Inside Nature's Mind (Animal Roleplay/Open)

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  1. The Introduction
    Welcome to the vast and wonderful planet, Earth.
    Many creatures, all unique, live said planet.
    As beautiful as it may be, it can be quite unforgiving to its inhabitants.
    Even if most are ignorant to the fact.

    If knowledge is what you seek, than you have come to the right thread.
    In this roleplay you'll be randomly assigned to a newborn animal as a character.
    Aside from it's species, gender, and amount of family members it has. You'll take full control of it.
    Guide it through life, starting from birth than hopefully die of natural causes.
    Evade hungry predators and catch or search for your food.
    Migrate if your species needs you to, find the love of it's life, and more.
    The possibilities are endless.
    The whole world is your oyster!

    The Game Mechanics
    (Please note that there will be character death, nor will I stop you from asking for another character once it dies.)
    Just like it was stated in the introduction, the character you'll roleplay will be randomly generated.
    You can have as many characters as you wish, just make sure to keep track of them all.
    You'll be able to decide what its name is, its personality, and even control its parents if you so wished.
    But the big thing is, you just have to survive until your character dies of natural causes.

    To roleplay with others, they have to choose one of your siblings to roleplay as.
    The next post I'll make will have a list of everyone's characters and families, so if you ever want to play with someone, just tell me here.
    But until then, you're free to control your siblings as well.
    It'd be great if you don't use them as scapegoats...
    Though you're free to do so.
    If you happen to play as an animal that rarely births more than two babies, then I'll make it so instead of travelling with siblings, you'll be with 'friends'
    Another way to roleplay with others is through luck.
    If you guys happen to live in the same continent then I'll try to place you two together.
    But, don't expect to play a cheetah and suddenly become friends with a player gazelle.
    Not gonna happen.
    You will be able to eat each other depending where you are in the food chain.
    But don't bully each other.

    As for getting the necessities
    It'll all depend on where your animal's habitat, abilities and of course;
    Wether it's herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore.
    This is just common sense, you'll have a harder time finding water in the desert.
    But the counter is, your animal probably won't need as much water as an animal living in another biome.
    For food, we'll be rolling a die to see wether you catch prey if you're a carnivore.
    Or you could scavenge, but still use a die to see how much food the previous carnivore left you.
    But if you're searching for plants, we'll roll a die to determine how much you actually ate if it's the opposite.
    If you're an omnivore, you can choose between the two.
    To sum it up, we'll pretty much use dice to decide the fate of whatever.
    This includes

    You can probably tell that it may seem kind of unfair.
    Especially since there's a chance where someone can actually be generated to a top carnivore.
    But let me tell you, catching prey is actually pretty hard.
    And there arn't much carnivores willing to share their meal with anybody.
    What I'm pretty much saying is, every animal will have its down sides and bonuses in life.

    Making a character will probably be a little tedious, but this is how it' showing to play out
    I'm going to start a post and tag you in it.
    In that post will contain information we'll use to figure the first steps out.
    Key info, I'll bold. But other than that, the post will also contain facts about the animal.
    Examples of key information about would be like; species, gender, amount of siblings, habitat, and the state of your family.
    Less important information will be sprinkled here and there, this will probably vary.
    Another thing to note is, as well as a picture of the animal, I'll also be putting in goals.
    Some important, but other's you can treat as a side quest.
    Though I will put in rewards if you do complete them.
    After this post, you can do what you like.
    I'll even sometimes join as a NPC.

    During the roleplay, time will pass by, that's for certain.
    But it'll work differently: four days in real life will equal one month in game.
    This can change depending on the activity levels of the majority, but for now, that's how it's gonna play out.
    Anyways, on that one month mark, I will post an update on your animal.
    Depending on how many people join, I'll summarize it all in one post.
    The summaries will be somewhat similar to the birth post except no picture.
    Unless your animal has matured.
    And in that case, they will usually appear on top.
    Everything else, I'll try to keep in alphabetical order.

    Example Posts
    •Birth Post•

    @______ was born as a Female Bactrian Camel. You're birthplace is in the Rocky Moantains that reside in the northern parts of China. You were also born in March. You can see some beautiful scenery. What's this? You were born with your eyes open from birth. Another bonus I'd like to add is that you should be able to stand and run in a couple hours. You observe a bit more and notice other calves in your flock, and become friends with another female and male calf. Your pretty tight with your mother and will probably stay with her for the years to come. You have no idea where your father is. Use this time to explore your surroundings because your flock probably won't stay here long.

    Main Goal:
    -Feed for the first time

    Side Goal:

    @_____ (Name the Bactrian Camel)
    Age: 1 month
    -Eyes are open
    -Speed up
    (I promise you, the bonuses will change depending on what's important for your age.)

    Average post•
    @_____, your mother is waking you from your usual slumber and is making you get up. She teaches you to run in an unusual way; moving your legs from the same side feels awkward at first but you realize that it is faster this way. Your mother and the rest of the flock are preparing to migrate, you should prepare yourself as well.

    Main Goal:
    -Survive the migration

    Side Goal:

    The Rules and Signing up
    Don't worry, there won't be too much rules, but I do have them.

    1. Stick to reality. That means, if your animal can't do it or hasn't been taught yet, then they won't be able to do certain things. So I don't want to see flying gorillas or man-eating mouse unless you can use actual facts to say so.
    2. Don't god-mod. This is self explanatory.
    3. All Iwaku rules apply. Like the one above.
    4. Tell me when you're going to be absent for more than four days. If you don't, I'm going to kill off your character.
    5. Don't curse too much. I'm okay with the occasional curse word, but too much just seems immature. So please refrain from going overboard.

    As for signing up, you just need to say you want to here.
    If you have any questions, just ask.

    User list
    • Silver
    • Polystical
    • ResolverOshawott
    • Kitsunemage
    • ~Death~
    • UnicornBunny
    • Ordered_Chaos​
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  2. (Anything on this is up for grabs, first come first serve. Reservations can only be made through the original user.)
    Sibling/Friend chart:
    • 1 female and 4 male Snowy owls (Tish, Noah, Vivi, Rhys, and Nolan)
    • 2 female Dugongs
    • 1 female and 1 male Meerkat (Petal and Thorn)
    • 2 female and 2 male Canadian Geese (Stretch)
    • 1 male Orangutan (King)
    • 1 female Moose
    • 2 female Western Giraffe (Ebele and Amaka)​
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  3. I think I'm interested, it sounds like a neat concept.
  4. This sounds awesome! If you haven't done so already you should consider making a banner or putting in a request for one. Cause this is awesome and people should here about it!

    I totally want to join! :D I can't wait!
  5. This is great! If you guys are up for it, I can make the IC thread now.
    I did make a banner for it, though it's just a text banner.
  6. Are you sure you want to start with only two people?
  7. Maybe if everyone sees this is active and get examples of what's supposed to happen, they'll join along the way. So I'm good with starting now :)
  8. Yeah, if someone wants to join, they can come up whenever they like.
  9. Okay cool, So are you going to set it up tonight/day/whatevertimeitis or?

    How are the animals generated? Do you have a generator or do you just kind of pick something randomly?
  10. I guess I should address that.
    To make your character, the first thing I usually do first is to check wether you'll be albino and or have a handicap.
    I use percentages and rely on a random number generator to decide said fate.
    If higher than the percentages, than you don't have it.
    Then, I go to a random animal generator.
    It'll pick a species of animal for me and then I'll research it's subspecies afterwards.
    I'll use the number generator again to determine what sub your animal is.
    This is important, because not all subspecies live the same way.
    An example actually being yours, Silver.
    You'll see as the game moves on cause I'll actually point them out.
    Most of this is determined by the number generator and facts I research online.
    This includes the habitat and siblings.

    This is also why I'm also taking a long time. XD​
  11. *blinks as that information processes* ohhhhh, okay.
  12. Cool, you guys are both carnivores.
    Interestingly, one of you actually has a side quest. I really did not expect to make side quests this early in your character's lives. XD
  13. Coolio I'm an owl, hootie hoot! :D

    So, question: When I start posting do I just post about how safe and dark the egg is? Or should I just do a time skip to when I've hatched?
  14. You can do whatever you want. You can choose to timeskip whenever, just don't skip any ther month after you decide to hatch. Also make sure to get either your in game mom or dad to name you. And in Silver's case, her in game mom.
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  15. Hey i wanna join!

    Though a question what if its a animal i don't want to be/like such a hermit crab or a sharp or something, can i kill off that character and have a new one?
  16. Hmm...I guess.
    Just tell me here when I make it and I can generate you a new one.
    I'll make your character later in the afternoon, I'm pretty short on time right now.
    Would you play as an elephant?
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  17. Ooooh, very interesting concept. I wouldn't mind taking a shot :)
    Seems like a great way to really stretch my creative 'legs'
  18. Thanks for joining! I'll generate your character in just a moment.
    Honestly, I needed to regenerate your character. Playing a bumblebee might be cool, but I doubt they live that long ._.
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  19. AH HA. That would have been interesting for sure XD

    But now I can Dugong like the Dugong do
  20. So I researched the bumble bee. There'so 250 different types of them and most of them only last a week. The queen, a year, including the hibernation process. So, if you played the bumble bee, you won't actually live long enough for the 'monthly' summary. XD
    I'll start the summaries once we actually start.
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