Insignificant seeming things that... CHANGED YOUR WHOLE LIFE!

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  1. When someone says "life changing moment" we always imagine or think about these BIG moments. Accidents, or successes. Meeting your love or having a baby. Getting a new job. Losing that job.

    Have you ever stopped to think about the tiny little things that have shaped your life or you as a person?

    Maybe a book you read when you were a kid set you on a certain path.

    Or maybe something a stranger once told you changed the way you think in a subtle way.

    Take a moment to think about your life. What are some TINY things, tiny moments, if they hadn't happened, your whole life would be different right now?

    The biggest one for ME is prolly Sailor Moon. 8D If I had never seen that show on TV and got interested in it, I never would have gotten on the internet to see if there were more "Sailor Scouts", discovered online communities and later started making sites myself. I never would have met my best friends, my husband, or be the person I am now. It's craaaaazy how that one day of skipping school and watching morning cartoons completely altered what my life would have been. O_O
  2. Three years ago a friend of a friend named Scotty offered to teach me guitar

    Now I'm lying in our room dreaming about our trip to AU this spring ^3^

    Oh, and about... Oh god, ten years ago? I feel old.

    Ten years ago my sister lent me her copy of The Fellowship of the Ring and a bookworm/Tolkein fan/Creative Writing junkie was born
  3. Mine would be deciding to listen to The Greatest Speech ever Told because I'd had been still a greedy son of a bitch.

    Yes, it's a bit tacky but it really made me reflect on how I wanted to be seen as a person and being in this world.
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  4. Beyblade. Oh gosh…

    I looooooooved Beyblade when it first aired, right up until my late teen years. It was what started me and my friends LARPing, creating scenarios and stories to alter the show. And when I moved away, we began writing them out. It was so much fun that I went looking online for others who liked to write out these fan fiction collab-stories, and boom. Roleplay junkie~
  5. Like Diana, it's all about Sailor Moon for me. Only I was trying to watch X-Men! But instead of my usual X-Men that I had stolen off to my Nana's to watch there was this very pink very weird show. I watched a bit of it and turned it off because it was so terribly girly it was horrible.
    It was 1997 or so and I was in my baggy jeans and black tee shirt grunge phase. Next day I went back for X-Men in hopes that it was back on the tv. Nope. Nor the next day or the one after. Because Sailor Moon was in the time block I had free I started watching it and that was my first anime.
    My Aunt moved in shortly after in 1998 with her computer and she got internet. So I went searching for Sailor Moon stuff and found a site with a chat... And the rest is history.

    Because of Sailor Moon I met the love of my life two years later.

    Oh. It's also the reason why I RP online and why I'm here. :P

  6. There are probably two for me. First one is deciding to join JROTC. Split second decision. I needed to fill in an elective and it sounded better than PE again, plus everyone in there had been really nice to me. I even got a compliment on my new boots. ^^ Now BAM, going to college in no small part based off of my leadership experience, community service, and honors earned in the corps. Plus, I met my boyfriend there. Thinking about what might have happened if I clicked on PE instead... wow.

    Then there was a fateful day when I was eleven on Neopets, and decided to click on that weird Roleplay board. So much of my life is based on writing and worldbuilding now, but if I hadn't been derping around neopets I probably never would have discovered RPing which lead to all the rest. O.O
  7. Sailor Moon blahblah Life Changed lalalala....

    Maybe there's another point in my life...

    Several years ago I got the idea to take the Master Gardeners program after talking to the garden manager at a different store in my company. I got to talk to her because the store needed someone to fill in for their floral department, but no one in their store was available. It was a long commute from where I lived. I easily could have said no, and some people thought the milage pay was not enough incentive. So there I am a year or so later taking the program, trying to make myself more learned in gardening, which I had hoped would make me more promotable. Then I am walking around in the hall during a break and see a flyer for some sort of nutrition class.

    It would be another two years before I have a chance to take the class, but now I am a new business owner and due to what I have learned and studied, my mom is the healthiest she's been in fifteen years.

    All because I went outside my comfort zone to "play" for a day at another store!
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  8. One Night, I was on skype and I may have had a bit too much to drink, but I wasn't a hot mess either, Just being my Abrasive self. After getting kicked from a chat, I apologized and laid down to get ready for bed, feeling a bit disappointed in myself, thinking over in my head what I did wrong.

    Suddenly, I get a call over skype from October, Not one, not two, not three, But about five calls. So Now I'm thinking skype is being weird and either mine or his internet is freaking out. we wound up talking, seeing each others faces and that moment of skype freaking lead to a train ride from east coast ALLLLL the way to the west coast.

    My family called me crazy, I was finally admitting how crazy I really was ~laughs~ But I did it! I made it here, I followed my intuition and my life, Goodness!, my life is so different. I am so different. I feel Brave, Courageous, and determined. A few months ago, I never would have done something like this. October Just gave me so much faith in myself, he made me feel strong.

    In retrospect, those mis-happened Skype calls from October, Changed My life, changed me, changed my entire world. My life will never ever be the same again. I didn't believe that this amount of happiness could be achieved, But I took that dive, and I am a better and happier human being for it.

    Thank you, Internet, Iwaku, Skype...Thank you for everything. Without these little events I wouldn't be living the life I am living now.

    Most of all, Thank you @October Knight , I love and care for you very much, and I am beyond Grateful for everything you do for me. I am a very, very, very, lucky girl.
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  9. For me, I think it's Iwaku. As big (and as old) of a community as this is, I consider it a 'tiny' part of my life since it's just one of the hundreds of things I've done. xD It's just done so much for me. My writing is better than ever, because of Iwaku. It's the only hobby of mine that's stayed constant, even through my depressions. It's also where I met the love of my life. And hell, if that never happened, I wouldn't have my son. I've made some great friends, too. A couple of which I got to actually meet in real life. I can't tell you how important and loved those moments made me feel.

    The same could be said about the video game, TF2. That's what my boyfriend and I bonded over the most before we fell in love. It's also brought me closer to my dad, who is the person that got me to buy the game in the first place.

    Yessir, the internet has changed my life in many ways.
  10. I have a couple:

    Video games is the first one. My father and brother basically put a controller in my hand the day I was born, so that started shaping me.

    Second one is Lord of the Rings/Hobbit. My father got me into the movies, and then I read the books, and have been a HUGE fan ever since.

    Third is Roleplaying. Honestly, Roleplaying has made me the person that I am today due to being so creative. It's a thing that allows me to think deeper and to be more creative. It has helped me in my life, through thick and thin.

    Fourth thing has been Anime/Manga. I have become a huge nerd and for years. I love the fact that I am nerd and would not change anything.

    But all of that would not be possible if it weren't for the BIG life changer--my heart surgery. If it wasn't for that, I probably would be in sports, and not have time for my nerdy things. ​
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  11. This....I forgot this. the Hobbit has gotten to me, not the Lord of the Rings, but The Hobbit. because I've felt like Bilbo.
  12. As for me, it was my decision to move to the business high department in our school. It happened somewhat recently... uh... February 2013, maybe? If I didn't move there, then I wouldn't really find my new found love for Accounting, History and Linguistics. :o

    But the very first life changing moment I had was when I watched an anime for the first time. I think it was Naruto sue me and I was pretty young back then. Maybe eight or nine? Weeeeell, I watched it so religiously, rushing to the telly when I came home from kindergarten, eagerly awaiting for the next episode. It was pretty much the only anime available in my time slot back then, so that was the only show I watched.

    I really love making my own characters, even as a child. I would envision what would happen to the show if my character was in there. It would be pretty shitty since I used to make 'em REAAAALLY perfect and whatnot. And that sparked my fanfic making mind.

    Second one was when I was nine or ten. I was scrolling through Facebook, searching for my favorite anime characters on the search bar. Well, what do you know, there were roleplayers there! So I added one, then another one, then another one... until I made my own roleplay account and roleplayed on Facebook for a good two years! Maaaan~ It was fun~

    This is lame, I know.
  13. When I was ... a younger Kitti, I didn't want to go home after class let out early one day because things and I didn't know what to do with my time. A close friend of mine told me about a website she'd recently been shown that might give me something to do for a little while, since we both enjoyed writing and telling stories. Baby Iwaku. <3
  14. Some of you already know this story.

    In 2011, my brother and I were living halfway across the country from one another (and still do). Back in the days of our youth we'd done online roleplaying when we were in the same house, on a little site called Gaia Online. It wasn't my first online RP site, but it was his only exposure to online RP, and we actually ran a pretty major roleplay on there together and ended up co-running a guild for a while before he lost interest. But he'd been going through a hard time around then and was trying to get his creative juices flowing again, and online RP seemed like a good way for us to bridge the distance and spend time together. However, he wasn't thrilled with the idea of getting back on Gaia, especially since the site had become more and more tween-social oriented rather than a roleplay forum in the time since his heyday. I was still somewhat active on Gaia, but had gotten into playing with one particular RP partner over IMs almost exclusively at the time and it had been a while since I'd glanced at the other options available. I didn't know where to turn.

    So, I googled "top roleplay forum" and checked out a few of the results I got from the topsites. Only one really captured me, because the community was awesome and free of the pretentiousness and drama I'd come to expect of most roleplay sites. I convinced my brother to get an account.

    My brother lasted about a month. I stayed.

    Now it's 2014, and I have found best friends, roommates, loves, and jobs that I never would have had otherwise. I'm in a better place in many, many ways. This one little Google search ended up radically changing a great deal of my life. It brought me to Iwaku.

    I am really, really glad my brother briefly decided that he wanted to roleplay again.
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  15. Discovering forum roleplay. I would have never thought four years ago that the people I'd meet on Iwaku would change my life. I regard many of you as family. Without those I've roleplayed, cboxed, skyped with, or met irl I wouldn't be the person I am today..for better or worse.

    The most awesome years of life I've lived so far are happening now because of searching for 'Online roleplay'

    It's crazy.
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  16. Logging into a geocities-or-some-shit hosted SMU chat at age 12

    Stumbling on a message board called The Fighting 44s at age 17½
  17. Picking up the Percy Jackson books. Since then I read, write and now do RPS. I use to hate reading, writing and look at me in so many fandoms. In love with fiction characters.
  18. Mine wasn't too long ago... only a couple years, but, anyway, I got a nook for my 13th birthday... I was a pretty mature, and silent guy, but, that little tablet gave me a gateway to the internet which caused me to find another side of myself... I now love talking, and, I have matured even further, but can be fun... unlike before. I started off on fanpop (now when I think of it, I cringe) and made friends there, and someone got me to do an rp with a couple of their friends (I already knew what roleplaying was, because I had tabletop games) and so, I was Introduced, albeit roughly to play by post roleplay! I drifted away from that site, because it felt too childish, and I wanted a better place to rp. I found zrpg and the guild, and became a better roleplayer with my time there! eventually, I was confident in my abilities, and able to gm things decently. I got tired of that for a little while, and joined the spam section of the guild... then It got wiped, and I found this place in the process! It may not seem like a ton now, but that one introduction to the internet has done me a lot of good in becoming a better reader, writer, and person. And I know that my continued experiences will only stack up to something great!
  19. Learned to sew ... I always had a quirky taste in clothes and wanted things really unique and original, buying from boutiques or finding things from thrift stores that didn't look like the came from my grandma's wardrobe was both expensive (boutiques) or bloody hard (thrift stores, they've improved a bit now though). So when I learned to sew I really found new ways of expressing myself, I save a tonne of money too because I can go to thrift stores and buy some ugly granny skirt but then go home and turn it into a beautiful shirt or something :D

    I've taken to making my own clothes from scratch and I'm hoping that once I get real good at making my casual every day clothes I can start making avant garde outfits and put on a show in a local gallery of my "storybook outfits". I'd love to make clothes and put them on display :D

    For now Im just enjoying being able to wear vintage and retro things of my own creation for half the price you'd pay in a boutique!!! -I still love looking in boutiques for ideas though :D and the occassional purchase since its far easier ot just buy a dress off the rail then spend a couple days making from scratch and tailoring it to perfection-

    It started as a hobby to get a little handy in the house but now is an obsession ^^''
  20. Crappy Hawaiian-themed party at work.

    I stood watching a line of depressed chavs in hula skirts lining up for a surfing simulator.

    I thought to myself "Fuck it! I'm gonna go to America and seduce Tegan."
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