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  1. Ello, ello, what's all this then?.. I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist! Well as you can read, (I'm hoping) I am Chloe Marlin, an inspector for ICPO. People call on me when there's the smell of fresh blood and mystery about... And it's hardly what you can consider normal. I might as well tell you a little bit about myself, but I never give away that much. I have fourth wall awareness. My creator thought that would be a fun touch. I was first designed for Lupin III. My creator is obsessed with that anime. I apparently have to have some sort of ship with Daisuke Jigen... *Shudders* I admire him for his skill and he's alright I suppose, but no... Just no. Before I was an Inspector, I was in the army. I made it to 2nd Lieutenant and I was a sniper. I was very well known for my skill with a gun and I still am! One scratch on my two M1911 pistols and I go insane. I remember this one time I was careless and one of my guns got mixed up with a gun in the firing range. A recruit chipped it and tried to hide... But nothing goes missing from Chloe Marlin especially not her gun... That kid went to hospital for about a month and never looked me in the eye for a year :D Now he is one of the best detectives I know! Well, I look forward to meeting you all! I have looked around and I am very impressed with what I see! Looking forward to meeting you all and role playing with you!*two fingered slaute*
  2. Salutations inspector! 8D Welcome to the community!
  3. At ease. :p

    Welcome to Iwaku. You are now my victim. I am D'evil, the friendly neighborhood daemon. If you have questions, comments, concerns. Don't hesitate to ask. I like all my victims to be happy.

    Btw, FIRST!!!!
  4. Dangit. Diana beat me to the punch

  5. Thank you for such a warm welcome! A daemon, eh? Definately something I've never come across in my cases... And my cases are down right strange. I'll make sure to contact you with any questions, thank you :)
  6. I remember that position.
  7. Do you mean something specific by that Asmodeus? Maybe I should've selected you by the creepiest RP poll after all.... >_>

    Anyway welcome to Iwaku ^^
  8. Asmo is a creep :p
    Welcome to Iwaku. I am Toaster Dog, you're lovely community pet and average piece of machinery!
    Enjoy Iwaku!