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  1. Welcome.
    In this roleplay, I have made very few rules.
    Follow them, and this will go quite smoothly.

    1. Stick to reality. That means, if your animal can't do it or hasn't been taught yet, then they won't be able to do certain things. So I don't want to see flying gorillas or man-eating mouse unless you can use actual facts to say so.
    2. Don't god-mod. This is self explanatory.
    3. All Iwaku rules apply. Like the one above.
    4. Tell me when you're going to be absent for more than four days. If you don't, I'm going to kill off your character.
    5. Don't curse too much. I'm okay with the occasional curse word, but too much just seems immature. So please refrain from going overboard.

    If you have any questions, please ask on the sign up/ooc thread.
    Thank you.
  2. [​IMG]
    @Silver was born as a Male Asiatic Lion. You're birthplace is in a sanctuary called the, "Gira Forest" which resides in the northwest side of India. You will not be able to open your eyes until three days after your birth. But you feel two other presences anyway. You will not be able walk until eight days after you open your eyes. Someone licks you clean every now and again. Your journey begins in a desolate cave with your mother and two siblings.

    Main Goal:
    • Explore
    • Fight your right to feed

    Side Goal:
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  3. [​IMG]
    @Polystical was born as a Male Snowy Owl. You're birthplace is in the tundras residing North of Canada. Just like any other bird, you're birthed as an egg. You are shrouded in complete darkness. Unfortunately, you don't hatch until a month passes. Don't worry, this is normal for snowy owls but to avoid confusion for the summary, I have temporarily broken the fourth wall to tell you this. You will not be able to open your eyes until a week after hatching. By the time you open your eyes, you will also develop you first feathers, aka downs. Your journey begins in a nest on the ground with your mother, father, and five siblings.

    Main Goal:
    • Explore
    • Feed on the prey your father brought you

    Side Goal:
    • Excercise = Develop flying skills a little more early​
  4. [​IMG]
    @Kitsunemage was born as a Female Dugong. You're birthplace is in the shallow waters in the northern coasts of India. Disaster has struck upon you in a very early age; you are born blind. Fortunately, dugongs don't use their eyes that much anyways, and use their excellent hearing instead. Your mother doesn't mind your disability. You take your first breath of air before getting pushed into deeper waters because of your mother. You learn to swim by swimming next to your mother. You become friends with two dugongs your age, though separate a little later. Your journey begins somewhere in the ocean with your mother.

    Main Goal:
    • Overcome blindness
    • Feed from your mother

    Side Goal:
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  5. The male cubling had spent its first three days in darkness, surrounded by the sounds and scents of his mother and siblings. However, on the third day, for the first time, the cubs eyes blinked open, before closing again rapidly. Being able to see was such a strange thing to the baby lion. However, the adult female had noticed her son's eye opening, and soon, a tongue was licking at the cub just behind the ear, eliciting a small meow from the youngling. Again, tiny golden orbs peeked open. With the scent of his mother so close, the lion found the bravery to keep his eyes open this time.

    "Isha" The mother purred into her sons ear as she licked the tawny golden fur clean. The little boy blinked. Isha He repeated it to himself over and over again. He understood, somewhere in his young mind that, that was who he now was. Isha Isha mewled out his name proudly, turning towards the two presences that had been a constant for him since before he could remember. He mewled out his name at them smugly. They had not yet been named and he was the first to be named. Isha felt pride in himself as he looked on at the other two cubs.

    Time passed, a week to be exact, but to the small den of lions, it was just time. Isha growled at himself as he pushed himself up to his feet again. He almost had this walking thing down, and he would be damned if Lalita or Kanti, his two sisters, would beat him to it. Isha managed to stand and take a wobbling step before he again crashed to the floor of the den. No! No this would not do! Kanti had taken three whole steps just an hour ago before she fell! Isha pushed himself back to his feet with a cub version of his growl. He was the first to be named and he would be the first to walk!
  6. [​IMG]
    @ResolverOshawott was born as a Female Meerkat. You're birthplace is in a burrow somewhere in South Africa. You will not be able to open your eyes until ten days after your birth. You will learn how to walk at your own pace. You also feel two presences next to you. The one that feeds you changes sometimes, you can tell by scent. You will not be allowed outside the burrow until you're two weeks old. You journey begins underground with your two siblings and babysitter.

    Main Goal:
    • Explore
    • Eat scorpion for the first time
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  7. The young female meerket spent her first week inside along with her sister and brother, who get fed by different meerkats from time to time well judging from the scent at least.

    The young female was the first one to open it's eyes out of her two other siblings, and the first thing she saw was mostly complete darkness again but then she saw her two siblings and a adult meerkat which was their babysitter at the time but she did get to see her parents soon enough.

    The name that she had been given was "Lady day" and her siblings were named Petal and Thorn surely there was a hidden meaning behind being named like that but she might not know until adult hood anyways or might not ever know it at all. What's important is that's she's safe and well protected with her family.

    Another week had passed and it was time for her and her brother and sister to get out and meet the family now and at last see the outside world. The adults are making sure the burrow tidied up and there is no danger nearby. Lady day began making her way out of the burrow, she and her siblings could see light at the end which made them a bit hesitant and nervous but mom was there to reassure all three of them as they wobble towards the entrance and into the outside world.
  8. ! @Silver !
    You see your siblings try and do the same, heading towards your mother. In reality, your mother actually can't produce enough milk for all of you. This is one of the reasons why the lion cub survival rate is so low. If you can't get to your mother before at least one of them, you will starve to death. From one to one hundred, get at least a thirty three or higher to see wether you survive. You only need one number.

    Through the week outside the burrow, you find out you were birthed from the alpha pair. Your mother warns you and your siblings to be on guard and don't trust anybody, she's pretty vague. Later in the day, an adult meerkat puts on a mini lesson on eating scorpions.​
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  9. His entrance into the world began piece by piece as he wriggled and pecked his way out of the egg. When he emerged he saw nothing, but heard his siblings emerging from their eggs as well. He and his siblings cried out in confusion and fear at first, but there parents, Nola and Cecil soon placated them and the owlets' cries turned into chirps and peeps that demanded food.

    "Well that's certainly a good sign," Nola commented, it was her first time being a parent and she had been fretting over the outcome for weeks. Cecil rubbed his head against her lovingly and ascended into the sky. "I'll be back with something tasty." He said before flying away. He returned with a nice and plump lemming, which Nola promptly tore into multiple pieces for their babies to eat easily.

    The owlet who had hatched first found himself wrestling another one of his siblings for the piece that he had gotten first, but he soon prevailed after tugging it away from them fiercely. His mother and father chuckled and he heard the thump of another piece of meat, presumably for the owlet that had been deprived of theirs.

    "So," His mother began, "what shall we name them?" They thought on that for awhile before speaking again. "This one here," The owlet felt his father brush him with his wing. "Eryk." His mother agreed enthusiastically and they then proceeded to name the rest of Eryk's siblings. Tish, Noah, Vivi, Rhys, and Nolan, two females and three boys.

    Soon after eating, all of the owlets fell asleep, their bellies full.
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  10. The world began warm. Much warmer then the cool depths Mish swam now. It was only hours before- her first push to the surface, the heat of the air... so different from the refreshing tropical waters of her birth. Her mothers voice was like a cool echo, pulsing around her and leading her back to the sea floor. Mish. Her name, endearingly spoken, as she took her first brave dip into the world.

    Swimming was confusing. Mish couldn't understand why her mother kept pushing her so, nudging her in one direction or another. With determination to explore in mind, Mish pushed away from her crooning mother. The water changed- pushing Mish back into her mother in a tumble. That would not be an adventure the young Dugong would attempt any time soon. She reached out one questing flipper, drawing reassurance from her mothers presence beside her.

    They swam for a little longer, Mish careful to remain in the smooth waters left in her mothers wake. There was a tantalizing smell in the water just in front of her. Sweet, and warm. When they finally stopped, Mish nuzzled into her mothers side, instinctively finding the spot behind her flipper to feed. Soon, exhaustion overcame her. With a full belly, Mish drifted off into sleep next to her mother.
  11. Lady day, Petal and Thorn watched intently as the adult meerkat showed them how to properly eat a scorpion. The meerkat bit off it's stinger with little difficulty. And they were presented with a live scorpion to feast on.

    Lady day was the one to make the first move towards it, attempting to bite it while also trying to not get poked with its small pinchers but at least it didn't have it's tail anymore.

    Thorn managed to grab it from behind and wasted no time chewing on it. But he did not go undisturbed as Lady Day also bit on it and began attempting to pull it away from her brother and whilst Petal mostly stayed in the side lines unsure of what to do.

    Eventually Lady Day managed to pry it away from her brother and was free to gorge herself on her prize which left Thorn feeling rather irritated to say the least.
  12. @Polystical
    As a young hatchling, you don't have much to do. And in turn, not much happen. Though one time you did hear a honk not too far from your nest. Your mother explains that a family of Canadian geese decided to make a nest here as well.

    Main Goal: Feed on the prey your father brought you Completed
    Side Goal: Make friends with a Canadian goose = Will become adoptable New

    Your sleep went by undisturbed. In the morning, your mother allows you to ride one her back. She slowly swims to a patch of sea grass and eats. You hear familiar voices, and determine them to be the friends you've made earlier.

    Main Goal: Feed from your mother Completed
    Side Goal: Convince your mother to form a herd = Closer to future players New

    ! @ResolverOshawott !
    When you and your siblings were finished, a new babysitter trys to order you to go back into the burrow. You don't see why until a hawk swoops down and nearly grabs your babysitter. You have to race back to your burrow. From one to one hundred, get at least a twenty five or higher to see wether you survive. Use only one number.
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  13. [Got a 54, but I used a D&D dice roller]

    After some time, Isha made it over to his mother, receiving several licks along his cheek before he settled in to nurse. The small lion would have purred if he had the ability to do so as warm milk washed down the back of his throat. His eyes closed and he fed.

    A couple weeks passed, Isha could now walk, even run. it wasn't long before he and Kanti where tumbling around in the small den playing. However it seemed that Lalita was weak, she slept more often than her siblings, and wasn't as big or as strong. Every now and then, Isha or Kanti would go over and nudge at her, getting her to play with them a little bit before she'd again curl up and go to sleep.
  14. @Silver (Isha the Asiatic Lion)*
    Age: 1 month
    • Walk/run
    • Strength up

    @Polystical (Eryk the Snowy Owl)
    Age: 2 months
    • Walk

    @Kitsunemage (Mish the Dugong)
    Age: 1 month
    • Swim
    • Hearing perception up

    @ResolverOshawott (Lady Day the Meerkat)*
    Age: 1 month
    • Walk
    • Speed up​
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  15. Lady Day and her two siblings quickly made their way to the nearest bolt hole or well rather just followed their babysitter as she was panicking quite a bit over the fact that one of them could have died.

    Once they made it back to the burrow, Thorn, Lady Day and Petal huddled together with their babysitter and some other mob members. She felt so much more comfortable and safe now that they were in the burrow with their family but her guard was still up in case anymore danger comes up, not like she'd be able to do anything if she was being attacked by something but at least knowing where her enemy was in advanced could save her.
  16. @Silver
    Congratulations for surviving your first month! Unfortunately, not all of your siblings had survived. Lalita died before the first month ended. But, because you're now officially allowed to get out of the den. Or to be more specific, you're forced to. Your mother tells you to be careful once you were outside, recounting the story of the death of her sister, trampled by a much bigger animal. Once outside you regroup with the rest of the pride, you see other cubs following their mothers as well.

    Main Goal:
    • Explore

    Side Goal:
    • Play fight with the other cubs = Strength up

    Congratulations for surviving your second month! All your siblings make it out as well. You haven't seen any predators yet, or maybe that was the reason as to why your mother flew out of nest for. Because you're old enough, you may now leave the nest. Your parents assure your siblings that they'll continue to feed you even when you are gone. None of your siblings know how to fly yet, and neither do you, but you scatter from them anyways.

    Main Goal:
    • Explore/hide
    • Try to fly

    Side Goal:
    • Regroup with one of your siblings = Safety in numbers

    Congratulations for surviving your first month! You and your mother hold a great bond, and stick together for most of the time, though you're allowed to wander off every now and again. Your mother says that as long as you're an earshot away, you'll be able to go where you please.You still keep in contact with the other dugongs every now and again.

    Main Goal:
    • Overcome blindness

    Side Goal:
    • Convince your mother to form a herd = Closer to future players

    Congratulations for surviving your first month! All of your siblings make it out as well. One time during the first month, one of your babysitters had actually tried to kill you. Luckily you and your siblings managed to escape with the help of another meerkat. Said babysitter was evicted from the mob once your parents caught word of the act. You may notice that there isn't any bolded words here, that's because you'be already left the burrow, so you are free to do as you wish.

    Main Goal:
    • Explore

    Side Goal:
    • Learn about jobs = decide how you'll play your part in the future.​
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  17. Eryk was the first one out of the nest. Well...Kind of. Eryk had been cautiously watching the Canadian goslings from across the way, and his siblings had started daring each other to go over there. Eryk thought that they were being incredibly 'juvenile'--He'd heard that word from his mother who had been describing their father--and so he'd distanced himself from them. He had turned his back to his siblings so he didn't hear Rhys come up behind him, and before he knew it, Eryk was forcefully shoved out of the nest.

    "Ow, Rhys, why'd you do that?" The snowy owl complained, trying to reenter the nest, but Rhys and his siblings wouldn't let him. Rhys nodded in the direction of one of the Canadian goslings. "I dare you to go talk to it." Rhys said, amusement twinkling in his eyes.

    Seeing that he wouldn't be let back into the nest unless he adhered to their demands, Eryk reluctantly approached one of the nearest goslings.
    "Uhh...Hi..."Eryk began tentatively, standing a ways away from the goose out of respect and mainly fear. The gosling however, had no fear or respect for personal space. The gosling waddled up to him quickly, until they were beak to beak. "Who are you?" She demanded, at least Eryk assumed she was a she. "Uh..." Eryk stammered, intimidated by well...The goslings intimidating presence. "Uh?" The gosling repeated. "Your parents named you Uh?" She asked, cocking her head to the side. Eryk glowered at her and tried to make himself look bigger. "No! My name's Eryk, not uh!" He snapped and the gosling burst into honking laughter.

    "Oh good, cause Uh would have been a really silly name! My names, Stretch by the way." Eryk thought the name Stretch was just as weird as 'Uh' but he didn't say anything. "Oh okay, it's nice to meet you Stretch. I just came over to say 'hi'." He said, inching away slowly, because he suddenly didn't hear his siblings squabbling like usual. It was frighteningly quiet over in that direction and he was eager go see what finally got them to shut up. "Nice meeting you too!" Stretch called, and Eryk finally turned back to the nest where he saw...No one. His siblings were gone!

    Rushing to the nest, Eryk circled around it. "Tish? Noah? Vivi? Rhys? Nolan?" He called, getting scared. Where had they gone? He had to find them, he didn't want to be alone! Eryk ran off, flapping his wings as he ran, hoping if he flapped hard enough he would take off into the air like his parents. He was sure he'd be able to spot his siblings easily if he could see them from above. But unfortunately, he only managed to hover for a few seconds before descending once more.

    He wandered around the area near the nest for awhile, before a rustling in the undergrowth made him dive underneath the root of a large tree. He stared fearfully out from under it, but was relieved to see the tiny talons of Tish. "Tish!" He called, rushing towards his younger sister. They spent a few minutes excitedly nuzzling each other, until Tish informed him that Rhys and the others had gone exploring somewhere, and she got separated from them.

    "Let's get back to the nest. They'll come back eventually!" Eryk said and the two returned to the nest and huddled together.
  18. Lady Day and her siblings were more or less became more well untrusting of others after their babysitter tried to kill them, she also learned that the babysitter was one of the older females of the mob and fell pregnant to a rover and wanted to kill them to ensure the survival of her pups. And on that day she learned that even if you're the matriarch's pups, other mob members especially the older females can still want to kill you to meet their own ends.

    Today was any typical day or so they thought they soon learned that they were gonna go foraging with the adults now and not just stay near the burrow and have a babysitter bring a insect or two every once and a while. Petal was feeling scared, Thorn was really excited and Lady Day mostly just felt indifferent about it.

    Lady Day was standing near the burrow entrance and Petal was right besides her and Thorn was digging up the ground behind them trying to copy the adults excavating the burrow but didn't exactly do a good job at it per say.

    Their mother, Ella walked to their side and sat down. "Since you're all a month old now and soon going to go foraging with the rest of us, i think it is time for a lecture about the jobs within the mob" Ella said with a calm and soft tone but with authority too.

    Lady gave her mother curious look, Petal doing the same too and Thorn simply sat next to them with a somewhat bored expression he wasn't a fan of lectures but he knew this one was very important. "Alright let's get started. A sentry is someone who watches out for predators while everyone else forages or does something else, mob members would take turns as sentries every hour or so except for the dominant pair of course. And a babysitter is someone who well watches over the pups like sentries any meerkat except for the dominant pair can be a babysitter but they don't take turns every hour of course. And finally the matriarch, she's in charge of leading the mob to go foraging, leads burrow moves, evict or allow meerkats to join, she's the only female allowed to have pups in the mob and would kill pups of subordinate females even if they're her daughter's pups this is to ensure the survival of her own pups" she paused for a moment. All three of them are now listening quite intently to their mother, even Thorn who was disinterested not too long ago. The idea of having her pups killed by their own mother didn't sit well with Petal or Lady but they're still month old pups after, they will understand soon enough.

    "Well that's enough talk for now and it's time to go foraging" Ella said, smiling down at her pups before walking off.
  19. @Polystical
    Your happy reunion was cut short when you spot movement in the snow. You don't have any idea what it might be, and to worsen the situation, your parents are nowhere in sight. Your sister nor the family of Canadian geese seem to have saw anything. But another shift in the snow causes Tish to notice as well, and quickly asks what you guys should do.
    Choose from the following:

    • Wait until your parents arrive
    • Run and find a place to hide
    • One of you ideas
    (Your choice will determine the roll or wether you even have to)

    Ella leads the newly formed foraging team out of the base, two sentries salute to her as she walks by. Petal sticks close to the adults while Thorn is at the front with your mom. As the group soon splits to start foraging, you are left to find out what to do. You can differentiate three smells from where you are, follow which one.
    Choose from the following:
    • Familiar scent?
    • Bland scent
    • Sweet scent​
  20. Lady was fairly unsure of what to do now as she is free to do anything she wished as long she doesn't wonder too far away from the others. Petal is eating beetle larvae that a adult gave to her, while Thorn was off pestering Mom for food, she could go try to dig up an insect or two but well she isn't good in that field just yet so she'll just go exploring instead.

    She picked up three different smells in the air, one was kinda familiar the other was bland and one was sweet. She was feeling adventerous so she decided to follow the sweet scent, but remained caution as she does not know where this scent would take her and it could lead her into trouble.
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