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  1. You're new. Completely and utterly new to the mafia, specifically the Italian Mafia. You heard of the leader, a half dragon that's feared all over Italy, and that's what gained your interest. You're assigned a specific job that the Don hired you for. The woman, who happens to the Don, asks you to watch over someone while she's on a trip. She asks you to watch over her teenage daughter. You agree, thinking that nothing could go wrong and that this teenage girl would just sit at home. This teenage girl is part dragon as well, a quarter to be exact, and she's something to be careful of because of her pet whom is a full dragon with a human format. She's also a sweet girl. Four months alone with her. What could go wrong? A whole lot when hunters are involved and other people that would kill to have a dragon's blood. It goes for high prices in the black market...
  2. She felt like a child. Her mother got her a babysitter. Well, he wasn't technically a babysitter but the thought was still there. Her mother always viewed her as a weak little girl that had nothing better to do than sit at home. She was prepared to give her mother a piece of her mind which she knew wouldn't work out so well. Priscilla was stubborn, very stubborn. And when it came to her only living child, the woman would do anything to keep her safe, even hire someone to watch after her.

    "Ridiculous." Florence muttered under her breath as she listened to her father's voice. He was currently speaking to the newest member of her mother's organization. "I don't need a damn babysitter." She shook her head and continued to listen in to the conversation as she stood in the hallway, near her bedroom.
  3. The flight had been as decent as any commercial flight could be , which was to say terrible; the organization had said, and after he had gotten over his own blind hatred at the act, a private jet would have been too flashy and expensive. It was right about the time the flight was underway that Cesare had come to the realization that his uncle hadn't specified what he had to trek across the Atlantic for. In the general excitement around the moment, he had neglected to ask, though he did have little choice in the matter. If they wanted him in Italy, they wanted him in Italy and better it be on their good books before he found himself working in the shit. Of course Cesare had tried to fathom through why he would be called in on the turn of a moment before finally giving up as sleep took him.

    Sleep that, of course, lasted near only two hours, leaving him wide awake and with nothing to preoccupy himself with on the long voyage over. When at last the plane made contact with the ground, the next hour was a frantic dash to procure what little luggage he had brought (the organization offered what he needed), passing through crowds, and finally arriving in the lobby, glancing around for the driver. There he was, standing in the middle of the crowds of other drivers, holding a sign with yet another false name for Cesare to go by: something his uncle had, at least, not forgotten to mention. The driver offered Cesare a curt nod before shoving the sign in the nearest trash bin and escorting the criminal to the parking lot.

    "Won't be too far a drive." He commented as the pair arrived at his car - a standard model, again, nothing flashy.

    "That's the hope." Cesare stated dryly, taking a seat next to the driver's seat while he waited for the driver to finish with the luggage.

    After a brief pause, the driver stepped into the car and slammed the door shut behind him, placing the key into the ignition at the same time. With a click and a roar, the engine sprang into life and they were off through the crowded streets of Venice. As they drove past narrow alleyways and through crowded streets, Cesare turned around and looked behind him, taking in the sights of the city. It had not been his first time to the organization's base of operations, not even his first time on this route (purposefully avoiding back roads and the like), but the city always filled him with the same sense of purpose and belonging that New York simply couldn't Perhaps it was the organization's presence or speakers of his native language, but whatever it was, Cesare enjoyed it.

    And looks like I'm here to stay.
  4. Priscilla's house because I'm too freaking lazy to describe it! (open)

    Florence looked out the window as she heard a car drive up. She frowned lightly as she noticed that it was one of the drivers her mother talked to a lot of the time and then she noticed the man that stepped out after the driver. Tilting her head, she was confused. Was this the new man that her mother hired or was this one of the previous men that she'd seen roaming around. Either way, this one gained her curiosity. She moved back from the window and opened up the door to her bedroom, going up to the attic.

    "This should be interesting." She murmured lightly. Sitting down on her bed, she waited to hear some voices from the first floor. She glanced towards her pet and sighed softly. "I just hope you don't find him to be a snack." Grumbling to the red dragon, she shook her head and sat there quietly. She could hear her father and her mother speaking and then footsteps going down the hall. Matthew went downstairs since his footsteps were a little heavier than her mother's. She pulled her legs up onto the bed and hummed lightly in thought, waiting to listen in on her father's conversation with this new employee of Priscilla's.
  5. At last the car ground to a halt with the high pitched squeak of breaks. The driver turned to face Cesare and nodded, as if 'we stop here' wasn't plain enough with the stop of the car in front of a rather lavish mansion. That turned his gut as his jet-lagged brain made sense of the matter; whatever it was, it was more important than his uncle had given way to. Had the big boss himself called Cesare in? Or was this just another check in? If it was, it certainly was in a new location, far different from the grungy bars and high class clubs they had previously attended. Swallowing the lump in his throat, Cesare opened the car door and shut it behind him as the driver did the same.

    "That'll be all." The driver commented, placing Cesare's luggage at his feet not all that gently.

    Cesare grunted out what he supposed was a reply before turning his attention back to the looming manse before him. He took one cautious step, then another, and another. Already the car had pulled out of the driveway and was on its lonely voyage back to Venice nowhere in sight. Finally instinct had overruled his turmoil of emotions for he now stood at the front door, hand reaching for the bell. With a soft click and a ring, it was done. Now, there was nothing to do but wait.
  6. Florence heard no one go to answer the door and frowned lightly. Getting off her bed, she hurried down the attic stairs and closed the door behind her as she exited the room. She quickly walked down the hall and down the stairs, turning the corner. Walking down the main entrance hallway, she opened up the door and looked up towards the man in front of her. Being polite, she moved out the way to let him in.

    "Good morning." She murmured quietly to him and closed the door behind him softly. "I believe my mother is busy but my father is down the hall if you wish to speak with him." She explained and motioned towards the hallway she was talking about. Intertwining her fingers behind her, she turned on her heels and started to show him the way to her father's little office.
  7. "Ah, thank you." Cesare replied in rough Italian, berating himself for it as he stepped into the open doorway.

    Taking a moment to glance around the hallway, his footsteps unnaturally loud upon the wooden floor in the eerie silence, Cesare found himself placing his belongings at the front door. He took a few more glances around the hall before turning back to the girl who had answered the door.

    "I was told to come here, not what to do and when to do it." He said aloud, in what was a better pass at true Italian.

    If he listened closely he could hear the vague echoes of the conversation the girl's mother was having and the occasional tapping of feet on hardwood. There was the slight humming of the air conditioning, something his uncle had suggested a year previous despite it being 'an unnecessary American luxury.' Considering how warm the Italian summer was, his uncle had not been ill received once the unit had been installed and started pumping out chilled air. Still, despite the comfortable air flowing out, Cesare felt a drop of sweat trickle down the back of his neck as he waited there. Damn this nervousness, he thought, let them show they have nothing over you for being ignorant.
  8. Florence stopped in her tracks as she heard what he had said and turned around to face him. A soft frown was across her face at this point. Her mother didn't tell him what to do when he got here? That's odd. She must've forgot or something of the sorts. Florence wasn't sure but it was odd in her eyes. Her mother was the type of person where she had to make sure that everyone did as she said and nothing more.

    "I will get my father then. My mother's in a meeting currently." Florence explained and glanced down the hall. She started walking again and turned the corner. Going down the hall, she stopped at a door and opened it wide enough to slip only her head into the room. "He's here, dad." She said to the brunette and frowned lightly. "And I believe he's a little lost."

    Matthew looked up at his daughter's voice and nodded. He set his book down and walked around his desk, exiting the room. Following Florence down the hall, he stopped when he spotted Cesare and raised an eyebrow curiously. "You must be Cesare? Priscilla recently hired you, I believe..." He trailed off and glanced towards the stairs that lead to the second floor before back at the man in front of him.
  9. "Yes, though I'm afraid I was not instructed on what to do once here." Cesare offered an apologetic, if rather false, smile. "Any direction would be helpful."

    He paused for a moment, letting the man either think of an answer or internally simmer with frustration. Let him. So long as Cesare wasn't sent back to New York so soon, it wouldn't matter to him. Part of this bravery, he admitted, must have come from a combination of jet lag and exhaustion. Normally he would not be so bold, so sure of himself - that usually caused issues he wasn't quite willing to deal with. Hopefully this conversation wouldn't be one of those issues.
  10. "Priscilla would like for you to get settled before anything else." Matthew explained and looked towards Cesare. "So would you like a room on the first or second floor?" This was how Priscilla was with a lot of her newer employees, mostly because Florence thought it was cruel to send someone to work shortly after they arrived.

    Florence glanced towards the man across them and seemed thoughtful. She was curious about him and this was evident on her face. She wasn't going to pry, it didn't seem right to do so. In the back of her mind, she was just hoping that he wouldn't be as mean as the last one and piss her mother off to the high heavens.
  11. "Whichever is more convenient for the household." Cesare replied, following the man. "I don't wish to be more of a burden than my arrival, which I know is a great inconvenience on the organization."

    It was hollow flattery and anyone with half a brain could understand that, but then no one could berate him for flattery - hollow or not. The house itself, he could not let himself lie, was a masterpiece of old Italian style architecture, far better than the mismatched mess New York had been. It was a clear display of wealth and power in abundance, but he didn't mind that. After all, if you got it, flaunt it.
  12. "You're no burden." Matthew waved it off and shook his head. He walked down the hall and opened up a door that lead to one of the guest rooms. It was a simple room but it was also made for the workers that worked within the household. "Just go down to the main sitting room once you're done getting unpacked and we'll talk more there." He nodded and glanced towards his daughter who was standing at the end of the hall. "Come on, Florence, we have some things to do."
  13. Cesare nodded and entered the room, favoring the silence once the man had left. Outside he could hear the faint noises of city life, though they were distant enough for him to shove to the back of his mind. The room itself was 'plain' by the family's standards, regardless if it seemed a palace compared to his hole of an apartment back in New York. A bed stood unadorned and plain against the wall to his right and a dresser took its place directly across; there were no other furnishings save for a bedside table.

    "Suppose this is it, then." He muttered to himself, beginning to unpack his things and set them to the dresser.

    Within ten minutes, all his things had been situated, he had taken a breather, and walked back to the indicated sitting room. Once there, he sat himself down on a chair and began to wait. Time to see why I'm here.
  14. Florence was the one to enter the sitting room after a few minutes and sat down across from Cesare. She didn't utter a word and kept her eyes towards the ground. She wasn't sure what to say in this sort of situation. This was extremely awkward for the teenager and she didn't like it very well. Her head lifted up as she heard some walking and spotted her father, the awkwardness seemed to die a little bit at that point.

    "I apologize for the wait." Matthew sighed softly and glanced towards Florence before back at the man in front of him. "Now to inform you of why you're here." He sat down next to his child and turned his full attention towards Cesare. "Priscilla and I are being forced out of the country for a few months and most of the mafia plans to follow us. Priscilla wants someone to stay here with Florence." He motioned towards the teenager next to him and hummed lightly. "That's mainly why you're here. But, she also wanted someone that could protect her should anything happen. She's mainly worried about someone getting the bright idea of trying to use her for something or trying to sell her on the black market because of what she is. There are various things the woman is afraid of." And that wasn't even the beginning of them but he wanted to get the basic idea out there. "That is why you're here. To keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary."
  15. Gratified babysitting? That's what I've been called here for?

    The thought was not pleasant. The long flight, the drive here, the disappearance act at the department back in New York. What had he gained from that? A job in the Family and a better room. But then, he couldn't complain about one job only to turn around and do so for the other. In that sense, he was once more stuck in a political system he was only a pawn of - a game of intrigue between the various parts of the Family and their own territories. Never a united front, never a moment without someone vying for a better shot at the world.

    It's what I do, but at least I don't try to manipulate others to do it.

    "I can do that." Cesare found himself saying, sealing his fate to the task. "Will I be working alongside a fellow security detail or will this be a one-man show? If these men were to, say, be organized enough to find who and what she is, could I be capable of taking them on alone?"

    His skills at combat were, at best, sub par. The department back in the States had stressed his job was not firefights and questioning witnesses in the brutal fashion. He was a thinker, not a shooter. A detective, not a thug in uniform. Still, so long as the threats were low, he was more than capable of keeping the situation in control. And if not, he'd make it look like he knew how to.
  16. "There will only be a few others here." Matthew informed and nodded. "They will be here to help in any way and to protect the house and you if needed." There were only three or four that would stay behind. Florence was the one who asked them to stay so he believed that she had the right idea. "I believe that would depend on various things." He looked thoughtful and glanced towards Florence before back at the man before him.

    Florence listened to the conversation quietly. She wasn't sure what to say but she could tell that these next few months would be interesting. She was actually quite surprised that he didn't get angry over the true nature of the job. Shifting lightly, she glanced towards her father and sighed softly. Her mind was going in various directions with this situation and so far, some of them resulted in this new employee not wanting the job.
  17. "I should be good to go, then. I hate to keep asking questions, but how long will this position last? I'm doubtful of any threats to suddenly change their tune on account of our main strength leaving, so is this a permanent assignment or is this just so long as the transition takes?" He offered a smile, attempting to make it look as sincere as he could manage.

    While he waited for an answer, he drew a cigarette from his coat and looked upward to see if anyone objected; their looks said 'not here.' Defeated, he put it back to its container and looked back up. That had not been a surprise with a house as nice as this, doubtless the smell was unsavory and 'cut the value.' Not that he cared, but they certainly did.
  18. "Four months is how long we'll be gone." Matthew explained and looked up at him, nodding to what he was saying. "It depends on what you want to do after we get back home from the trip. It can be permanent or it can be a temporary thing. It's completely up to you." No matter what he chose, he would still get paid handsomely for it and he knew that Priscilla would make sure of that.

    (Sorry for the late response!)
  19. Cesare paused, considering the choice before him. Without notifying the man standing before him, he turned around and began pacing. It had been a bad force-of-habit he' picked up, something Cesare had yet to truly rid himself of. The issue before him was two-fold: if he accepted a permanent position, it meant babysitting for the rest of his days, if he left, it would mean returning back to a job he hated equally. Deciding it was best to stay in the favor of the Family, he nodded to himself and turned back.

    "I'll see where this takes me, but no doubt I'll be around for a little longer." Cesare replied at last, attempting to take as much solemnity out of the statement as he could. "Is that all you wished to see me for?"
  20. "Watching over her," Matthew motioned to his daughter before looking back towards Cesare. "Is a rare occurrence. Priscilla rarely leaves her here by herself or with someone around. So after this, you will probably be assigned to a different position." He hoped that would convince him just a little bit more. He didn't want the man to feel as though he was going to be watching over a teenager for the rest of his life. "No, nothing else." He stood up and glanced towards Florence. "I need to see if Priscilla's ready anyways."

    Florence nodded and watched her father walk off. Her eyes drifted towards Cesare and she let out a soft sigh. "Trust me... I don't like this idea either." She grumbled loud enough for him to hear her. If anything, she would've preferred to stay alone but her mother nearly threw a fit at the idea. "It's stupid."
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