Insight or Diplomacy?

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Would you rather....?

  1. Always know when someone is lying

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  2. Always get away with lying

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  1. I very curious.

    If you'd like, vote and then tell Iwaku your thoughts.

  2. Always know when someone is lying, because it would be extremely useful for someone like me.
  3. Always knowing when someone is lying might be more frustrating than the alternative, since it's not like you'd automatically know why or what they're trying to hide. For that reason, I went with always getting away with lying. I'm pretty skeptical of that option too though, since it could easily become a crutch.
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  4. I'd rather be able to get away with lying, simply because I'm a pretty cynical person as far as my generation goes, and I feel like knowing every time my "friends" lie to me would just make me have trust issues and feel more negative towards my peers. Sometimes, I truly believe ignorance is bliss.
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  5. I'd rather get away with lying.

    Not only for my own sake, but for others as well. I'm a TERRIBLE liar, and when I try to comfort someone by lying to them, they never believe me. I'd like to lie for the protectioin of others.

    Also, if I could always get away with lying, then my name is Channing Tatum, I'm all muscle, irresistibly hot, and I'm filthy rich.
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  6. I think I would like to know whenever someone is lying to me. I already have trust issues with certain after a few incidents. All because people have made promises and then completely blew it off with lies in the end. It would be nice to know when promises and the like start turning into blatant lies. If that makes any sense.
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  7. I've studied psychology and know generally is somebody is lying to me. There are both physical signs and mental, you've just got to be extremely observant. But there are those who have perfected their lying skills, and they most of the time do not crack under pressure, so their lies are convincing.

    What I'd rather know is why they are lying to me.
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  8. I'd like to know whether people are lying to me or not, finding out why can be the fun part, and even more fun when you use that knowledge as leverage.
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