Inspirational Songs

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  1. So this is kind of awkward how I actually stumbled upon this. I was watching Tekkit with Duncan from yogscast and it was the episode where Duncan and Sjin have their showdown where I really became inspired.

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    This is the episode, I can't explain it but for some reason foreboding music plus a destructive final battle equals a great formal for inspiration for me. You'd really have to watch the whole episode to get where I'm coming at because up to the point where he fights Sjin he uses a track that sounds as if you're going to finally meet the person you've been longing to get at for the grand battle. During the fight where the soundtrack stars, which is at 5:40, draws me in even more. Then towards the end where everything has basically been obliterated really does it in for me.

    Then I went to search for some scores that Duncan has been using for it, which was done by someone named Kevin MacLeod. The first track I picked,the video bellow, made me think of my own story that I haven't really started. If any of you seen it and remember it, it was just a small segment of a story which was about people, the Dark Council, came to earth and brought nothing but grief to the humans; and this song really inspired me to continue even further with it. This is really something because usually songs don't really inspire me very much.

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    So at this point I was intent on finding more scores, and what do you know I found even more inspiring tracks. So here's my question for you (I know I've been doing a lot of these recently) what songs inspire you? Share it with us, I would like to see.