with family, and went to school everyday. Then weird things started happening.

    Years ago, around the age of nine, her mom would tell her stories, and tell her things she didn't understand, like, "Don't trust anyone," and "Always watch, you never know who's out there and when they're coming." Yes, Lyric never understood this. Why would her mom say things like that?

    One day at the age of ten, Lyric was at home, in her room mad, because her mom wouldn't let her have some sweets. While watching TV, she drew pictures of all kinds of sweets, cupcakes, chocolate bars, and then ran her hand over her pictures. Suddenly, her hand went into the paper, and she could pull out the picture, and it would be real.

    Getting older, she started learning new things. She could draw things and make them real, draw something in mid air, and it would appear, or she could just wave a hand across and make something appear. She used this to her advantage. But that wasn't the only thing she noticed.

    When hanging out with friends or going out, she would notice people staring at her, and sometimes even it seemed people were following her. At school, her social studies teacher would always be watching her, and always seemed to be more interested in her than the other kids.

    At the age of twelve, at school one day, she was in social studies class. While the class was working, her teacher Mr. Black, quietly said he needed to talk to her in the hallway. After going out into the hallway, there were two other men, dressed kind of like scientists. She didn't understand.

    "Lyric," said Mr. Black, "these guys would like to talk to you." "It has come to our attention that we believe you have something special... something... others don't have. Are we correct?" One of the men asked. Lyric's eyes widened, but she tried to stay calm. How could they know? She responded with, "No.." "The point is," said the other, "we would like to take you to the Institute of Gifted. Its a really nice place, and we want to know how you got your ability." "I-I don't know what you're talking about. What do you mean ability?" Lyric tried to play dumb, but it obviously didn't work. Mr. Black spoke up. "Lyric, stop playing games." "I'm not!" She said. Mr. Black rolled his eyes and said to the men, "Just get her." The next thing she knew, she was trying to get away from them, but was knocked out with a cloth with chlorophyll on it.

    Now she must try to survive at the Institute of Gifted, meeting others like her along the way. There they test on humans, trying to figure out how their powers work, and how to duplicate them. The tests are terrible and no one that's gets tested is left unharmed. Will they escape?

    -----Hi! This is the summary of my rp! If you are interested, please fill out a character form. You can either be someone with a gift or a "scientist." I will have a forum started for the rp in the Fantasy Section, and you can jump in! Anyone can join, but it would be easier to fill out a form and ask questions and stuff on here, and rp in the other forum. That way its organized. This rp is always open! How turns are going to go, idk. I guess we will go in the order you are accepted. :) Please make any character twelve years of age or older! Thanks! Lets also try to keep the genders balanced! Here is the form:

    Looks (picture or write it out):
    Number (Must be between one and 2,000):
    Backstory/How they got caught:

    Backstory (optional):
    Favorite Test Experiment:

    Here is my character!

    Name: Lyric Hime
    Age: 12
    Looks: Has piercing bluish green eyes that get people's attention, medium lengthed light brown hair with bangs that she sometimes wears to the side, her hair is straight. Her skin color is white but not pale, and her lips are a natural light pink. Her body is small, but not frail.
    Number: 1,005
    Height/Weight: 4'4, 75lbs
    Ability: Can make things appear and turn one/two dimensional objects into three dimensional objects.
    Backstory: In rp.
    Other: Nice but not a pushover, hates being tickled, hard to make friends with because her mom said not to trust anyone, careful, smart.

    Happy roleplaying everyone! :D
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  3. nice i'll do an app as soon as i think of what i want to be
  4. Cool! Thanks a lot! :)
  5. no poblem oh just had a thought can i bring my character from the talinted just mod him a bit?
  6. Yeah! And do you mean the Talented? Lol
  7. yes -.- hate my spelling. ok be back with character
  8. Lol its fine! My phone does that ALL the time. And I was just wondering because I wanted to join that too, but I was gonna wait until it got more active. So then I made this rp until the Talented is more active again lol.
  9. Name: Maximus (Max for short) Seed

    ID number: 0013

    Age: 24 (has become immortal sence powers awakened but not to the point where he cant die he just cant die from old age and never ages)

    Looks: long, striate, red hair, with stubbles on his chin, his eyes are red as well and his face is free of blemishes except for a scar on his left eye (left eye still useable) he is lean and fit. He
    wares a lite brown ankle length trench coat with his sleeves rolled up just under the elbows, black fingerless gloves, white t-shirt, tan cargo pants, and black combat boots.

    Height/Weight: about 5'9" and 180lb

    Ability: fire control and manifestation (fire dose not hurt him or touch his clothes)

    Background: Max was a normal guy he wanted for nothing excepet for his girl friend to be happy, one night him and his girl were walking home from seeing a movie and they took a shortcut through an allyway and a man stoped them deamnding money, when they refused another man came up from behind and grabed his girl friend he whent to get her but the first grabed him and put him in a hold "you should have done this the easy way now we're going to have to kill you" as the second man pulled out a knife and held it to his girl friend throat and slit it.

    At that point Max snaped and broke free of the firsts grip and charged the second and got a cut on his eye as the second slashed at his head, he fell and they got on both sides of him ready to kill him as well and he felt a power within him and held his hands up and yelled "NO" and the two burst into flams the second went up and the flam jumped to the first. When the cops got there and herd what happend he was never herd from again

    other: is being trained as an assassin at the Institute of Gifted not just as a resorce but to also see the lemit of his powers. has a hardend heart cause of what happend to his girl friend and most of the training he's been through but that mite change soon
  10. Nice! You are accepted, of course lol. Thank you for rping with me!
  11. Name:
    Cordelia "Corrie" Bennett
    Corrie is a small, thin girl- only about 5'3", and weighing in at around 95 lbs. She has choppy white hair that reaches just past her shoulder blades, and freckles that dot the surface of her nose and shoulders. She has a defined face, her features soft, but not so severe as to look older than she is. In fact, she's a very pretty girl- what people find most striking is her eyes. They're an incredibly sharp blue, to the point of looking like contacts, with no trace of any other colour.
    5'3", 95 lbs
    Corrie can control ice. It sounds quite boring, but over the years she's learned to perfect it to the point of scary. Not only can she move ice, snow or cold winds, but she can cause it to form, without any seeming difficulty. And not just in the open- when she first arrived, she murdered a scientist by causing a block of ice to form in his throat.
    Backstory/How they got caught:
    I'll roleplay it out, if that's okay?
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  12. hey wait a min i'm number 0013 lol
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  13. You are accepted Sunrise, but you might need a new number lol. Oh! And yes you can rp out how you got to the IoG
  14. If you guys want you can go ahead and continue the rp in the fantasy forum.
  15. just waiting for you :)
  16. What do you guys want the order to be?
    a. random. Go whenever you like.
    b. T, Strider, Sunrise
    c. T, Strider, T, Sunrise
    d. something I haven't said.
  17. Haha, sorry 'bout that (:
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