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  1. Tell me, have you ever heard of the term "Chuunibyou", or "Eighth Grader Syndrome"? For those not familiar with this Japanese term, you might understand better by hearing it's more common English synonym: "Delusions of Grandeur". This is a sad affliction that typically affects young adolescents, its most drastic form making those who contract it believe they have special powers or are somehow connected to and surrounded by the occult. For those such patients, the period in which they retain these delusions later develops into an embarrassing period of shame that forever haunts their memories, despite how much fun they seem to have at the time. In most cases this behavior subsides by the beginning of one's first year in high school, but there are some cases where patients retain their status as chuunibyou patient for the remainder of their school days and sometimes longer.
    OOC CS

    This is an RP loosely based on the anime "Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai". I say loosely because it recycles similar themes and setting, but with all original characters. No canon characters will show up in this RP, and only characters approved in the CS thread for this RP should be posting in the IC. If someone is interested in joining they can post here in the OOC about their interest as well as infer as to where the plot is moving, and then fill out a CS, which should only be posted in the CS thread (both linked above). The rules for this RP are as follows:
    Rules (open)

    1. [BCOLOR=#800000]First and foremost you need to adhere to the standard rules of RPing: no powerplaying or meta-gaming, but mild godmoding or auto-hitting is allowed as long as it's to the point of, say, occasionally having a perfect counter, flicking someone too close on the forehead, or sneaking up behind someone who is distracted and tickling them or the likes, but anything beyond is forbidden. That said, many acts of light auto-hitting like the tickling will still need to be discussed between players in the OOC for permission.[/BCOLOR]
    2. [BCOLOR=#ffff00]The next thing I can't stress enough is that characters don't necessarily need to get along, but players should still show respect to each other in the OOC and retain a positive environment here.[/BCOLOR]
    3. [BCOLOR=#000080]The IC will be conducted in an orderly manner with an episodic style where character posting order will be determined prior to each episode. Depending on how things turn out it may be possible that some posting orders will be reused, but that is to be determined. Players may also use a posting profile to spruce up their posts should they wish to use one.[/BCOLOR]
    4. [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Players are not aloud to post in the IC unless their character has been approved and it is that character's turn to post.[/BCOLOR]
    5. [BCOLOR=#ffcc99]Even though this is based on the Chuunibyou series, one does not need to have actually seen or read the series to join as long as they can match the setting, though it is nonetheless highly recommended as the series is great![/BCOLOR]
    6. [BCOLOR=#333333]Like in the series there will be delusion battles on occasion. Make sure that all actions performed in the realm of fantasy during such events are justifiable within the constructs of the realm of reality.[/BCOLOR]
    7. [BCOLOR=#008000]Despite this RP focusing around the concept of chuunibyou, it does not mean you can't have a character like Kumin or Isshiki from the anime: one who's either completely oblivious to chuunibyou or doesn't quite have it but is mildly interested in the idea.[/BCOLOR]
    8. [BCOLOR=#999999]On the subject of characters: there will be a max cap of 2 per player to begin with. This being said, both characters do not need to be submitted or enter the fray at the beginning. In other words, you could go ahead and submit a CS for 2 different characters if you want, and have one enter in later on in the RP, and you could also submit just one in the beginning and then submit another one at a later date when inspiration strikes you. This goes without saying that you can also submit 2 characters and start RPing as both right from the get-go. If the latter is done then, when character posting order is chosen, you may have influence over which of your two characters you'd like to post as before the other, but they will still adhere to the randomly generated order and they can not switch places after the order has been set. One more thing to note is that although the initial character limit is 2 per person, if,later on down the road, anyone feels that they want to have another character they are free to submit a third as long as they can still keep up.[/BCOLOR]
    9. [BCOLOR=#003366]Bear in mind while you are creating your character that since this RP is anime-based all FCs need be in anime style and of decent quality; whether they are official anime/manga art, anime-style game art, or fan art/commission. Sources won't need to be cited, however, so no need to stress there.[/BCOLOR]
    10. [BCOLOR=#ff9900]Another point to note is that, similar to the original series, there will be a dedicated junior high school connected to the high school where most of the setting takes place, so the possibility for making a junior high character like Dekomori is open as long as they have relevance to the setting. Despite this, characters at the high school are not barred from having attended a different junior high school.[/BCOLOR]
    11. [BCOLOR=#800080]Touching up from earlier on character limitations; family members and random NPCs can be used independent of your character limit, as long as they are not used as frequently as a PC would be; the occasional one liner from a random person or RPing as a character's family when around them at home or whatever is acceptable.[/BCOLOR]
    12. [BCOLOR=#ff99cc]Oh, romance? Sure, there can be an element of romance to this RP between characters; just remember that if one or both parties are patients of chuunibyou it will be a long and bumpy road before they can officially be called an item as those suffering from the affliction typically aren't well versed in such deep, complex relationships and will frequently cause problems or misunderstandings. Granted some characters can already be in a relationship upon RP launch, as long as it is specified by both parties in the CS and at least briefly explained in their bio. if players would like to discuss various inner plots such as this among each other they may do so in the OOC.[/BCOLOR]
    13. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Lastly, this RP will be taking place in modern Japan (specifically: the Minato ward in Tokyo, a.k.a. Minato City), and as such it will be following typical Japanese customs. High school and junior high school each have only 3 years, and classes will begin in April; typically when cherry blossoms begin or are close to blooming. Also, there are no dedicated school buses to pick up students; they will commute to school by either train, public bus, and/or foot depending on the distance between their home and the school. Classes will take place Monday-Saturday, with Saturday being a half day. Also don't forget that all students have foot lockers at the entrance of the school where they switch between their indoor and outdoor shoes which are provided by the student's family. Lastly on the subject is that while there is a cafeteria within the school where students can buy lunches via purchasing vouchers at a machine and then bringing them to the service area, a large percentage of students typically tend to have packed lunches (bentou! XD) brought from home often consisting of leftovers or a small, balanced lunch prepared by family alongside white rice, so make sure to keep these factors in mind.[/BCOLOR]

    This is the IC for this RP. AS the GM I take control of major NPCs, such as school staff, but minor ones like random students or family members of one's own approved characters are free game. For those who skipped over the rules due to familiarity you may want to review rules 1 and 3 as they have been touched up. As this is the header thread it will not contain much extra information other than current characters and posting order, which will also be listed at the starting point of each episode which will also be posted by me. Do note that the posting information at the episode starters will be episode specific, while the same information in this post will be up to date to the current episode. I will also include information on the various notable staff members within the school in this head post.

    Senji Fukuyama

    ---Senji Fukuyama---
    Age: 29
    Class: Science, 1-A Homeroom
    Club: Advises the Chemistry Club and Robotics Club
    Personality: He's very strict and uptight, with a no-nonsense attitude towards schoolwork and students alike.
    Trivia: Despite what most might think based on his personality, he's actually married.
    Joey Smith

    ---Joey Smith---
    Age: 28
    Class: English, 2-B Homeroom
    Club: Advises the Chuunibyou Club
    Personality: He's a very warm and friendly person, and tends to be an enabler with concern to students having fun and "enjoying their youth".
    Trivia: He can be very clumsy; both in body and in the spoken Japanese language (shown in his poor grammar and frequent loss of words), though he has little trouble reading and writing.
    Aimi Tohsaka

    ---Aimi Tohsaka---
    Age: 26
    Class: Literature, 3-A Homeroom
    Club: Advises the Literature Club
    Personality: A very self-conscious person who wants her students to like her as well as excel in their studies, but isn't sure how she should communicate with them properly. She can get very embarrassed or angry easily depending on what you say to her.
    Trivia: This is her first year running a homeroom. She is very self-conscious about being unmarried at the age of 26 (as per the belief in Japan about a woman's marrying age).
    Hiroko Fumisaki

    ---Hiroko Fumisaki---
    Age: 33
    Class: Mathematics
    Club: None
    Personality: A very honest and caring person who strives to help anyone in need.
    Trivia: She is happily married, and also highly values her relationships with her students.
    Hinata Yuuki

    ---Hinata Yuuki---
    Age: 23
    Class: Physical Education
    Club: Advises all sports and athletic clubs
    Personality: Very energetic and happy-go-lucky, though not good with routine or strict regulations like dress code, aside from gym clothes. She can sometimes be a bit air-headed.
    Trivia: Used to have chuunibyou, and despite denying still having it (as well as ever having it under usual circumstances) she nonetheless wears color changing contacts (which are also prescription contacts so she doesn't have to wear glasses) because of it. She also, on occasion, says something chuuni-like or will easily understand a chuuni point of view.
    Aya Hirako

    ---Aya Hirako---
    Age: 31
    Class: Infirmiry
    Club: None
    Personality: She's a very mature, yet mischievous person.
    Trivia: She seems to enjoy teasing students; male and female alike.

    NPC Student(s)

    Hitomi Ikeda

    ---Hitomi Ikeda---
    Age: 18
    Class: 3-B
    Club: Karate Club
    Personality: Hitomi is normally a very high energy person with a deep interest in anything mysterious or strange. She fantasizes about being an amazing detective or sleuth, and is fairly skilled at staying well informed about the happenings around school and collecting gossip from other students, but despite all this her extreme lack of patience and the fact that she's also slightly airheaded at times makes it difficult for her to actually stake out information herself. All in all she's relatively sweet and kindhearted to most, but can also be fairly mischievous at times if you get on her bad side.
    Trivia: She actually originally wanted to start a Mystery Club, but due to being unable to gather interested members the club flopped and she ended up joining the Karate Club since the school enforces that all students join a club and her parents wanted her to learn to protect herself. Surprisingly enough she is one of the few members who is able to keep up with the club president.

    Current Posting Order

    1. GM NPCs
    2. Erin Soto
    3. Miyako Matsuoka
    4. Satori Adachi
    5. Kona Omari
    6. Aito Fujimoto
    7. Satoshi Maruyama
    8. Aria Sakai
    9. Kazami Ueda
    10. Akemi Kurokawa
    11. Meiko Tanaka
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  2. Episode 1
    Posting Order
    Order (open)

    1. GM NPCs
    2. Kazami Ueda
    3. Miyako Matsuoka
    4. Meiko Tanaka
    5. Nariko Hideyoshi
    6. Aria Sakai
    7. Satoshi Maruyama


    It was a bright spring morning, and the cherry blossom trees lining the streets were getting ready to bloom. This day marked the beginning of another school year, and students could be seen all over approaching the school, which was located near the coast of the Minato ward in Tokyo. The air was chilly with the distinct taste of salt mixed in, and there was a slight breeze blowing, but that in itself was a refreshment that the students would be missing in no time. It was roughly 30 minutes before the final bell would toll, and at the entrance of the school there was a large crowd of students all trying to find out their assigned classrooms.
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  3. "Make way, make way, make way for the Dark Empress of the Night!" Kazami exclaimed as she ran to school, arms out like an airplane as she made wooshing noises while tilting this way and that every so often. The people around her indeed made way for her, if only not to accidentally bump into her. Her face was a little solemn, though her eyes were sparkling with eager intent once she spotted her destination, school. She tilted her arms and body as she turned into the entrance of the gate, rushing towards the doors. Once she finished putting on her school shoes, she made her way towards the bulletin board. Before her was a crowd of students all clamoring to find their class.

    In her mind's eye, she was flying through the skies, trying to shield herself from the light. Of course, daytime waited for no one, not even for the Dark Empress of the Night. When she had landed at her destination, she found a sea of molasses cluttering up the front of a shining beacon that would lead the way to her salvation. "Ah, must the Empress move through such a thing?" she said out loud as she pushed on through, reaching out to touch the beacon. The beacon remained in the molasses, but it told her where exactly to go. She waded through the sea until she wiggled herself out onto dry land. Shaking herself, she began to walk to her new destination, as it was close by the beacon.

    Kazami was bouncing with every step, eager to get to class. What shall await her at the end, in room 2-B? She didn't know and she was excited to find out what will be there for her. "Ah, I have reached my destination," she noted, spotting the classroom and scurrying towards it. "Good morning!" she greeted, chirping out the greeting as she tried to find her assigned seat. She plopped down once she found it.
  4. Staring at the mirror, Miyako brushed her long black hair and frowned. "What is this?! Did the Red Queen finally found me and cursed me while I was asleep?! She must have cursed my hair! How dare she!" It seems like her front bangs grew out again and she's blaming the Red Queen for it.

    Of course she knew she can just go to the salon after school and get a haircut but she decided not to.
    "The red queen might find me there.. And capture me to steal my beloved knights!" She muttered, grabbing her two scrunchies before tying up her hair into pigtails.

    Ever since she moved out of her parents' house, Miyako became practical around everything. Sure, she shops until she drops and spends all her moneh on clothes, beauty products and cards but that only happens once a month! Besides, she felt satisfied spending her own savings instead of spending the monthly allowance sent to her by her parents.

    She stared at the mirror once again and huffed. She knew that if she cut her own hair, it will only end up in a disaster. She can still remember how she cut her own bangs for the first time and it was cut too short. Miyako had to hide her awkward bangs for months. "
    Hmm, maybe Phoenix could do it for me..maybe he can lift the curse!"

    Smirking, Miyako quickly grabbed her comfortable yet fashionable shoes and stuffed it inside her backpack before patting her pet cat Pumpkin goodbye and heading out of the balcony. She knew by now that Satoshi is awake, especially since the two of them have school today.

    She peered out of her balcony and looked at the other balconies before climbing out and making her way towards Satoshi's balcony. She knew she could just use the stairs and knock on his door but she was scared that the Red Queen might capture her. Who knows what kind of spells that wretched queen placed on her beloved sanctuary. Besides, it wasn't hard to do nor dangerous since Satoshi and her lives in the same building. As she finally arrived at Satoshi's balcony, she climbed in and smoothed out her school skirt before knocking on his door.

    "Phoenix! Monstre Charmant seeks your assistance! The Red Queen cursed me and made my hair grow! Open up! We will be late to the Sorting as well! We cannot let some lowly creatures get our thrones! I cannot let that happen!"

    What she meant was that they will be late for school and they cannot let some stranger take the best seats in the classroom.
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  5. MeikoFirst day of school meant a lot of preparation for Meiko. She only just got back from her vacation back in her hometown. If she hadn't had to join the regional karate championship then her spring vacation would have been longer and she could have spent the rest of her days waiting in Tokyo. Of course, she could not cry over spilled milk so instead, she blasted reruns of her favorite late night talk show to get her Tokyo vibe back. It was proving to be a challenge as she took an hour fixing her hair and her (light) makeup. It didn't help that while the beautiful men in the talk show were all from Tokyo (save from the one member from Chiba, but that was close enough), their guest so happened to be a comedian from Osaka.

    Classic, she thought as she huffed and switched over to a BL drama CD. Then she realized that she had to cover up both her fujoshi side and her Kansaijin side and she groaned in annoyance. But as she played some Amuro Namie songs and packed her bento, she realized that the reason she was troubled was because she was popular. That brought her mood right back.

    I am Tanaka. Yes, that Tanaka from karate. The bronze medalist. She reminded herself as she marched off to school. She briefly remembered that being in her senior year meant that she should find a job soon. She sighed and walked on.

    Finally at the school, she patted her immaculate brown waves then pressed her lips together to checkif they were moist and all of a sudden-

    "Watch it!"


    She turned to check what was happening when a little girl with long hair zoomed past. Zoomed past was probably the most fitting description as she had her arms stretched like makeshift wings and said "Make way, make way, make way for the Dark Empress of the Night!"

    Meiko grimaced. Kids are weird.

    She reunited with her girlfriends who were all in other classes. It was their last year and they would be separated, they complained about it as they went upstairs to their hall.

    "It seems you'll be classmates with the oddball cousins, Mei." Meiko's friend said.

    "Maruyama and Matsuoka, right?" Another friend asked while the first one nodded in confirmation.

    "They're so pretty. Sad that they're kind of weird, huh?" One friend sighed.

    "Gods, more weirdos." Meiko sighed. "I'll go insane. See you guys at lunch!"

    She picked her seat nearest to the door, always at the back row because of her height. Thankfully, she was early and there were no weirdos in sight. Her mind went back to that new BL CD she was playing in the morning, itching to listen to it soon. She pushed the thought away as she chatted up to her seatmate.
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  6. Nariko had taken her sweet time coming to school, having taken one of the longer paths to find "charms" to help her out. She managed to find a few and stuffed them into her school bag and she arrived just in time, so that was a plus. She smiled as she entered the building and began to look for her class, pushing through the throng of students to see which class she needed to go to. Once she found it on the bulletin board, 1-A, she wiggled her way out of the crowd and made a beeline for it.

    In her mind's eye, he saw the the hallway twist and warp with faceless people sliding past one another. He had just gotten out of the cancer of faceless people and was now wandering the halls in search of the secret room with scrolls of knowledge to teach him something new. Admittedly it was boring knowledge, but he knew that it was needed to combat his mother, the devil, and rise above her when the time came. He looked up to see a scratched up sign with the number 1-A, his destination reached. Getting a tighter grip on his traveling bag, he took in a deep breath and entered the secret room.

    "Good morning, Teacher," she said politely as she tried to find herself a seat. Her gaze flicked across the room and she finally got to one, plopping down and letting out a breath. Already the room was starting to fill with students and she couldn't help but feel a little claustrophobic in the atmosphere. But, it was a challenge she had accepted long ago and she was going to make the most of it.
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  7. Aria

    ---A New Chapter Begins---
    The mighty demi-goddess, after double checking her supplies, set out to begin her long and arduous journey to gather power and followers in the harsh world of mortals. In reality she was checking her bag for her school books and self-made bento lunch before locking up the door to her family's home and walking to her new high school. Thankfully she lived nearby, so the trip would not be particularly long or tiring. As she exited the front gate of her house she opened the parasol in her right hand and rested it against her shoulder; being albino had its fair share of problems, and she couldn't stay in direct sunlight for too long. The intense rays of the sun beat down hard, and extended exposure could threaten to weaken the mighty warrior due to her nature as an embodiment of winter, but despite the danger she had to trudge on anyways, for this was the only way for her to join the council of gods in Asgard. Thanks to her abilities, however, the surrounding area remained fairly chilled, despite the powerful sun shining. It was just the slightest bit chilly outside, but it didn't bother her too much.

    After only walking a few blocks Aria began to see other students walking the same direction as her, all wearing the same uniform. As Skadiya marched on she observed that there were mysterious figures all around her, though whether they were friend or foe was to be determined. Groups would congregate, and whatever schemes they came up with were outside her range of perception. Despite knowing that they were her new classmates, she nonetheless could not muster the courage to approach and talk to anyone. She'd occasionally see some students meet up with each other along the way, greeting each other casually with smiles on their faces. At such familiarity she couldn't help watch with a tinge of longing in her gaze before lightly shaking her head in order to redirect her gaze and take her mind off of it.

    Skadiya finally came upon a mighty fortress where many were gathering for a grand battle royale. She saw a hoard of warriors and monsters crowding around the bracket board to find their place, and she couldn't help but chuckle in anticipation. As she came upon the school, Aria could see a crowd of students gathered around the class postings. She clenched her fists in order to hide her anxiety and nervous state, let out a false chuckle of confidence, then entered the building. Once inside she closed her parasol, found her shoe locker where she switched her outdoor shoes for her indoor shoes, then approached the crowd. Due to her fear of being ostracized immediately because of how cold her skin was, she tucked her hands into her blazer sleeves before doing her best to gently squeeze through the crowd. She finally made it near the front where she was being pushed and squeezed by everyone else also trying to find their classroom, and she was able to pear through the elbows and heads just long enough to catch a glimpse of her name on the board. With her eyes now fixed on the general area she saw her name she tried to catch another glimpse of the board so she could trace upwards to the class number.

    By the time she finally got the information she was looking for many of the students in the crowd were already clearing out. When she finally escaped the mosh pit she was sighing heavily; I'm already exhausted and class hasn't even started. This really is leagues different than junior high. I'd better hurry to 1-A before the bell rings! After watching the petty group squabble for a time, the mighty warrior approached the bulletin herself in order to procure her own position on the bracket. She then made her way down the hall to the competitors waiting room. When she got to her classroom she noticed that it was already fairly filled. Luckily most kids prefer sitting as close to the windows as possible, which meant that there was a seat available in the farthest column, right at the front of the classroom. She gave it to fate and took the seat, resting her parasol against the back of her chair and beginning to pull her books out of her bag and placing them into her desk. The last book she pulled out, however, was her own reading material that she opened up and buried her nose into until the class bell chimed. This was the only way she'd be able to recuperate from the earlier fiasco at the entrance.
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  8. Satoshi
    Beaming at his finished products, Satoshi wrapped two bento boxes neatly, one for his cousin (with the adorable cuts and delicately carved food) and one for himself (mostly rice and a few pieces of meat). He nearly dropped them both when he was alerted by a sudden banging on his balcony door, followed by muffled yelling.

    "The princess!" He gasped and hurried to open the balcony to let Miyako enter."Quickly, princess!" He closed the glass door and locked it, quickly drawing his curtain.

    "Are you alright, princess?" Satoshi asked, immediately noticing Miyako's unruly hair. "Have some breakfast. We'll leave soon."

    Satoshi finally figured it out. "Let me fix your hair."

    His hands had surprising finesse for a guy and he picked up skills pretty fast. From trial and error and online tutorials, he had a good grasp of hair styling and secretly enjoyed keeping Miyako still for a few minutes. He liked being useful.

    "There you go. The curse won't bother you for a while." he beamed at her. "Here's your parasol. We must leave for school or the humans will start thinking things."
  9. It was now 20 minutes prior to the beginning of class. The front lobby of the school was beginning to clear out as students were finding their class numbers and heading off to their homerooms. It was also around this time when the homeroom teachers would begin gathering their filebooks for their respective classrooms and preparing for the morning homerooms; the teachers in charge of the first years would have it especially tough on account of needing to fit time for student introductions as well as all the other scheduled tasks all the teachers had to sort out for the first homeroom of the year. Despite this expected situation, there were a few exceptions to the norm.

    Senji Fukuyama, the homeroom teacher for class 1-A as well as the Science teacher, was totally calm and collected. He was a very straightforward person, and didn't lose his cool very easily. In fact, he had already planned out his entire day at work in his head, even leaving room for delays or unexpected events. In essence he was very thorough in his work.

    Contrary to this, the homeroom teacher for class 3-A, who also taught Japanese

    Literature, was rather flustered. This was Aimi Tohsaka's first year in charge of a homeroom, so just the stress about wanting to meet the expectations placed on her shoulders, as well a get along with her students, was driving her up the walls. There to attempt to help her relax were Joey Smith, who was in charge of class 2-B and taught English, and Hinata Yuuki, who didn't have a homeroom and taught Physical Education.

    "Hey, no to be stress, Miss Aimi. Everything be A-OK!" Joey, who was American and struggled with Japanese speech, cheerfully consulted her with a thumbs up.

    "Yeah, while he may not make much sense in what he says, what he's sayin' makes sense, ya know? I mean, it's not really something to stress about is it? You'll be fine, I just

    know it! Push forward with FULL FORCE!" The energetic P.E. teacher cheered for her with an excited grin on her face.

    "Neither of you really understand though. Smith-san has been teaching a homeroom for a few years now, and even then his personality has always allowed him to warm up to people quickly. On the other hand, Yuuki-san has never had a homeroom before! This is my first time in charge of a homeroom, and I'm worried that the students might not like me! What's more, they're all third years; meaning they've been at this school for a while now and are probably already used to a certain style of teaching! Since their previous homeroom teacher retired there's not really much we can do, but I can't help but get nervous!" She was a frantic mess of nerves, and all she could do was worry.

    "Relax, relax. Stress no good! Bad to health; make you die!" At this Tohsaka-sensei tensed up in fear, but Yuuki-sensei picked up on this new worry and butted in; "Fear not,

    for he does not mean an immediate death! *Ahem* I believe what Joey-senpai's trying to say is that stressing out won't do you any good; it'll just ruin your life." To this on-point explanation, Smith-sensei cheered; "Bingo! Correct! Good Job!" in all English with a thumbs up. All Tohsaka-sensei could do in response was just sigh and hope for the best.
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  10. "Eh? The teacher isn't here?" Kazami asked, blinking in surprise. It didn't bring down her mood, however. "So it would seem that the master isn't here. Perhaps I, Nyx, should take the time to survey this new domain." Already she could see from the corner of her eye students giving her weirded out looks. It didn't bother her, however, and she just began merrily taking out her stuff, preparing for the day.

    In her mind, Nyx was twisting the Scepter of the Night in her hand. She took in the smooth sides as she traced its outline with her eye, hearing the waves slap against the beach she was under. Then she looked up, glancing around at her surroundings. She could see people and mermaids interacting with one another under the burning sun. She had to shield her eyes as she looked around. "The stage is set. The sea beckons for its master to return home while his citizens remain blind to it all," she said to herself. Even the mermaids were giving her weird looks that the Dark Empress of the Night didn't care about. "Master of this domain, come forth for your citizens before I have to challenge you!"

    "She's so weird," she heard someone say, snapping her out of her delusion. She turned her head to where she thought she heard it, but all she could see was a group just laughing together. She shrugged it off and continued twisting the foldable plastic stick she had taken out.
  11. Once Miyako was done eating her exceptional breakfast, she let Satoshi fix her hair. She knew that Satoshi isn't a professional hairdresser but there's just something quite comforting and relaxing to have her hair cut by someone with so much finesse and skill. Besides, she knew he wanted to be useful. It was quite heartwarming how Satoshi always makes her happy. He was so sweet and so caring that Miyako is willing to do anything for him. Sure she can be a bit demanding and bratty but that doesn't mean she doesn't care for him! She's just having a hard time to express her true feelings..sometimes.

    As Satoshi told her that they're off to school, Miyako quickly took the parasol from him before rummaging her bag to find a card. She needs guards to escort her to the Sorting! Sure, Phoenix is with her but no one can match the power of the evil red queen. Besides, its better to be safe than sorry. "I call thee the Eight Knights of Hearts! Protect your princess and do not disappoint!"

    In her mind's eye, she can feel the wind picking up, making her hair and her skirt flutter as the card she's holding glow brightly before eight majestic knights wearing a silver medieval armour with red hearts on their chest emerge from it. The knights were wearing tall and intimidating, something she really likes. These knights used to serve the evil red queen but thanks to her awesome power named Absorption, she trapped these knights in her cards until their loyalty became hers. She then looked at the knights and smiled "We'll be arriving at our destination shortly but that doesn't mean o slack off! Stay alert at all times! The Evil Red Queen might pounce any minute!"

    Miyako doesn't live far from school. It was merely a five minute walk so its okay for her to wake up late. As they arrived at school and figured where her class is and who her classmates are, she whispered at Satoshi before walking "Phoenix, you must remember. These commoners must not know I'm Monstre Charmant. One of them might be a spy of the queen. You must address me as Miyako Matsuoka, okay? Monstre Charmant doesn't exist right now"

    Miyako took out a card and used absorption so her knights will be gone for now. She cannot risk getting found out especially with the red queen lurking around. She then ignored the stares and whispers of the students as she made her way towarda her class, her head held up high as she strutted like a princess.

    "Good morning, everyone~"Miyako greeted the class as she entered the room. She might seem like a closet chuunibyou but the truth is, she isn't. This is all just a cover so the red queen won't find her. Sure the entire class knows she's really a chuunibyou but the Red Queen doesn't know that. Well, she hopes she doesn't. "How's everyone's summer? I hope everyone had fun"
  12. Meiko
    "Good morning, everyone~" The voice made Meiko look up with raised eyebrows. "How's everyone's summer? I hope everyone had fun."

    It was Matsuoka and Maruyama. Meiko and her seatmate were just talking about the two. From what Meiko had gathered, there was a new rumor saying the two seemed to have a telepathic connection of sorts. Meiko grinned to her seatmate. "Well, all that pretty definitely has a catch: all that crazy." she and her seatmate giggled.

    Maruyama wordlessly gestured to the seats in front of Meiko and her seatmate. The two immediately collected themselves. Meiko went back to writing in her planner. She had a free week without extra karate training hours so she marked a whole week with a red pen.

    Red for yaoi. She smiled happily.
  13. Nariko was staring at the flow of classmates as they entered the room, bored out of her mind. While other students were chatting with each other and getting to know the others, she was just in her seat, staring at the classmates. She had taken the middle of the room at the front, since the board looked a little fuzzy when she went farther back. Maybe she needed new glasses, she didn't know. Then she noticed someone enter the room. Someone with pretty white hair and beautiful looking eyes. She could only gawk as the person sat down at her desk, parasol obscuring her partially from view. Whoa.

    In her mind's eye, a princess strolled into the area where the scrolls of knowledge was kept. Her long white hair swayed in the wind and Kage just stared in shock as the princess sat down amongst a growing crowd of people. But for some reason, people didn't even notice her, like she was invisible. Was he the only one that could see her beauty? That must be it, but he refused to believe that it was something else. He stood up dramatically. He will go talk to this princess whether she would like it or not. With that he sauntered forward and approached her.

    Nariko's hands slapped down onto the girl's desk, ignoring the fact that she was reading somewhat. "Hi there!" she chirped as her brown eyes sparkled, "Sorry if I was disturbing you, you seemed so quiet. I like your hair! It's beautiful, I've never seen anyone with this hair color in real life before. What's your name? I'm Kage Tsukaima-" She stopped before vigorously shaking her head. "I mean, I'm Nariko Hideyoshi. Sorry, but my name as Kage is for, um..." She looked around before leaning in closer. "Those who who can only see the hidden world. It's a big secret, but if you know if it that's great!" she whispered, grinning all the while. "Again, sorry if I'm disturbing you, but you look so cool!"
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  14. Aria

    ---A New Encounter---
    As she was beginning too delve into the world of her book, there was a sudden and loud sound directly in front of her that made her jump. Looking up from the pages of her story to discover the source of the interruption. Standing before her was a girl with a large, unusual grin on her face, but before Aria could react she was suddenly bombarded with a flurry of excited chatter the likes of which she had never experienced. Apparently this stranger was interested in her hair, but unlike the usual wierded out passive-aggressive jabs she was receiving... compliments? Somewhere along the line in this torrent of speech something else that was interesting popped up.
    Kage Tsukaima? This person... is she...? before even being able to finish the thought the girl who reintroduced herself was leaning in and whispering something else to her, before apologizing and complimenting her again. There seemed to be a potential ally in the mix of faceless competitors; someone who seemed to recognize her brilliance and status. This person showered her with praise, which surprised her but nonetheless pleased her the same. After introducing themselves, what other choice did she have but to return the favor. Before she was able to speak up, however, the warning alarm signaling the near beginning of the battle royale rang out. The bombardment of one-sided conversation and compliments had Aria speechless for a moment, but right as she was about to speak up the bell signaling the beginning of class chimed. This reminder of where they were chased any courage to respond that she had right out of her, and all she could do was whimper; "S-sorry..."
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  15. Phoenix/Satoshi
    Nodding at Miyako, Phoenix walked a little behind her. Almost a head taller than most of the students, he easily scanned them, making sure he was discreet. "I'll be taking the backseat now, Princess. Maruyama Satoshi will be in charge of his body." he said as he gave a discreet little bow.

    Satoshi shook his head, his floppy hair getting more tousled. "Miyako? Come on, let's find our class."

    Later on, he followed his cousin into their classroom, looking around for seats as she greeted the class. He put a hand on her back and gestured to the empty seat in front of two giggling girls. They straightened up when Satoshi came closer. For a moment, his eyes lingered on the one with long brown waves, wondering where he had seen her. He took the seat in front of that girl and nodded to Miyako.
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  16. Shortly after Tohsaka-sensei sighed, another voice chimed in; "If you're really worried, just think of it like this;" The voice came from the Mathematics teacher, Hiroko Fumisaki, who was essentially the level-headed sempai of the group considering the age difference and the fact that it almost seemed like nothing phased her. "The students in the classroom you're taking over have already been at this school for two years, meaning you've already taught them before so they should already have a grasp of what kind of person you are. You don't really have anything to worry about compared to, say, someone who's directing a class of first years. Just take a deep breath and remember that everything'll be alright." She smiled kindly as she reassured Tohsaka-sensei, and the formerly nervous teacher had to wipe some tears from her eyes from how touched she was by all of them trying to help her. "You're right; thanks everyone!"

    "If you're all finished, classes are about to begin so I suggest you get a move on." The voice that just cut straight through the calm air out of nowhere belonged to Fukuyama-sensei, who was already prepared for the day. He had stopped on his way out the door to cut in and point out the time as he rather disliked disorder, and couldn't keep himself from stepping in to get them organized again. "R-right!" All of the other teachers responded in unison and quickly finished their preparations before following his example and heading to their respective classes.

    In class 1-A, as soon as the bell rang Fukuyama-sensei opened the door and walked in. "Alright students, class is beginning so I want everyone sitting in their seats with their mouths shut," he said as he progressed from the door to the podium at the head of the class. He placed his book with the class roster on the podium before turning to the chalk board and writing his name. "My name is Senji Fukuyama, and I'll be your homeroom teacher for the year, as well as your Science teacher. You are all to only refer to me as Sensei or Fukuyama-sensei. Also bear in mind that any rule breaking or general foolishness will be tolerated; you are here to learn, not slack off." As he pressured the class, he had his hands on either side of the podium as he leaned forward in an intense and threatening way. He then stood back up, picked up his roster book, and opened it up before addressing the class again; "First order of business will be self-introductions. When I call your name, respond loudly and clearly with your hand raised so I can mark you present, then stand up and introduce yourself, but keep it brief since we're on a schedule." After looking around at the students to ensure they were all paying attention, he began calling names and the students introduced themselves. The class was filled with a decent amount of students that seemed rather social and laid back during their introductions, and there were even a few that he would interrupt in order to get the list moving again.

    Over in class 2-B it took a few minutes before Smith-sensei opened the door and practically floated in with a cheerful smile and some obvious scuffs and scrapes. "Hi~ everyone in class! How is everyone to be doing? My name Joey Smith! I teach English! Let's all get along, yes? Any with questions?" One student raised her hand and asked about the scrapes that littered his figure, to which he happily answered; "Ah! Nice question! See, Joey is what you'd say, um... what was word?" He looked lost for a moment as he pulled a small book out of his pocket; an English to Japanese dictionary. After flipping the pages a bit he found the word he was looking for; "Ah! Clumsy! Or klutz. See, Sensei tripped and fell down stairs. But worry not, all is right!" He gave his class a thumbs up to show that there was nothing to worry about. Another girl raised her hand and asked him if he was seeing anyone, to which he tauntingly replied while adjusting his glasses with a wink; "That's-a-secret~ (Hi-mi-tsu~)" At this, a number of girls in the class squealed with excitement as their hearts apparently skipped a beat. "Well, if no more questions are, let's hear introduction! Um... how about to start in rows?"

    Lastly, up at class 3-A, Tohsaka-sensei was taking a deep breath as advised when the bell rang. She tentatively opened the door and entered the classroom to be greeted by a bunch of excited cheers by many of the male students. Such an energetic reception surprised the teacher, and she walked up to the podium with blush on her face and butterflies in her stomach. After taking another deep breath with her hand on her heart, she finally spoke up; "Hello class, as you're sure you're all aware my name is Aimi Tohsaka, and I'm normally your Literature teacher but this year I will also double as your new homeroom teacher since your last teacher had to retire immediately due to some health issues. Since this is the same class you had last year I'm sure none of you need to introduce yourselves to each other, so how about I take roll? O-of course if there's anything you want to say when I call your name, I won't disallow you the right! L-let's get along please." She bowed to the class as she made the latter request before opening her student roster book. After each name she called and confirmed a student's presence she would ask; "And is there anything you'd like to say or share with the class?"
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  17. Kazami found herself putting away her foldable stick as the teacher entered the room. She sort of remembered him, he was the one that oversaw her club before it was disbanded, right? So that would mean this teacher would be the same one to sponsor her club once she got it going again. Yes, the Acolytes of the Vanishing World will be reborn as the Gathering of the Lost Ones, this I swear, she thought to herself as he began taking role call and had each student introduce themselves.

    In her mind's eye, the foreigner from another country introduced himself to a crowd that had all gathered to give him what he wanted most, their names. Was he trying to form a contract with them? She didn't know, but perhaps he could be of use to her. One by one the people around her gave their names, which the man recorded down with a quill pen and a scroll. Ah, so he was a tamer then. One that seemed kind, but she wasn't sure just yet. She stood up as the person next to her sat down, ruffling the feathers on her back. "My dear tamer of men, I welcome you as Nyx, Dark Empress of the Night. However, if you seek my human name, I am Kazami Ueda. I seek to bring the Gathering of the Lost Ones to light and restore their former glory and make sure to protect my followers from the evils of this world. I do hope you'll help me in my endeavors, dear wizard tamer.

    The class roared with laughter as she sat down, some of them whispering to each other about how weird she was. She merely shrugged it off. She had said her piece, now all that was left was to wait and see what the tamer would do.
  18. Miyako ignored the giggling girls and stared at the girl with long brown hair for a moment. For some odd reason, she felt like there's something different about that girl. She couldn't put her finger in it but she assumed its not good. Perhaps, she's a spy? She decided not to think about it for now. She have far more important things to think of. She needs to fit in and make sure that her true identity is kept as a secret. She also needs to do her best in academics. Being raised as a princess, she needs to be the very best at everything. She then sat in front and folded her hands on top of her desk, her back straight as the teacher entered the room.

    Miyako listened to the teacher and raised her hand when her name was called. In all honesty, she couldn't help but think that the teacher is incapable of teaching them properly. She's a blushing and stuttering mess. No one would take her seriously if she keeps that up

    Sighing, she casually took out her notebook and tore a little piece of paper, scribbling dowm a note before discreetly passing it to Satoshi. If Satoshi decided to open and read it, he'll see these words in her pretty cursive writing:

    I think the student with brown hair is a spy of the evil red queen. She's...different. I don't like her.
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  19. Meiko

    Matsuoka's hairstyle caught Meiko's eyes. She nodded to herself, impressed by the cut, specially the edgy-cute fringe. It looked Shibuya or Harajuku trendy, as opposed to Meiko's Ginza styles. The way the girl carried herself with an air of crisp confidence told Meiko she must be a Lolita dresser which Meiko thought of as cool.

    Unlike the homeroom teacher.

    Tohsaka's unimpressive entrance was met with an obvious approval from mostly the male students and Meiko noticed that even Maruyama sat up straighter. Meiko disliked Tohsaka from the first look. Her lip twitched at the newbie teacher's outright skipping of introductions, at the slight stutter and even the virginal headband-and-glasses combination which didn't made sense with the way too open blouse. Her seatmate rolled her eyes and Meiko grimaced. "With a name like 'Aimi' you'd think she'd belong in the past Era." the girl behind her whispered. "With too many buttons open, you'd expect her to be a porn star." Meiko replied.

    "Pft, that's too much, Mei." her seatmate stifled her giggle as Tohsaka did her roll call. Meiko covered one side of her face and put her tongue out. "I bet she likes younger guys." the girl next to the one seated behind Meiko added. "Ugh, these types just piss me off." Meiko whispered back, her accent almost slipping to its real lilt. "I'm taking it as a challenge."

    The girls giggled quietly.

    When called, Meiko replied and raised her hand lazily. When Tohsaka asked her if she had something to say, she said she didn't and the teacher moved on.

    Later on, Tohsaka called Maruyama after Matsuoka, but he didn't make a sound until Meiko prodded him on the shoulder. He winced in surprise which made Meiko take her hand back quickly. He turned to her, wide-eyed and slack-jawed. Meiko gestured to Tohsaka.

    Some of their classmates laughed as Maruyama shot right up. Meiko noticed that he was very tall, with long limbs and fingers. He seemed to not know what to do, standing stiffly. Meiko rolled her eyes disapprovingly.

    "And is there anything you'd like to say or share with the class?" Tohsaka said expectantly.

    Maruyama turned to Matsuoka for a moment and some of their classmates chuckled again. He sat back down, all red in the neck.

    "He's a cool looking guy but wow, the level of tennen is shocking." Meiko's seatmate whispered. "At least he's probably more tennen than you."

    "Shut up-" she gasped but slapped a hand to her mouth. She heared her own Kansaiben with just one word.

    She listened to the rest of the class during the roll call. She knew it would be time to get representatives next and she wondered if she would have the time to be the representative again. The past year really drained her, having had to balance lessons with karate training and curricular activities. She had to do home visits as well and could not imagine doing the same with Tohsaka of all people. She sighed, missing the ikemen teachers she jokingly made a comic of in the past year.

    "I miss Smith-sensei and Fukuyama-sensei. I haven't seen them since last year." Meiko told her seatmate. "I still think Fukuyama-sensei is seme. But Smith-sensei can switch sometimes..."

    "You should have published that doujin." Her seatmate winked and they bit their lips to keep from giggling too obviously.
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  20. Nariko wasn't exactly deterred by the girl's shyness. What did stop her, however, was the fact that the teacher came into the room. She gave Aria a sincere smile. "I'll be back to talk to you when I get the time," she promised before scurrying back to her seat. She heard the teacher's words alright, but she didn't like it. It reminded her of her mother...

    In her mind's eye, the teacher had many demonic features on him as he addressed the class in a no nonsense manner. Another devil? Kage thought to himself as the shadows around him flickered in case he needed to protect himself. The demon said something about introductions and the like, was he trying to go after his true name and conspire with his mother? He didn't want that. As each of the faceless mass answered, he couldn't help but fidget in nervousness, looking away. He must not find out he was Kage Tsukaima, he mustn't. He'll just tell him the name he was born under before discovering his true self.

    Nariko raised her hand as she was called before standing up, keeping her feelings in check and tried to make her face neutral looking. "I'm Nariko Hideyoshi and" She struggled to think of something else to say. "I...I..." He mustn't find out who I really am, she kept thinking to herself. "I was born in darkness and fight against the demons that live day to day," she blurted out. The whole class started to laugh as she continued. "I am a traveler of worlds unseen and control the shadows that plague the worlds. I do whatever it takes to bring peace to the land." She bowed. "Thank you." She sat down, a little embarrassed. At least he didn't find out her true name.
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