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  1. Tell me, have you ever heard of the term "Chuunibyou", or "Eighth Grader Syndrome"? For those not familiar with this Japanese term, you might understand better by hearing it's more common English synonym: "Delusions of Grandeur". This is a sad affliction that typically affects young adolescents, its most drastic form making those who contract it believe they have special powers or are somehow connected to and surrounded by the occult. For those such patients, the period in which they retain these delusions later develops into an embarrassing period of shame that forever haunts their memories, despite how much fun they seem to have at the time. In most cases this behavior subsides by the beginning of one's first year in high school, but there are some cases where patients retain their status as chuunibyou patient for the remainder of their school days and sometimes longer.
    IC CS

    This is an RP loosely based on the anime "Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai". I say loosely because it recycles similar themes and setting, but with all original characters. No canon characters will show up in this RP, and only characters approved in the CS thread for this RP should be posting in the IC. If someone is interested in joining they can post here in the OOC about their interest as well as infer as to where the plot is moving, and then fill out a CS, which should only be posted in the CS thread (linked above soon). The rules for this RP are as follows:
    Rules (open)

    1. [BCOLOR=#800000]First and foremost you need to adhere to the standard rules of RPing: no powerplaying or meta-gaming, but mild godmoding or auto-hitting is allowed as long as it's to the point of, say, occasionally having a perfect counter, flicking someone too close on the forehead, or sneaking up behind someone who is distracted and tickling them or the likes, but anything beyond is forbidden. That said, many acts of light auto-hitting like the tickling will still need to be discussed between players in the OOC for permission.[/BCOLOR]
    2. [BCOLOR=#ffff00]The next thing I can't stress enough is that characters don't necessarily need to get along, but players should still show respect to each other in the OOC and retain a positive environment here.[/BCOLOR]
    3. [BCOLOR=#000080]The IC will be conducted in an orderly manner with an episodic style where character posting order will be determined prior to each episode. Depending on how things turn out it may be possible that some posting orders will be reused, but that is to be determined. Players may also use a posting profile to spruce up their posts should they wish to use one.[/BCOLOR]
    4. [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Players are not aloud to post in the IC unless their character has been approved and it is that character's turn to post.[/BCOLOR]
    5. [BCOLOR=#ffcc99]Even though this is based on the Chuunibyou series, one does not need to have actually seen or read the series to join as long as they can match the setting, though it is nonetheless highly recommended as the series is great![/BCOLOR]
    6. [BCOLOR=#333333]Like in the series there will be delusion battles on occasion. Make sure that all actions performed in the realm of fantasy during such events are justifiable within the constructs of the realm of reality.[/BCOLOR]
    7. [BCOLOR=#008000]Despite this RP focusing around the concept of chuunibyou, it does not mean you can't have a character like Kumin or Isshiki from the anime: one who's either completely oblivious to chuunibyou or doesn't quite have it but is mildly interested in the idea.[/BCOLOR]
    8. [BCOLOR=#999999]On the subject of characters: there will be a max cap of 2 per player to begin with. This being said, both characters do not need to be submitted or enter the fray at the beginning. In other words, you could go ahead and submit a CS for 2 different characters if you want, and have one enter in later on in the RP, and you could also submit just one in the beginning and then submit another one at a later date when inspiration strikes you. This goes without saying that you can also submit 2 characters and start RPing as both right from the get-go. If the latter is done then, when character posting order is chosen, you may have influence over which of your two characters you'd like to post as before the other, but they will still adhere to the randomly generated order and they can not switch places after the order has been set. One more thing to note is that although the initial character limit is 2 per person, if,later on down the road, anyone feels that they want to have another character they are free to submit a third as long as they can still keep up.[/BCOLOR]
    9. [BCOLOR=#003366]Bear in mind while you are creating your character that since this RP is anime-based all FCs need be in anime style and of decent quality; whether they are official anime/manga art, anime-style game art, or fan art/commission. Sources won't need to be cited, however, so no need to stress there.[/BCOLOR]
    10. [BCOLOR=#ff9900]Another point to note is that, similar to the original series, there will be a dedicated junior high school connected to the high school where most of the setting takes place, so the possibility for making a junior high character like Dekomori is open as long as they have relevance to the setting. Despite this, characters at the high school are not barred from having attended a different junior high school.[/BCOLOR]
    11. [BCOLOR=#800080]Touching up from earlier on character limitations; family members and random NPCs can be used independent of your character limit, as long as they are not used as frequently as a PC would be; the occasional one liner from a random person or RPing as a character's family when around them at home or whatever is acceptable.[/BCOLOR]
    12. [BCOLOR=#ff99cc]Oh, romance? Sure, there can be an element of romance to this RP between characters; just remember that if one or both parties are patients of chuunibyou it will be a long and bumpy road before they can officially be called an item as those suffering from the affliction typically aren't well versed in such deep, complex relationships and will frequently cause problems or misunderstandings. Granted some characters can already be in a relationship upon RP launch, as long as it is specified by both parties in the CS and at least briefly explained in their bio. if players would like to discuss various inner plots such as this among each other they may do so in the OOC.[/BCOLOR]
    13. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Lastly, this RP will be taking place in modern Japan (specifically: the Minato ward in Tokyo, a.k.a. Minato City), and as such it will be following typical Japanese customs. High school and junior high school each have only 3 years, and classes will begin in April; typically when cherry blossoms begin or are close to blooming. Also, there are no dedicated school buses to pick up students; they will commute to school by either train, public bus, and/or foot depending on the distance between their home and the school. Classes will take place Monday-Saturday, with Saturday being a half day. Also don't forget that all students have foot lockers at the entrance of the school where they switch between their indoor and outdoor shoes which are provided by the student's family. Lastly on the subject is that while there is a cafeteria within the school where students can buy lunches via purchasing vouchers at a machine and then bringing them to the service area, a large percentage of students typically tend to have packed lunches (bentou! XD) brought from home often consisting of leftovers or a small, balanced lunch prepared by family alongside white rice, so make sure to keep these factors in mind.[/BCOLOR]

    That's it for rules and the like! More information will be added as needed, but if you have any questions not answered in the above feel free to ask away! Let's all have fun alright?!
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  2. Awesome! Is playing seniors (3rd years) okay? I'm open to siblings.
  3. Yeah, totally! Anything from 2nd/3rd year junior high to 3rd year high school is open! On the subject of siblings you can talk with other players about possibly setting something like that up. Filled character slots was one thing that I forgot to add in, but I'll take care of it after the CS is up! Please also check out my rules and such ^-^
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  4. Can I be a sibling?
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  5. CS is up and the button to it has been updated with the link! I'm sorry that my skeleton is as long as it is guys, please bear with it ^^'
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  6. Instead of sibling, I'll be a cousin so that you can still choose a surname you'd like and I can have my character come from a different prefecture.

    Which reminds me... @Bass Magus where is the setting of the story? Tokyo?
  7. @Banana-senpai oh, that's a good question. Tokyo sounds fine to me :) which prefecture should we use though? You're from Asia Banana-senpai (according to your mini-profile), do you have any suggestions or recommendations?
  8. Maybe you mean city? Tokyo is a prefecture. Chiba and Saitama are okay too, but if you want to be in the heart of the metropolis, Tokyo is good.
    We can go with Minato since it's the easiest reference point and we can go to Odaiba in the weekends! :D
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  9. sorry, that's my bad; I meant district. I kinda posted that shortly after waking up =_= anyways, I went and did a little research based on your suggestion and Minato sounds perfect! I will now edit that into the header post ^-^

    on another note, is there anyone who would like to take on the role of that chuunibyou 2nd year girl who now leads the chuuni club and was at war with my character Ryuu the previous year? Some perks include being able to choose the name of the club as long as it is not "Far Eastern Magic Nap Society of Summer" or any of its earlier iterations of said title as well as having heavy influence on the direction of a portion of the plot-line. Also, the two characters don't necessarily have to fall into a romantic relationship, but the option is open for the distant future ^-^
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  10. You're welcome! So I've a character who is clean of Chuunibyou. I'm guessing I don't need to include the Magical Side part of the sheet, right? Do the characters all have to be involved directly with the club?
    I'm halfway done~
    @DANAsaur still want to be my relative?
  11. Yesh. Will be working on my CS soon. Just have to figure out the pictures and powers and stuff xD
  12. @DANAsaur I put one character up! I have another. You can choose which you want to be related to~
  13. you are correct in that characters clean of chuunibyou need not the magical side of the profile
  14. and now that I've read the character profile I must say: SOMEone had to make the fujoushi! XD I love the character. Figure out the relative situation and I'll add her to approved characters. Also, normally I'd be asleep right now but I had a bloody nose wake me up so since I now find myself with a few extra hours of waking time I'm going to spend it finishing up my own character profiles
  15. Thank you! I wanted to make her different but not so much. And comedy is never complete without a perv!
    I have a guy incoming, halfway done, too. :'D
    You got a nosebleed?!
  16. Agreed, and awesome! :D
    And yeah, they can be common for me if I remain in a heated state for too long. Essentially my window wasn't open enough so I overheated a bit and now my shirt and memory foam pillow are in the wash. Good thing I had some leftover hydrogen peroxide to get rid of the blood stains on the pillow with; that stuff is a miracle potion! :D and it also gave me an idea for Ryuu, who's bio I just finished typing. Considering his unique state I think I'll just post his Mortal Side for now, but I'll bring out his former Magical Side eventually. Since he's not going to be joining the RP immediately I need to put more focus on the other character I'm using who WILL be joining immediately, but I needed to get him out fast because he's very plot-heavy. btw, I liked that border you used in your CS so I'll be using it as well! :D

    btw, which image looks better to use as my FC?
    [​IMG] or [​IMG] or [​IMG]

    I'll also be using this one, alongside whichever one from above, as either a header or footer in my IC posts
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  17. You're so kind to me i cri
    I suck at coding so I'm putting fieldboxes on my characters to make it look tidy haha~

    The nosebleed thing happened to my brother a lot so I got worried about you too ^^; don't mind me.
    BTW I like the second pic. :'D
    My guy's name was Ryuhei because he liked to be called Ryuu (he thinks he's a dragon) so I guess I'll change that (forgot about Ryuu for a sec)
  18. you don't have to change it if you don't want to, especially if he's in a different year than my character (Ryuu is a 2nd year). It's not uncommon for people to have similar names, as long as we don't get a third person doing the same thing XD
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  19. I already went and did it! XD I love Ryuu by the way. Unf, Meiko would mother this child I swear.
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  20. btw, I just added something to his trivia that I forgot to add initially, and thanks! ^-^