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  1. "For the past five years, scientists working in a top-secret section of the government have been studying what they have named the "Astral Dimension". It was noted that certain animals, such as cats, dogs, and other mammals could sense something deemed 'otherworldly' in the world around them. The animals would cower, run away, and hide from certain seemingly random places; a certain corner of a room, a space beside a piece of furniture, etc. Cats would follow invisible movements with their eyes from across the room, watching things humans couldn't see intently. These animals were taken into study for two years, during which the scientists performed brain scans and watched the behavior of the animals on a day-to-day basis. This project, deemed "Project Specter", was proposed and initiated by Doctor Charles Jacques on April 21st, 2009.

    However, on the eve of the initiation's second anniversary, the project was shut down. No conclusive data had been accumulated, and it simply cost too much to run research labs for a pointless cause. Jacques put up a fight, but inevitably lost. He continued his research in quiet on his own, studying a handful of cats retrieved from shelters. On August 15th, 2009, he achieved the breakthrough he had been looking for for years.

    Jacques discovered through thermal and neuro scans that the entities they believed existed were real. One subject, a cat named Lucille, had been hissing at the corner of her room for days before Jacques decided to being to analyze her brain waves and the temperature of the room- a technique ghost hunters used that he decided to borrow. His data showed that the cat both was, from her eyes, seeing an astral projection, but also was communicating with it.

    After presenting his data, Jacques managed to win another three years of research time to figure out where these projections were coming from. Within two years, he not only figured out where, but also how.

    When he failed to decipher how animals such as cats could see these entities, Jacques and the other scientists developed a machine that could literally tear apart the dimension they lived in, to reach the entities on the other side. The fissures in space were never large, and they could not be seen through, but the cats in the study, particularly Lucille, reacted harshly to being in the same room as a fissure. Although the fissures were invisible, apart from a wavering in the air much similar to when heat is being emitted from a car or stove, the cats steered clear and hissed incessantly towards the intrusion.

    The next step was to test their theory on humans.

    Jacques presented the idea of putting human test subjects into the fissures. Since the human mind could not, and was proven to not be able to see into fissures or into the other dimension, they would simply push the humans in. Test subjects were called for from around the country- in compensation for their services, they would be provided with five thousand dollars in a check written to their name. After about fifty people were on-board with the study, the testing commenced.

    The testing was done simultaneously. Each person was strapped down tightly to a rigid chair, their arms, legs, and torso unmovable. Around their head, scientists placed a metal bowl, with wires that led to strange, humming machinery behind them. Before them was a miniaturized fissure device; a crooked piece of metal, twisting with wires and machinery that did god-knows-what. The scientists left the room, and promptly opened the fissures.

    No test subject could tell the scientists what had happened to them for the five minutes in which the fissures were open. Roughly half of the subjects had died- they had been torn apart, limbs torn from their body of their own accord. The other subjects were simply different after the test. Their brainwaves had altered, although the scientists had no idea what the alteration meant. None of the subjects had the same personality they had had before. Women who were sweet and kind became tenacious and rude and men that played sports and swore off fast food changed into inattentive and lethargic couch potatoes. The scientists decided that each subject would undergo psychoanalysis before release, but there was no sign of any hazardous changes. The subjects were awarded with their money, and let free.

    Within months of their release, each subject began to notice another change in their minds.

    For hours, they would black out, waking up in a different place at a different time. They often fought with their own subconscious, and many felt like they had had no control over their minds, and bodies, at all.

    Some were diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, some where diagnosed with schizophrenia. But each one of the former test subjects slowly realized that it wasn't a disorder that was wrong with their minds. It wasn't their personality that was split in two.

    It was another entity, living alongside them."​

    It's a very rough intro to the plot, but it says what I need it to say.

    The idea is that scientists have discovered this new dimension in which these mysterious entities live, ones that can only be sensed by certain animals in the human world, not by humans themselves. They managed to create a device that would create a rift or fissure in between the two dimensions, allowing, presumably, for a person to pass back and forth from one dimension to the other. They found test subjects and opened the fissures around them, plunging them into this new dimension.

    To them, it only seemed like a terrible nightmare. They lived in a timeless world of nightmares, filled with entities that only wished to pick them apart to pieces for their intrusion. These malicious spirits killed half of the test subjects, and the other half of the test subjects were torn from the alternate dimension when the fissure was closed. However, this trapped an entity into each of their minds, melding the two of them together. This created something akin to a multiple personality disorder, where the human's mind would have control half the time, but the entity could take over at any given moment.

    Some of these entities are good, and some are bad, but they are here to stay in the minds of each test subject.

    Yay or nay on this plot? If there's enough yay's we can develop it further into a roleplay. Just wanted to see what people thought.
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