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  1. So, I figured that since I'm not gonna temp Rob's co-workers and girlfriends for the rest of time as it's quite obvious I'm not gonna be so good at creating romantic tension while writing to myself, here are some of the few people I'm looking for in the "High Fidelity" universe. I attached a couple precisions about who these people are if you've never read the book or seen the film and would like to get creative with your version of the character, while keeping their essence in mind.


    Barry: Loud, obnoxious, positively and debilitatingly aggravating piece of work. He loves to take the piss out of people that have no respect or understanding for his music tastes. His entire existence revolves around making top five lists of every little absurd detail in his life he could possibly individually number and classify. He's the singer in a band called Sonic Death Monkey, which he aggressively still pretends does not play German-influenced music. You get the drift.

    Dick: Very reserved, somewhat shy and awkward, has a way of mumbling so softly whenever he speaks, you're not all that sure who he's speaking to, or if what he says was even intended as a piece of dialogue. Is also a top-class music nerd that doesn't survive the month if he doesn't find the time and energy to listen to absolutely ALL the new material he receives from record labels for Sales consideration (he spends most of his time hiding out in the Championship Vinyl stockroom listening to the best and shittiest of "our" vinyl collection). Goes to absolutely awful gigs to have something to talk about the next day, since he finds the three-second sentence "they were rad" too short a conversation to fill the awkward silences in which nothing but the coffee machine is gurgling while Barry is singing his sorry ass off in the shop's bathroom, ruining everyone's lives in the process.


    Charlie: The most eccentric woman Rob's ever known; she has a way of putting on multiple types of accents for no particular reason at all, and uses the type of slang language no one in the history of time has ever been able to comprehend, but is still trying to imitate. I'm sure you understand at this point that she's the typical chick everyone wants to be for the living heck of saying "I'm an abstract being". She digs abstract music, abstract art, abstract books, abstract sex. Again, you get the drift.

    Laura: The one woman Rob loves to hate and hates to love, because he feels the concept of the "other half" makes him feel strongly tame, bland, and ridiculously incomplete when she fancies a guy named both Ray and Ian at the same time with the type of slick mannerisms that make you want to simply puke your guts out, and also occasionally seems to fancy one of her lawyer co-workers that owns far too many Tina Turner albums to call himself respectable.

    The list is obviously longer, but these are the four people that would make Rob's Chicago life seem close to what we see in the film and read in some excerpts of the book. Feel free to throw in your ideas, I also obviously want Rob to meet new people. He does go down to creepy little divebars after work a lot, and is thinking of going for the DJ gig again, so he'll be social, no matter how miserable he looks and feels 80% of the time.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.