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  1. Traditionally on Iwaku, the Counseling board has bunch of rantings about the latest depressing thing in life. I do see that we have some more positive rants as well as the expected downers on this board.

    But we are missing a true "counseling" thread.

    The intent for this thread is to leave a helpful tip for all of us to refer to on a bad day.

    Mine is:

    Live long enough and fortunes change, even bad ones.
  2. Life is a giant ball of thorns and roses. you have to keep cutting through painful curbs to get to a beautiful destination.
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  3. Let it go. No, seriously. LET IT ALL GO. Nothing will make you more miserable than hanging on to anger or sadness about something that is done, over with, and no longer a part of your life. Cut that shit out. o_o
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  4. Do not expect anything from Anyone.

    If you have expectations you will Always be disappointed.
    So, be Independent and do Your thing.
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  5. "People are going to be rude, mean, insensitive, and cruel. How you handle it is what will cause the outcome. People will treat you like crap at times, but it's all about how YOU handle it. Don't let them beat you down; show them how strong you really are. Don't let someone mold you into someone you aren't. You are here for some sort of reason and it is your job to figure out what it is."
    -Mel 2014
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  6. The key to success is a mystery. The key to failure is trying to make everyone happy.
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  7. Experience is the thing you get when you can't undo the thing you did.
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  8. Great expectations. If you have them, you will always feel disappointment.
    But if you lose them, you will never feel accomplishment.
  9. Study the past, if you would divine the future.
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    This is fine right?
  11. It is ten thousand falls to black belt
  12. If you keep your feet firmly on the ground, you’ll have trouble putting on your pants.
  13. Friends are like condoms- they protect you when things get hard. >:3
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  14. Faith and reason are the shoes on my feet. You can walk farther with both than one alone.
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  15. We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public. XD
  16. You are the master of your own senses, the controller of the input and the output. Do not be a marionette doll, falling to the whim of others.
  17. Understanding is a three-edged sword. His side, their side, and the truth.
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  20. I once had a beer with a woman I didn't even know on the side of the road she told me;

    "The three most important things in life are: 1) Watch your drink. 2) Watch what you say, and who you say it to. 3) Be yourself. And you'll be okay."