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    Welcome to the chat thread for the Professor's Lounge! Feel free to discuss Institute business or just chat amongst yourselves here. Remember, forum-wide rules still apply to the Lounge. Please do not use this thread for ranting about members, and be respectful of your fellow Professors!
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  2. [MENTION=user_group,12]Mentors[/MENTION] and [MENTION=user_group,13]Professors[/MENTION]: Welcome to the Professor's Lounge! Look around and get familiar with your new private forum.
  3. Yay! *stands at the water cooler*
  4. Oh, and one more thing: [MENTION=user_group,13]Professors[/MENTION], be sure to check your Workshops and etc. to make sure that there's no broken formatting from the import!
  5. *kicks over the watercooler, spraypaints a grey V on the wall above it, air guitars and goes to teach some fucking mentees.*
  6. Oh, wow, this is nice! Great idea! I suppose this is a good place to ask for ideas and things from the other mentors and professors as well. :3 Nice, nice...
  7. *is slightly confused lol*
  8. [MENTION=3049]CosmicWeinerDog[/MENTION] and [MENTION=3984]CrimsonMaiden[/MENTION]: I never did get those updated Mentor Applications from you two. Would you mind filling out the form for me so I can update your listing info?
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  10. [MENTION=user_group,12]Mentors[/MENTION]: Three out of the four most recent requests haven't been filled! *Stares*
  11. well i'm sorry i've been busy!!!! T.T
  12. The past two times I've picked someone up for mentoring they end up not coming back to me and we barely get anywhere. I message them and they never get back to me. I'm actually kind of nervous about picking up anyone else...
  13. Ah, yeah, that happens sometimes. t___t It's them, not you. They say they want help but then they don't really know what kind of help they want, or they can't take criticism and get turned off to Mentoring, or they just have a case of newbie fever and will be either indifferent or gone in a week or two, or they realize they really just want to post to RPs instead of do work. It is just kind of a thing that happens with a lot of Mentees. Every now and then you get the good ones who you can actually work with for a while, but we still have to sort through the rest and help them where we can, too.
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  14. I'll get get back into, I've been wondering if not to just drop the one I have now. He seemed still interested but that was a little while ago... Ah! By the way, funyaripa is still marked as taken by me though I let her go sometime ago >.> I know it's late mentioning but...yeah.
  15. Hmm? o__o I only have Fox slotted for you, not Funyaripa.
  16. In the mentee thread Funyaripa still has "Claimed by CrimsonMaiden" on her post >.>
  17. Oh! Yeah, that doesn't go away. They stay marked so that we know they got claimed at one point. :3
  18. Oh! Okay xD My apologies then. I'm looking back through the thread now for a new mentee. I may claim the last person if no one has yet.
  19. It's cool, no worries. :] The last unclaimed requests are from early April (never got claimed, unfortunately, we lost a lot of Mentors over the past couple of months), but if you want to try getting one of them, it's probably worth a shot!
  20. Yeah, I see there's a short list of them. I'll see if any of them are still interested in having a mentor.

    I have very nicely suggested the mentoring program to someone named Rusty.Foxington who I also told should post a request in the mentor request thread. I call dibs on him xD
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